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Worst corruption in Pakistan

At the time of formation, nationalism, love, untouchable sacrifices were devoted to emotions of patriotism, there was nothing to be called greed. There was no imagination of corruption. Because the leadership of the nation, Qaida-e-Azam was in the hands of faithful people, Qayyazim drank all his wealthy people. There was no property, no farmhouse, no square, no plaza, no bank balance, foreign exchange accounts, no industry or respected accounts, named Qayda-e-Azam and his family.

Qaida leader Mawlid Liaqat Ali Khan, who was very prominent and Nawab, was rich man. When his death was recovered, 13 rupees were obtained from his pockets and were holes in his vest.

In the beginning of the beginning, Pakistan came to see Khalifa Wahibat, Habib-ul-Awani, Awesome events, which reminded Ansar Madina. There was no concept of greed, bribery and corruption.

If a leader or a big person gives happiness to a small employee for 10 rupees happily, then it was called forgiveness, but now he is taken to the gutta and the bribe on the gunpoint; I remember seeing the immigrants in the settlement of the migrants. That my father, who was a government officer and was a hardcore Muslim league, was deputed on the job of settling migrants in Sialkot district, he would set up a huge Domainsley building in which 35/36 rooms were built in Sialkot City, which was building Singer Singh Bhatta was a Hindu property owned by India, in which Supreme Court Attorney General Rao Yousuf lived there, The building was full of stuff, golden silver vessels too.

My father made 10,000 beds and beds, beds and 50/60 utensils, some furniture and clothes etc. according to the requirement, all the other goods were sealed in the lower floor for the refugee pool, and later the government trucks He was taken, no precious thing he did for himself. The country was seen to see such examples. Father stayed in different positions and many opportunities for corruption were necessary, he wanted to get crores of leaves in the 50s but he used to spend only 200 rupees.

In Punjab, Anar Kaila, Mall Road, Shahworld, Bhatti, Lohari, Mohoti Door, Delhi Door, Mecclord Row, Fort Gujjar Singh, Krishnan Nagar, Model Town, Muttahida Qaumi Movement This class fell into the circle of allotment allotments, which led to corruption in the country. After being deprived, later the pistols and corruption grounds of the courts remained pistachio.

Then General Ayub Khan put martial law. The convention took place in the Muslim League, he started saving all the people in his favor, to save people, to make their consent. Large agricultural farms, horseclubs and grammond schemes will be allotted. The approximate views of people and political people were imported, export licenses, loans and factories licenses, route permit (at a time when the value of a permit was Rs 7/8 lakhs which was equivalent to millions today) only millions of acres based on statement Land and property were allotted.

Such austerity system was strong. The system and the servants of the royal and the courtesy of the people, destroyed the people as a goat goat, and this class became the owner of the black and white country. The wealth of the country was compiled in 22 families, thus destructing the country of corruption. These cells embedded in. Due to this crude corruption, robbery, exploitation, benevolence prejudices, Qaida-ul-Haq Pakistan became fertile.

Power gave a leader in the form of a person Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Who has broken a broken country, pulled out the frustrations of the nation, and not only the exploited nation slapped the political, economic and social exploitation of the twenty-two families and the robots of the deceased. The main recovery of Bhutto was the members of the cabinet and party officials on high positions of Ministries and Government.

The jails and the castles kept stroke, but they did not get the Kai Scandal view of corruption against them nor did Zia ul Haq make any case against him. In the Bhutto era MPA’s salary was Rs 750 and was minor allocates and they did not get millions of rupees in the name of development and loans and permits, they did not have pistols, intercoleras, paradoxes and mercedes vehicles nor Kalashnikov bargain gunmen. Was the army.

I also received this permit from all district presidents, Secretary General of the 1974 Model Corolla’s Permit Prime, but I thanked Bhutto with thanksgiving that I did not want to buy a car and did not want permission to buy a car. . At the time of a 1974 model, Karola’s Permit Black was hungry in the Rs 26000 thousand rupees, which was a good amount of money, besides me, Secretary General, fourteen Uthman Advocate and President of Sheikhupura, Islam Khan also returned this permit.

Often people have been co-chaired by Bhutto till the end but General Ziaul Haq did not make any corruption or any financial scandal on anyone nor did any corruption case appear normal. I was influenced by Benazir Bhutto in 1968 and joined the Pakistan People’s Party and wrote a letter to the Pakistan People’s Party, but I have no relation with the PPP’s corrupt and so-called tool.

I was the chairman of District Lahore and Kasur but we did not have any funds. Office telephone and newspaper etc. was not available, I used to use Punjab Office Cadet and iPhone. Our area’s MNA spent money from its pocket to 24 acres of land adjoining Aligarh Public School.

Multan Road’s 8 acres Front was allotted to me by the department, which is worth billions of rupees today but I have returned to the department whose records are still available today, but the trend of making money and property in political workers of this era There was no scandal of corruption against Zulfiqar Bhutto and his colleagues, wishing such a cricketer as a national enemy and a treasurer, could be hanged or hanged on the throne. The money can be punished by cutting off less than one hand.

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