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The Queen of Disabled Throw in the air

Our mission indicates that disabilities are particularly dynamic in the main part of society. In this context, especially students with disabilities are claimed to encourage. Quota is reserved for disabled students to enter colleges and universities. Similarly, in government jobs, quota is reserved for disabled persons. Last year, disabled and especially those who were protesting outside Punjab Assembly last year.

The footage of the worst violence against the police was also seen in Pakistan with sadness. They all had the same demand. They wanted them to be saved from being unemployed and to provide government jobs. The government said that education and employment of disabilities are both quoted by quotes.

Despite the special orders of the Chief Minister by government universities, there is a lot of fees for students with disabilities. Remember that the Department of Higher Education Punjab has quoted 2% quota of students with disabilities in all sectors. On the other hand, educational institutions do not implement it. According to the report, persons with disabilities are not being admitted to a single set of MF and PhD.

The situation is that in 2500 admissions of University of Engineering and Technology, only 2 disabled students are admitted, while 2 percent should be 42 seats in quota. Similarly, in Punjab government’s medical colleges, there should be 42 seats in the state’s 319 seats, 2% of the disabled persons. Similarly, in Punjab’s medical medical colleges, there are 53 seats under the quota under 2 percent of disabled persons on 3195 seats but only 20 disabled students are admitted to the quota of disabled in Punjab’s medical colleges.

Similarly, it is also important to note that it is notified by Chief Minister Punjab, a notification 1.82 / 2012 No.SD. (A11) was released. Through this notification, all educational institutions would be instructed that they do not receive hostel, utility bill and tuition fee from disabled students. Under the official orders students with disability have the utmost facilities that availability of them till the Electric Wheelchair is the responsibility of the university.

The situation is on the other hand, according to the disabled students who entered the University College University, the full fee was received from them. In this regard, the University Administration stops the fact that their academic council decides how many disabilities are to be admitted every year. The question is that if the universities’ academic council has to decide how many disabled persons have to enter each year, then what is the Government expectations of Punjab?

Similarly, the question is whether the order of the command is merely to record and display “all the good” files in the files. Students with disability seem to be asking for their right, on the other hand, after acquiring education, the acquisition of employment is also impossible for them. Apparently, it is known that the work of the government has been affected, and after the orders it is not paid attention.

The question is whether the government has disabled the poor people? Similarly, this question also raises why the institutions do not implement government orders now? Is the law of the forest implemented here or has been found with thieves. It is imperative that government rules and orders should be ensured. If the government has failed to implement its own orders, then orders should not be issued which may later lead to jurisdiction.

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