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Indian plans against projects like CP

India’s aggressive ambitions of neighboring countries against Pakistan are from the beginning. Hindu people have not accepted the formation of Pakistan. The tragedy in India’s naked aggression of the main character in the tragedy in East Pakistan was when the Gwadar-bordering project homework was launched in the 1990s. In order to stop the Gwadar Parganas project, India invented a new project to spread insecurity in Karachi and Pakistan’s economic hub.

Gwadar Port is a gateway around the world, according to water supply, while Karachi is an economic serpent in Pakistan. It is a big challenge for us to kill the enemy, Shah Rig KARACHI and development gateway Gwadarbarga.

That is why India is very upset with our economic growth. After India and China, aggression of India has begun further. After the China Economic Economic Agreement, Asian Europe and Arab countries have expressed keen interest in promoting investment and trade in Pakistan and bilateral trade partnership agreement is painful for many other countries, including India.

The great plan like Pak China Economic Rule will definitely be a milestone for Pakistan’s economic development. With the CP project agreement, where most countries are keen to increase trade-related relations with Pakistan, there are some other countries besides India, to curb this great project and the conspiracy against the CP project starts to begin.

The importance of pure China Economic Radar and Gwadarbaghga projects utility utility can be assured that Pakistan’s economy has begun to be in the emerging economies of the world and Pakistan’s success is not digestive in many countries, demanding “domor” from anywhere. You have been using good handicrafts since now. Due to the role of Frontman in the global war against terrorism after the Ninth, the country’s economy has suffered a profound loss because the Afghan war has deep impact on Pakistan, due to the disadvantages of terrorism and terrorism.

The patriotism of the American domination and the madness of the Indian naked aggression has become dearer to the country. The World War has successfully reached our courtyards, under the planned project and deep conspiracy to stop Pakistan’s economic development. Insha Allah, we will fight this battle and make our country dear economically Asian. On August 8, 2016, Vajpayee was killed and killed in a Quetta blast in Quetta, the bulls were killed in a hospital at the hospital’s Civil Hospital, wherein more than 70 people were martyred.

This tragic tragedy has increased the courage and courage of the national enthusiasm. Pak China Economic Radiation Plan, Gwadarbirdga project and economic hub have been committed to establishing peace and security in Karachi, and it has become strong that the completion of the CP project and the peace in Karachi is the agreement to make the country economically as Asian Tiger. Quetta, Quetta, Chief of Army Staff General Raheeh Sharif said that the attack on the C-Pak project has determined that the completion of the project will not be held in China.

Now the fact is not to deny the American hand behind Indian dissatisfaction against the CP project, because the last couple of years, with India’s relationship with the United States, is a branch of their conspiracy. From the last 15 years, the United States has climbed the nation’s ears for listening to “domor”. Domor “means the Pak Army is to stop the path of economic growth by confronting its own people, so that Pakistan always keeps America working and can not stand on its feet.

After the brilliant achievements of Operation Zubar-e-Azb, the encouragement for foreign investment has emerged as a new wave of terrorism, there is a new challenge for the government’s opposition and the Pak Army and there is a need for mutual unity to deal with this challenge. The time and conditions of the Indian Occupation Agency arrested by the “Raw”, the present service officer yesterday, revealed the Indian aggression of Indian anti-Bhushan project against Bhushan or Dev CCC project as the completion of the CP project was completed by Gwadar Port and the lasting peace in Karachi. Economy is guaranteed.

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