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Pre-order preferences for maintenance

After one year of military disaster attack on the Army Public School Peshawar, the country’s airline seems to be very different from now, and now people have a new commitment and motivation to fight against terrorism and the Taliban. There was a time that a good and bad Taliban was discussing the country but barely shows sympathy with the innocent people who live in the lives of innocent people.

Though terrorists knew about 135 innocent children, but after this tragedy, the nation was united against terrorism and the government and forces after the main decisions of the country, the country now embark on the path of peace. After the attack on the forces, the forces decided to operate in North Waziristan Agency. It is one of the seven unpopular agencies of FATA who are considered as a satellite network.

Pakistanis have sighing Sikh and they have started getting relief from peace. Now people of Karachi do not coach the other cities of peace, and there is also a rise in business activity in the city. Although qualified politicians regarding Rangers’ options are busy in Mago, but Karachi’s traders are satisfied with the performance of law enforcement agencies.

In addition to local investors, international investors have responded positively to the situation. Friend Country China has announced that it will work on the expansion of the China-Pakistan Economic Radar and the Kashgar highway till Kashar from Pakistan’s share.

It is expected that the $ 46 billion project will improve not only Pakistan’s transportation, but the development of a deprived province will be a development in Balochistan. Apart from this, Pakistan will also help to improve its power generation.

Leading Munich Peak Hotels and Resorts have recently signed a deal with opening a hotel in Islamabad, which is being considered the first drop in international investment in the country.

The earthquake of Earthwork, Zusan Ali Khan, said that it is strong that the other investors see the international brand should also turn Pakistan.

“The property prices are likely to go up.” The prospects of business activity around such buildings are always light and it is a time to start hotel work that you see this activity in Islamabad’s F8, G8 and F7.

Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India pipeline project has begun to work long ago, which will make Pakistan’s position more stable in the region.

In addition, the project launched by Crescent Real Estate in Dubai’s real estate firm Emir Properties has been launched in Karachi. The $ 2 billion project includes commercial and residential buildings.

It seems like a travel journey will not just go to economic radar projects. With the improvement in the highway the tourist has increased tourists in Sarkodha and Hanoi, in remote areas of the country. There was a time that in those areas, the number of foreign tourists was far higher than the local.

Sarfraz- which offers camping facilities at the upper village Duykar of Hosen, said that more travelers this year turned towards the healthcare center compared to last year.

Decorating the face smiling, he added: “Better roads have played an important role in promoting tourism in the area. During this year, many tourists came from Karachi and Lahore in the Eid holidays, and the business was from our expectations.

With the help of the People’s Republic of China, the tunnel on the highway of Karakram will increase tourist growth, which will increase the revenue of people like Sarfraz.

Pakistan’s government, forces and people need to endeavor to endeavor to promote and promote the domestic economy. In this case, the educational slabs also need to be upgraded to modern posts so that people can not be compatible with not only changing time but also to compete with extremism.

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