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Release of IMF release

National Treasury Ishaq Dar has said that this year Pakistan will lose its lives from the IMF and will invest in full investment in Saudi Arabia from the country of Saudi Arabia. In the leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif The dream, which was overturned by military dictator and dictator Pervez Mushar on October 12, 1999 before completion.

During his former rule, the Qur’ani-e-Malala campaign was started to free the country’s dearest from IMF, World Bank and other global financial institutions, but the government was eliminated by Pervez Musharraf. After the assassination of PPP leader Benazir Bhutto, after the PPP elections with the PPP in the elections in the elections of February 18, when the Muslim League formed a mixed government, Finance Minister Isaac Dar also came to the PPP party as part of the power formula. Advocated to stay away from the MF.

During this period, he did not only advise Asif Ali Zardari and Yousuf Raza Gilani to get a loan from Bar MuMF, but also showed the way. However, in the later judiciary restoration movement, PML-N took long march and in this regard, the PML-N protested from the Federal Cabinet. After that, the PPP has got the same slogan for five years of its own power in the crisis heirs. And the national treasure is empty.
During the slogan of this slogan, PPP has continued to earn huge volume from IMF, World Bank and the Asian Development Bank for five years. After the power of PPP, after the 11 May 2013 election, the majority of Muslim League-N majority After assuming the federal government to come to power assemblies, it was believed that perhaps the Prime Minister was suggesting Asif Ali Zardari’s counsel and what he had done during his previous rule, following this Indeed, the IMF, World Bank and the Asian Development Bank will not be able to get the loan.

But unlike all the speculation and expectations, the current government has contacted IMF to get the loan and is getting loan from IMF. The present government has also broken all the records of the former PPP government in getting Indian volume loan. The full range of protests is also present. Industrial, commercial, agricultural and economic experts highlighted repeatedly and protest that the government has taken the volume of debt to the highest level of the country.

Due to which every child of the country has been contracted 10 to 20 dollars. In this regard, various constituencies have been demanding repeatedly from the government that the government itself created out-based policies and came out of the IMF’s torture. But as the rulers of the PPP ruled the same during their period of time, they had got the crisis in the heritage, the current dictator also has kept the same attitude.

Whenever a question is asked from any responsible minister or government advisor, he only responds that he is getting more loans to pay for the previous loan episode. The extent of the government’s claim is estimated by government measures. Whatever the government has been doing during the various occasions, it would have felt some black dal.

During the current financial year 2014-15, the IMF and Yegar did not compromise on getting loans from global financial institutions, but received a total of Rs 1456 billion in the last fiscal year. In which the foreign debt worth Rs 466.225 billion and the budget deficit of 1456 billion rupees was completed by taking a loan of Rs 1275.69 billion from banks and financial institutions abroad.

During the last fiscal, the total foreign loans of Rs 466 billion were received and Pakistan returned external loans of Rs 285.1 billion in this year. Similarly, Pakistan received net worth of Rs 181.032 billion. 102.577 billion rupees will be provided to Pakistan for the reform program in various fields. During the last financial year, worth Rs 189.243 billion worth foreign aid.

As the Government is sitting on the basis of debt other than the debt. Investment from Saudi Arabia and China is a pleasure, but it is important that the government should take practical steps to rid the IMF immediately. IMF The World Bank or the Asian Development Bank are all self-reliant for the country’s dearest, because all financial institutions are creating new issues, rather than reforms.

In the last days of the last year, the Asian Development Bank’s 29 billion loan was subject to privatization of four institutions and the provision of privatization was also included in the provision of privatization, including PML-N, PPP and Parvez Musharraf has been opposing during the era of power. Such a situation has emerged on the issue of privatization of PIA and steel mill and people remember the past of the past.

Previous-time photographs on social media are being shared, in which Muslim League-N officials, including Ishaq Dar, Chaudhry Nisar etc., appear protest against the proposed privatization. IMF, World Bank and Asian Development, etc., actually make such decisions governed by governments and they repeatedly comply to accept their terms.

Global financial institutions apparently bring agenda of economic and economic reforms in various developing countries, but it is interesting that any developing country, IMF and Rolled Blanket Microsoft has entered the name of macroeconomic reform, economic and economic issues in those countries increase the interference of these international entities, but they are not reduced.

It is a delightful statement that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said that this year, GM will lose life from IMF. The requirement is that the government should start formatting itself based on self-reliance policies. The government, which is going to invest in Saudi Arabia after investing in the country in China, will be able to overcome the energy crisis, according to its announcement by 2017. If the current government succeeded in getting out of the torture of IMF and all the global financial institutions, the country will definitely go towards real development and self-reliance.

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