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189 Pakistani prisoners disappear from Indian prisons

The recent visit to the Indian Prime Minister was openly opened by the people of peace and blessings of the people of Lahore and they took the fortresses to bring the earthquake to praise Narendra Modi, but it should be noted that the Indian ruler, whether such a controversial Congress From the Hekibya JPG, the Sikhswah Party, they have the same romantic principle “knife knife, ram ram in mouth, parish.

India has narrowed life over Muslims in India. They are being slaughtered on food. Homemade uranium is running Dharm formulas. In case of affection, they are threatened to go to Pakistan. Not only this, but the Pakistani artists have been banned in entering India and now the disappearance of two hundred Pakistani prisoners in Indian prisons has registered a protest against India’s anti-India campaign.

The disappearances of the prisoners were found when both Pakistan and India countries kicked off lists of prisoners in each other’s prison on January 1, 2016. The list given by India comprises 271 Pakistaniis, while in the Pakistani list 460 Pakistani prisoners including 113 fishermen are listed. However, the list submitted by India is a major concern in the Pakistani authorities, the number of prisoners decreased.

In this regard, Indian Secretary of State will visit Pakistan on January 25 this month. It is clear that since 2008, India and India signed a list of contractors on 1st January and July 1 under a contract. It is normal for the long border of Pakistan and India to cross their flocks and destroy nearby citizens, but the British soldiers put them in a jailplace illegally, instead of being spies.

In these Indian rectangular houses, these Pakistani prisoners are given a cruelty that such a person dies or considers his balance. The worst example of Shukat Ali, a resident of the border area of ​​Sialkot, who had crossed the arms of the border cross border of Indian border, and washed away from his life during the custody of violence. According to a spokesman for the Pakistani Foreign Office, officials in the Indian prisons tortured so much that they either become mad or they are allowed to commit suicide.

Magaphasis said that our top officials do not take any effective measures to release the prisoners nor The behavior of those who oppose them behave in vain behavior.

The disappearances of the prisoners in the Indian jails are very worried. There is a danger that the Indian government can take them sometime, or engage in any bogus action in Jakarta-e-Jargah or they can also kill fake police encounters. Therefore, our government becomes unconnected to find out about those lost people. Manmohan Singh is being named as sympathy from Pakistan and it is a happy Indian constitution but there is no difference between the Indian anti-Muslim behavior.

Now it is the responsibility of the Indian government to negotiate for release of all the Pakistani prisoners in Indian jails and make their safe return to Pakistan. In 2000, a judicial committee was formed between Pakistan and India. The task was that the relevant authorities of both countries would negotiate three or three places in a year so that they could be kept in jail for both the prisoners so that they could not be abused.

In this Judicial Committee, some people of both countries have been constantly participating for eight years, but the Indian traditional deterioration came to an end and he refused to cooperate with the General Committee while working closely with the judicial committee. In India, what India did Kamshoro, and the killing of God in the Bhalwal jail of the occupied Kashmir, was the global cause of action, so today we would not have the courage to cheat in India that the fraud of the deceased, while being imprisoned by 189 Pakistani prisoners Miss the list.

In Indian prisons, the majority of the captivators, from the class of fishing, are forced to seduce the rules of sea boundaries and there are no complaints. Although the fishing demand is the same as the Article 73, which can not be used to fishermen during the fishing season. But Saturn is that due to the tension between India and India, along with lack of proper arrangements for the traditional habit of falsehood of Hindus and fishermen, most of the prisoners are still in prisons despite their felicitation period.

As many as the fishermen in the village of Athar, who are supposed to have a island near Shah Bunder in the Thatta Tata Kharomachh district of Sindh Province, are in Indian jails. These are just because they violated the marine boundaries. These Indian states are suffering from abusive arrests in Gujarat’s Bhuj jail. It is clear that there are 17 places from Karachi to India’s border where river Indus Kapili meets the ocean.

These places are called Kakak, the last one is Kakkar Creek and Sarikak. The place where the property claims to be owned, while fishermen resides in Indian prisons, they can also return the capacities. In the last days, a Indian Coast Guard officer blew a bomb with a Pakistani fishing boat in a Wilkrash incident.

However, the Indian Coast Guard Officer Confessing the crime, he said that he himself used to blow boat. These poor fishermen mistakenly enter India’s slogans, but not for prisoners, but the years of imprisonment they work, and they spend the precious years of life in the Indian prisons of Kailil kothas. The explicit example of which two fishermen is likely to be released after 22 years of Indian jail, while hundreds of Pakistani prisoners are waiting for judicial proceedings for many years, on which the Supreme Court has also declared Jashwash.

According to the Indian journal, Express, Bim Singh, the head of the occupied Kashmir National Panthers Party, will be called in a petition filed in a public interest publication that a large number of Pakistaniis in Indian jails without any judicial action. The court was told that more than those of these prisoners have been kept in the jails in the north-western area of ​​Kashmir.

Most of them are justified that they had accidentally crossed the border. According to the report, women include those prisoners. In addition, in other states of India, Pakistan is also closed in court without trial. Kashmir High Court Association, Kashmir High Court Association issued a detailed report after capturing the captives of Jammu and Kashmir, which said that the prisoners in Jammu and Kashmiris could not provide bedding for gold.

The Indian government and its secret agencies are involved in the attacks of Pakistani prisoners in Indian prisons. Therefore, it is necessary that our government loses the disappearance of Pakistanis in Indian jails, and take them into a Security Council, which will take a regular resolution to treat India as a terrorist country. It is imperative to break the Indian terrorist act and imitate the Indian Cabinet face in front of the whole world, despite present circumstances of the world.

There is a rare behavior with Pakistani prisoners in Indian prisons. They also lose human needs. According to human rights organizations, the Indian prisons are in worst jailbreak cases. Here, the Pakistani human beings have a great deal of self-determination. Various types of mental illness are given, due to which many prisoners have lost their mental balance.

The cruelty of these violent violence is thrown upon them. Pakistan has always been a good neighbor of India with India, whose biggest evidence is the return of Gita, for fifteen years in the Adhi center, in the atmosphere of love and prosperity, which has never been touched. On the other hand, the captivity in India, whether the dead or Yatatinin has treated them like criminals, and when Pakistani prisoners go crazy with the worst violence of the Indian jail, they lose their consciousness, then they are sent back to jail by sending them back to Pakistan.

During the last decade, Pakistan has received several youth bodies who had infringed the border boundaries and sent them into custody and sent them to different jails, as India did not feel the need to be held at any of the prisoners’ mysteries. The Amritsar jail of Punjab, the Tehreek-e-Jail of Delhi and the Bhagal-e-Kashmir Bhopal jail, is not less than the incredible abode of immobiles for the Pakistani prisoners, where prisoners are exhausted as a Muslim, which is just because they sound against American protest.

India sent gifts of Pakistanis in exchange of release of Kashmir Singh, who were killed with violent violence and those poor fishermen were arrested later, they were accused of terrorism and terrorist attacks were made by terrorists. According to more certified reports, a few fishermen and Indian visitor Collich has also been able to create an “Ra” agent, and most of them are punished with refusal.
Fisher, who has been sentenced to Dubai in the Indian jail, said that he was routinely fishing with his colleagues and was caught near the sea of ​​”Kazar” Creek “. He was sentenced to Indian Navy’s ship.

Presentation was also done so that it showed that the Pakistani terrorists have been arrested after the competition. He further said that he was investigated and hungry in Tharparkar, he said, adding that fishermen were also lured to work for “Ra”, that if they become Indian spies, they will be released.

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