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Sound Chair More seats

The elections of the municipality will be called “Kara”, but the process of reconciliation has not come to an end yet apparently the idea that the joints will be breaking and the decision ” Another condition that has been said that the ministers and members of the members of the assembly will not be given the municipal position, due to which many strong candidates will be “disqualified”.

For example, alternative candidates are now considered replaced by Sher Ali Gorchani’s father Pervaiz Iqbal Gorchani, father of Saeed Munsee, the son of Saeed Munseen, chairman of District Council, for the district council. Now, a new candidate Safdar Hussain Mazari has come forward for Rajanpur, who is uncle of Mazar Maqari MPA.

According to the sources, they are supported by the members of National Assembly Jafar Khan Laghari, while Nursalah Dashakshi Group, which is a strong group with less than 20 seats in the district council, is ready to cooperate with the condition of voice chairmanship.

Saeed Ahmad Manees, his brother and provincial minister, Asif Saeed Munse, members of Punjab Assembly Yousuf Kuala Lia, Bilal Akbar Bhatti, Provincial Parliamentary Secretary Naeem Akhtar Bhabhah and Member National Assembly Sajid Mehdi Salaam, were last days for the district-wardi on the occasion of Mian Saqib Khursheed. The meeting The situation was discussed in the meeting, who would be the alternative candidate for the case of Asim Saeed Munsis.

? Some circles are also Abdul Qayyum, but they are not taking any final decision yet, but there are still several steps left. The non-interest in the future of the Government’s Institutions is that even the successful candidates in Punjab did not even have notification. It will be the first notification, then there will be special seats for elections. After that, oaths will be reversed.

Meanwhile, the PML-N has set a parliamentary board to elect the candidates of Punjab’s provincial head, which will decide the tickets of the heads of district councils and deputy heads and municipal corporation and municipal committees officials. So, the Chief Minister is Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, but in his place, he will work his son Hamza Shahbaz instead.

Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Sher Ali Gorchani and Senator Saud Majeed were included in the Board for representation of South Punjab. According to the sources, the candidates of South Punjab will be decided first. Rahim Yar Khan in Punjab was the only district where the PPP won the success, not the Magdives PPP but the success of Syed Ahmed Mahmood, which was attended by the party succeeded and there was apparently a view that Syed Ahmed Mahmood’s brother Ali Mahmood will be chairman of the District Council.

But now there are some signs of change in the situation. In the PML-N’s constituencies, former chairman District Council, Azhar Lariari, has been circulating the name, but now the facts are changing and former federal minister and member of the National Assembly Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar has created a new situation by creating a new situation in which Muslim League-N The success of their candidate seems to be full, but perhaps the principle of sacrifice should be given that the relatives of the ministers and members of the assembly will not be able to get part of the municipal event.

If this rule breaks, many others will be good. Apart from this, by increasing the number of Voice Chairman, the maximum number of people by ranking the positions of positions is also making the way to successful candidates’ success. Rahim Yar Khan has mentioned that this news should be mentioned, also the PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto is visiting Punjab in the same month to restore the lost party’s fortune in Punjab, which started with Rahim Yar Khan.

The proposal for this visit was given by Syed Ahmed Mahmood, who has been preparing for a large scale, but before Rahim Yar Khan, one of the first and greatest trials took place in Lahore when he will address the Lahore High Court Question will be a session session. Earlier, the readings are written and the pulses are thought to be, but now the readable skeleton will be with people who can make the pulse of older elders. The game of special opportunities and opportunities in which it keeps moving But in the near future, the PPP will not be able to test its popularity, and how much water has passed through the rivers which do not go till the next elections.

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