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Traders traded trademarks because of submission

Traffic Kadabao has not taken a single country or a large number of big cities in the whole world, and it has been making new experiences available daily. A similar analysis was done in 1863, where the first breeding congress program was introduced, which is being operated in the world of 55 cities in the world of 55% of the Copenhagen metrosistum Calayaura system.

Seeing the world, this system has been introduced as Orange Line Metroenter in the city of Lahore. The project will start approximately two months (165.20 billion) tonnes on Metroenter’s project. 27.1 km will be 24 stations of the continental orange train (above the top) and the undergraduate.

This train will start from Ali Town Tucker Nijzebag to the Kanal Viyodhit road, Bandrode, Samanabad, Chamburgi, whereas from the GPOCH to the ‘Lakhmi Chowk’ Relolay Station ‘Engineering University’ Shallamarbagh ‘Mahmood Booth’ Islam Park will be reached.

The last station of the train will be Dera Gujran. 30 to 70 kilometers long-distance train will be departed every two hours and will take place in the last minute in 40 minutes. There will be about 27 copies of the train and one hundred and a half passengers will pass through daily, which will be increased to 5 lakh daily. The possible completion of the project released from the last few months has been set for October 2017.

Regarding the provision of funds for the Lahore Orange Line Metroenter project, the agreement between the Punjab government and the Yogism Bank of China has also been fixed, which will provide 162 billion rupees on easy terms for the project. Punjab Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that the Lahore Orange Line Metroenter project is not only Lahore or Punjab, but the whole of Pakistan.

He is trying to provide the best facilities to the citizens. “But the fulfillment of this commitment is to make sure that the citizens of the country have to pay their income. It is not estimated at all. Malik has already been deprived of debt and who will be able to meet the metropolitan company for meeting Metrootron? Lahore’s biggest problem is traffic, which has also been producing Metrobes Orteran projects, but the integrated system for the ongoing project (Metroenter) has not been set.

With regard to traffic contracts at the orange train routes, citizens who face physical and financial losses are facing problems. Health problems are also causing birth due to broken roads where their vehicles are being destroyed. Business activities are almost suspended by train routing activities. Traders’ communities are standing in different places on the day, but at any time their eyes are not successful.

The doctor says that due to accidentally collapsing and roadperparts, citizens have not only been psychologically but also respected diseases. They will have to sacrifice precious private government property for the purpose of mobilizing metroenter. They are being categorized as homes and houses of citizens with government property and their value is greatly reduced by market on which the victims are shouting.

Earlier, the Shalamarpark and Chabbarji schemes for the project were reported to be sacrificed, but after the mobility of the UNESCO’s civil society, the government has assured the historic places of the country, but it will be affected due to traffic due to traffic. It’s far better than ever before passing the track underground ‘but the administration ignored this proposal.

Although there has been an impact due to Metrobes due to metaphysical linguists, Lahore-based ‘Badshahi Mosque’. Similarly, 600 trainers of Orange Train Root I will be cut off. However, the Lahore Highway Authority has said about planting 6000 plants in various places of Root. How will the promise be made and how EFA will be said about it, because nothing can be said about it because in most cases, Is limited.

Metroenter will need 74 megawatts of electricity for which the GT Road and Multan RoadPak is being constructed as a parasub station. It is worth considering that the country already faces energy crisis, how will such electricity be completed for a new project? Providing the best facilities to the citizens is definitely an assimilation move, but before the plans of metroenter, the best strategy is also to apply that citizens reach less than the minimum.

The PU Academic Staff Association has issued a protest protest on protesting to establish offices in the Originator Town Town, related to the Orange Line Train project, to protest again. In his joint statement, President Asadadtad Hasan Maqin Alam, Deputy President Dallad Abid Hussain Chaudhary and Secretary, Secretary, Mr. Mehboob Hussein, expressed concern over the incident of Town One by saying that the government had promised that the University Town’s Land Line Line train The offices will not be constructed where the teachers’ house is located.

He said that the government should take over the promise or otherwise the protest movement will be started and soon the general body of the body will be constructed by the Baloch movement. Chief Traffic Officer, Lt. Gen. Asif Siddiq issued 6 traffic dioxoucoscents on the non-use of mask in the construction of orange line train project. Asif Siddique carved construction areas and directed wardonskukhi to continue concrete action against forest, wrong parking and passage.

Muhammad Siddiq al-Farooq, chairman of the Metropolitan-based Real Estate Board said that Punjab Chief Minister Punjab has issued orders to replace orange line train along with keeping the Jain Temple safe. Talking to the minorities’ offices in the board office, Siddique al-Farooq said that Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif are the rights of the minority rights and worship of minorities is our constitutional obligation.

He further added that the ancient worshiping of the Hindu Jain Temple and the new line of train was brought in the notice of the Chief Minister, which has been issued by Shahbaz Sharif to keep the Orange Line Route along with keeping the Jain Temple safe and secure. In the Jain Temple, the Trust Board’s resident landowners will be provided facilities. On this occasion, the Hindu leaders thanked Chairman Board for protecting the Jane Temple and making the Orange line train routine.

It is believed that the people of the Hindu community demanded the chairman of the Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Property Board and the Punjab government to keep the Orange Line train routine safe and secure, which was worn on the request of Chairperson Board Siddique al-Farooq. Former Chief Minister Chhattisgarh Pervaulahi said that there is no experience in which the company has been appointed and the sale of weapons only sells the orange train project coder.

He was pressing his residence with Tariq Bashir Cheema, MAA. He said that this is a loss of caroushwaramulla enemy project which has a total of 16 billion rupees, and the next generation will also be tightened in debt. Lahore will end its historic love. He said that 97 kilometer undergraduate train passenger and subsidy-free plan, Shahbaz Sharif, who delivered our 4 lines to Qatar, ended the Asian Development Bank that we did not need this loan.

He also copied the copy of this letter to reporters. He further said that no projection would be caused by our project but thousands of people were home to undergraduate commercial centers. He asked a question that the project will also be carried out from the entire project and the curtains can not be reached anywhere in the Karnataka line. Chaudhry Pervaizi said that Shahbaz Sharif has made the province work harder, while we left 100 billion surplus. After the Jungleabs, the Orange Line train proclaimed the economy of economy and white elephants, saying that its real cost is being hid while our project was absolutely free in comparison to Shahbaz Sharif’s project.

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