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Afghanistan’s peace in Afghanistan

Pakistan’s supplication is that there is no possibility of peace until the peace in Afghanistan is established. Pakistan is currently suffering from terrorism and the roots of this terrorism are in Afghanistan, which does not want to control Afghanistan on the Emma of India. There is a strong desire for Pakistan and the effort to establish peace in Afghanistan. That’s our improvement too.

A long-term peace process in Afghanistan has been spent on spending billions of dollars, but neither the war in Afghanistan nor the peace has been established, but it has become a peaceful dream in Afghanistan, the largest The reason there are internal and external conditions. There are four major centers of power at that time and the interests of all these centers are against each other’s interests, therefore due to the collapse of interests, conditions have become a permanent battle instead of bringing peace. It seems impossible now.

In these four centers, two centers are born from the internal conditions of Afghanistan and they are the result of external involvement in the Taliban and Iraq’s power and other two centers in their own government and its comparisons. There are two powers to establish centers through India and the United States, which have their own strategic interests, and these interests do not comply with the interests of the remaining two centers.

Currently, a UN government is established in Afghanistan, in which Ashraf Ghani Sahib and Abdullah Abdullah are the chief executive of the country. The views of these two personalities are different from each other. Both of them use each expression to lower each other. Both the efforts of the two personalities are that their supporters are present in all the institutions and especially those on high posts.

Therefore, both of them try to post their pro on high posts. Shortly before the main provinces of Afghanistan came to bring a new mayor in Helmand, then both ruled individuals differed differently, and both nominated their own favorite mayors to which the situation could be assessed. Due to mutual differences, all the institutions have become political pact.

Corruption and conflicts have increased so much that has affected the performance of institutions seriously. Politically, the government has not yet done any special action. The whole attempt of reconciliation with the Taliban has failed badly. Let’s say peace with Hizb-i-Islami’s Hizb-e-Islami has been reconciled. Hakmatyar has agreed to the Constitution of Afghanistan and the present government What is the promise of acceptance, but the viewers are not more confident about the agreement, because according to the history of the past, it is a habit of all the war groups that when they are opposed, they will reconcile themselves with the government and organize themselves again.

The second largest power center is the fighters of Taliban and ISIS. These are very trained and specialists of guerrilla warfare. US forces and advanced combat machines could not defeat them. In the current situation, the number of US forces is just 8,000.

They are not in a position to compete with Taliban or ISIS. As far as the Afghan army is concerned, it is trained by the US. His combat performance is not satisfactory in comparison to the Taliban, nor they remain in front of the Taliban. There are examples that either they run away from war or in the war against the Taliban in tough warfare.

Some Afghan Soldiers also meet their Taliban members. In these circumstances the Afghan army has not fought much more reliable nor has he ever beaten the Taliban. AFGHANISTAN’s weak performance of the Taliban is increasing the influence of Taliban and ISIS. At the time, the Taliban occupy 40 districts in the north-western area of ​​Afghanistan, where they have established their strong governance.

The third largest center of power in Afghanistan is Indian influence. There are two major goals in India. First of all, by interfering in Pakistan, do Pakistan unstable and occupy the second of Afghanistan’s minerals. For this purpose India has begun to pursue economic and military assistance in Afghanistan. Make roads Build schools and hospitals. Construction of the building of the National Assembly of Afghanistan was built and a dam in Herat.

There is also a lot of tackling Afghan training and supply of weapons, but in the wake of this economic and military aid, India opened a neutral consulate for itself. Nexus with Afghanistan’s security agencies and allowed the Afghan government to use it against Pakistan in the highest levels. Establishing their training centers where there is a terrorist training in Pakistan after providing training to infantry after Baloch youth.

Thus, India’s interests indulge in the Afghan government indirectly. The Indian Taliban patronage while the Afghan government wants to end the Taliban. The fourth largest city of America is the US presence in the form of US military in Afghanistan.

There are strategic interests in America too. On one hand, he wants to stop China’s growing influence and on the other hand, his views are on Central Asia oil and gas reserves. With this, he wants to look at the nuclear weapons of Pakistan too. He is not too happy with the growing power of Iran To get a mess, it should be a permanent base in the area for which Afghanistan is a very suitable place, so they do not want to vacate it, while the Taliban are not ready to bear it, nor the Taliban talk about peace with the Afghan government in the presence of the US. So, Afghanistan will continue to fight because of its collapse of various centers of power.

This crisis of interest in the near future does not seem to have ended, and it will remain a peaceful dream in Afghanistan until it is possible. Terrorism taking place in Afghanistan is the internal situation of Pakistan, especially the law enforcement.

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