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Parents are heading towards educational institutions

Operation Zarb-e-Azb in North Waziristan Agency in June 2014, and then in Khyber Agency, the operation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Operation Khyber-Taqi has proved to be significantly in the situation of peace and security in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa throughout the country. Regardless of Akadka and individual incidents of insecurity, the overall public confidence in the public, along with the rest of the markets, business centers, places of interest, are coming back and forth.

That is why besides the various political, cultural and social activities, the first governor of the last week of December, at the name of the first Governor FATA Youth Festival, successfully held a large group of tribal youths in Peshawar, Khyber, Mohmand and Bajaur agencies.

Despite traveling towards a peaceful destination, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and especially in its capital, Peshawar’s worst disadvantages and disasters of the destruction of the people and the tragedy of the tragedy, will never get tremendous and painful memories. That is why the weekend when the parents suddenly started receiving emergency information that they came to school and their children, at least half of the population of every town in the city of 40 million, came to be sorrow, distress and fascination because now A worst tragedy in the history of this school was largely fulfilled one year.

There were many parents who would normally go to their homes for rent and other places after their passage in the rental van or other transport, and now their school to take their children from there immediately. The arrival was not possible. In such a state of conservative conditions in the province, women of most families do not even know the identity of their children’s schools and educational institutions, the situation was wandering when breaking the emergency closure of schools in the case of breaking news from different TV channels. News started running.

Police officers were also out of the schools but there was no official stand by the government and the administration, and the situation was more concerned when most of the parents were closed by schools rather than school administration. Information started and non-responsible sources of information and information received information from the parents and children of school-going children, solitary peace and troubles and concerns of insecurity in various places of Peshawar.

The city suddenly came to pass, and people started turning around the wall schools, which led to seeing the worst traffic jam on different roads. Due to which many of the children will either stuck in schools or go to homes in their vehicles with their classrooms and their parents and other dear troubles, depresses and uncomfortable schools Along with the schools in Alam, their paths continued.

It is clear that after Peshawar, all schools will also be vacant in the emergency, in the districts of Manan, Charsadda and Nowshera. In this university of Chaudhry, there was no possible contact with the administration officials for guidance and information on this half-day extraordinary and Emergency Holiday in schools, but when contacted Aslam Khan, the Peshawar district, when he was contacted, Referring to his surprise and said his surprise, he said that on this matter the Peshawar Education Officer asked for a response on Monday, but the District Education Officer Peshawar expressed his position on the matter. Due to some of the indispensable reasons, Deputy Commissioner Peshawar made five six roads constructed in sensitive areas of the area.

However, the city and then districts of other districts are finding details about how the message reached. The most interesting explanation in this regard came from the spokesperson of the provincial government and Chief Minister Mushtaq Ghani, that the move was taken by law enforcement agencies to review the security of schools because the government Security is taking every possible step to improve security. There was little faith on these government statements on families who suffered severe crises and suffering. That’s why most of the parents did not even go to school on their own Monday and students’ attendance in school remained somewhat less than usual.

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