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Terrorism attack on Patna Kot is India’s new drama

On the occasion of Durgoriori 2016, under the influence of a terrorist attack on the Indian Ocean area, Hindu extremist Sansakkar is trying to put a new drama to the peace process with Pakistan, and also wants to put pressure on Pakistan to further pressure. Nevertheless, while trying to threaten Pakistan, Nandind Ramdadi took control of the Pakistani territory, sometimes in a Pakistani shelling in the Line of Control, sometimes in fierce attack in Dhamampur and Gaur in Hyderabad, accused Pakistan of being involved in terrorism. It was tried to believe that Pakistan is backing terrorists.

In 2002, Gujarat’s killing of more than two thousand Muslims in Gujarat is currently the head of the Sun-e-Saddam Ali Ali Nandind Ramdudi. Indian extremist group, Raheter, is the head of terrorism by Something Sogg Singh (RSS) Modi who promised his extremist colleagues during his election campaign to make India’s prime minister, he would give them an open waiver. That is why, while assuming the post of Prime Minister Modi appointed Ajay Duyul as an advisor of the Security Council.

Ajit Dulas are bad names for their oppression and minorities. Similarly, Indian Secret Agency opinion head and other prominent Pausitions were the hardcore Hindu extremists, and soon their exposure exposed to the people of India and the world. Nandind Ramdadi had only one option to present talks with Pakistan for the friendship and peace.

In the city and city of Russia, the fate of his Pakistani counterpart Mian Nawaz Sharif went away from his promise by committing the talks. He was Egyptian on the issue of terrorism only. Later, a few hours before meeting the security issues consultants, it was canceled by the villagers. Meanwhile, three documents on evidence of the backing of terrorist attacks in Balochistan, Karachi and border areas, handed over to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Secretary-General John Kerry of Amsterdam.

External and external pressure was increasing in India, so Nandind Ramdadi started a new drama. During his meeting with Sir Sir in Paris, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was determined to negotiate again. The meeting of Qi Mei Security Advisor in Bangkok was quietly followed, and then Indian Minister Karaj Sasamuraj went to Islamabad to participate in the hatred of the Middle East, and agreed to hold a peace deal with India to begin a peaceful dialogue.

To strengthen this process, Narendra Modi, on December 25, 2015, got married to Lahore and Raiwand in Bahrain on Friday, celebrating Nawaz’s birthday vacations and their marriage ceremony. As per the way of peace talks now smooth, Modi and his disciples had developed another conspiracy. On January 2, 2016, the allegedly attacked terrorists of Nakat on the Indian Air Force base.

After the hours of the 86-hour episode, kill six alleged terrorists. And no Indian airplane or any aircraft and any other defense equipment was sacked. The head of Pakistan was shifted to the first few hours of the attack. The Foreign Ministry of India immediately issued a statement of solidarity with India. Nawaz Sharif assured Narendra Modi his support and when the consultant of the Indian security affairs provided evidence of involvement in his Pakistani counterpart, then the inquiry into the inquiry by the unusual meeting of civil, military leadership Taken.

But India did not get upset because it was in a hurry to postpone the peace talks by excusing this incident. There are many swingers in the script of the Ghatyan Kot attack. Earlier, the Indian police police claim that he had already reported the attack three days ago. Yet, the alleged terrorist police escaped the SSP vehicle and entered Puthan Kot’s military base.

How did he leave the SSP alive? Talking to SSP and his partner’s mobile phone, alleged terrorists talked to Pakistan with their parents and their handlers. During the attack, Narendra Modi was on the track of Natak and for two days he did not think proper to postpone his routine visit. Two terrorists had entered the military base two days ago, but Qululah kept saying, and preferred to be killed when the time came.
The evidence of Pakistan’s involvement in the media is showing that heavy guns, explosive materials and weapons were Pakistani structure, the medicines manufactured in Pakistan were with terrorists and they also called Pakistan. It arises how such a huge number of weapons were made to carry out alleged terrorists inside the military base? Surprisingly, due to chance and time, he did not target Indian planes or weapons.

Terrorists have not yet identified, nor could it prove that they entered India by crossing the border of India. India’s own inquiry and investigation has not yet been completed but the ultimatum is being given to Pakistan that peace talks will be eliminated if they do not arrest any evidence made by the “evidence” provided by India. In the initial investigation, Pakistan has declared information about telephone calls that the number was registered in Pakistan.

But India is preparing for its nuclear program, that it has tried to negotiate with Pakistan, but it is clear Be committed to these terrorists. So that can not be negotiated. This is an extremist honda drama which can not be blown into the eyes of the world.

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