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Abduction or abusive culture

The news of kidnapping of children in Multan and surrounding areas has spread horror, while RP and Multan are denying this matter. According to them, the fact that the realities in the rural areas are found to be less common. Other factors behind this are being affected by academies.

Manak Hazar resident, Lord Nawaz Kasat, disappeared from outside the son of Dil Dilawar Nawaz house, five-year-old Jamshed, who played with him, said that Delaware has been raising people to ride in a car toffee. A few days later, the deceased body of Dilawar was found in the place of Ghushi across the river Ravi. Tulmabha Police took over suspicious suspicious 16-year-old Hassan Raza on suspicion, he confessed, saying that 10-year-old Shauban-ul-Hassan Khan and Jasid-ul-Abid-e-Azam, took away the house from Delaware, and after the throat I drowned

There are many incidents that are spreading in various parts of Multan city, which are ridiculous, there are also trends. They are so scared of the kidnapping of the children that they do not know the rituals and the kidnappers, so they do not stop taking the law. More sadly, I would say that in connection with kidnapping a child, son, along with Bahnoi, made a mother violent.

Police registered a case and arrested both. The same incident happened in Sikandarabad, the sons of the night, in the dark of night, kidnapped and kidnapped the father. According to the sources, Khana Khashkar, a resident of Bin Khoda, Sikandarabad, worked hard and knocked back home late in the night. Since the family had been sleeping, so entering the wall of the wall, the sons did not listen to the father and started killing them.

Later, the father of the deceased was burnt. In another incident, the people of the town of Malak, started undoing an unmarried woman and a man who was there. He made the woman strong enough to reach her hospital. While attempting to execute the man, the passengers rescued. The poets in an area also became violent in the case of kidnapping cousin.

According to the incident, the people of two different parts of the Kot Kot area were strangers on boarding the address that they forgot it. His car too broke down. The petrol police reached their spot and saved their lives. But there are few things in which the fact that just can not be ignored can not be ignored. The 16-year-old boy kidnapped attempt in Tiruppur, failed.

A resident of Modi Sibra resident Allah Yar, 16-year-old son of the son of Rashid Basti Chanwala, said that 3 people tried to unconscious him through drug addiction. People near Shurvila are surrounded by gathering villages and furry up. Rashid was brought to hospital for illness. According to the sources, like the other cities of the country, the rumors of children’s kidnapping impediments have also risen in the lead and neck, due to which citizens’ lives are forbidden.

A few people kidnapped his child at the house of Sadron Chadrab in the Nawaabad area, in the northwestern province, he escaped from the child on the noise of the tomb. While Mausir Shadja Baloch was attempted to kidnap Mukhtar Sial’s child, which failed to wake up the residents. While rumors spread in a large number of people, the number of people entered into a house was being kidnapped and kidnapped by six months that the people of the house were awake.

On the noise, they escaped after throwing the child into an animal crocodile, while the police is completely silent on which the citizens demand action against the people of the ruins. On the other hand, our administration ignores these events as a rumor, they say that people should not stop them and arrange their protection.

The police administration has gone to different schools and has started a series of safety lectures. Children are instructed to leave the house alone. If a suspicious person jumps to his parents and teachers. These steps of safety are in place, but what do you do to those who are involved in these fraudulent factories, without confirmation, the stories of kidnappers are far ahead, if they confirm that they are told that this incident with relatives of my friend’s friend Is present If anyone dares to reach them, then they look forward. Going there goes to know that no such episode is Caesareer. Now the police have taken action against false kidnappers, see where this series of rumors stops.

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