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Iran’s Saudi dispute

The relations between the two Middle East and two traditional rival Iran and Saudi Arabia have suffered severe conflicts once again, which has threaten the region’s security. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has warned that if both Countries may not have a conscious nails, so it can be two inches from the Middle East. There are also diplomatic relations between the two countries.

These relations ended due to the head of Saudi Shi’a leader Naimal Sheikh and 47 others. Saudi Arabia announces the Iranian ambassador to leave the country in 48 hours, announcing to end regular diplomatic relations with Iran. Saudi Foreign Minister Adil Al-Baqar said in a press conference in Riyadh, “Iran will not allow Saudi Arabia to secure security.”

In Saudi Arabia, Saudi religious scholar Shaykh Namer’s death and the Saudi embassy in Tehran have increased, Iran has already called for Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to protest, protesters protest in protest in Tehran The embassy planted a fire, after which several demonstrators would be arrested. Saudi Arabia faces criticism of several constituencies after the execution of the death penalty of the death of Maulana Naim Sheikh, a Saudi Arabia’s eastern province, was arrested in 2012 when Arab Spring movement The protest demonstrations were started in Saudi Arabia.

The Iranian government condemned the incident by asking the Saudi ambassador. Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Jabri said that no use was used against Nimil Sheikh for political and religious purposes but it did not take effect on executing his death sentence. Saudi Arabia also called for Iranian travelers and that Iran’s statement intervenes in Saudi Arabia’s internal affairs.

Thousands of people demonstrated out of the Saudi embassy in Tehran against execution, some consumers threw a petrol bomb inside the embassy, ​​which flashed into the embassy, ​​Iranian President Barack Obama condemned the attack on the diplomatic box. Ordered the arrest of the invaders. The history of differences between Iran and Saudi Arabia is very ancient.

During the Arab Spring, protest movement took place in many Arab countries, with which Egypt, Libya and Tunisia were severely affected. Saudi Arabia was also impressed by this protest movement, but the royal family was able to overcome the protest movement. But this spark was slowly flowing. The Saudi government took tough measures to suppress the protest movement in two well-oiled cities.

Naimal Sheikh is from Saudi Arabia. He was considered a moderate Shiite leader. He criticized the Saudi government, but he was made a binding slice several times. He was arrested for the first time in anti-government stand in 2001. He was imprisoned several times later. The Iranian supporter of Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabia has been listening to one another and using Shia Factors against each other.

Now Saudi Arabia’s Shiite leader Naimal Sheikh and the 47-year-old rebellion in the face of the rebellion of Iran and Saudi Arabia have broken the spark, which has threaten the region’s grave threat. America and Western powers have warned If Iran and Saudi Arabia do not have Nails in Ho Chi, the Middle East can become an ammunition. After Shiite leader Naimal Sheikh’s head cuts, Iran and Shia are found to be a raging fire in the community.

The Iranian government and the people have declared this attack on Iran directly. In Yemen Yemen’s proxy battle is still fought between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Saudi ally Mansoor is supporting the government of Hadi, while accused of Iranian reconciliation and former President Zain al-‘Abduden. After the head of Naim Shaikh, there have been major differences in both the countries.

Kuwaiti, Qatar, many Arab countries have also broken diplomatic relations with Iran in pursuit of Saudi Arabia. It fears that the emerging fire during the Arab Spring in the Middle East is once again flowing. Several decades of hostility among Iran and Saudi Arabia have reached once again at the highest level, and it just shia and Sunni linguistic It is not right to mention the division of the division. Other Arab countries, including Pakistan, need to take part in the role of reconciliation between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The role of the Arab League is also important to the point of proving its utility it’s time. Otherwise it will lose its existence.

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