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India’s friendship with India and our protest politics

US Secretary of State John Kerry has visited India to ask Doo Moore from Pakistan, he does not even forget to go to India. But the fact that his current language was cleared that the current political and military leadership of Pakistan made the country’s dreadful There have been many successes against him. He was addressing the press conference with Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj.

India is a major market for America and sitting in India, the United States will want to conspire against China. The new era of defense relations has started between the two countries. These two will be able to use each other’s defense installations. China’s main goal of this defense cooperation is China. At present, China is a country that keeps openly open against the US policies.

America and India are afraid of China’s growing political defense and economic power. If seen, India will definitely be affected by any agreement with the United States. The membership of the American Nuclear Career Group (NSG) is a proliferation of India. Using his influence, Opening in this case, he stands with India. If China did not play its role in this regard, then India would have got this group membership.

Pakhtunkhwa is being discriminated against this. Despite all the efforts of Pakistan and all kinds of losses in the war, the United States is speaking India’s language. It is clear from John Kerry’s press conference that in the future, America What policy is going on? Now Pakistan has to look at its external policy. Philk has been emphasized on the need for Foreign Minister in Malak for a long time.

Now Mian Sahib says that to appoint a patriotic servant on this position that highlights the positive role of Pakistan in the world. America has already decided that he will make India a coalition in this area. In the new policy, India is being given priority at all levels. It started with President Barack Obama’s visit to India. When the US President made only four hours in Pakistan, he stayed four days in India.

This journey of friendship after Nineveh was pushed for some time, as the United States needed Pakistan to win the war in Afghanistan. Our brave commander, the US, asked him to step down one step ahead. The supply of US and its allies to Pakistan and its allies for the past year has been happening since Pakistan. The major reason for this is the United States policy.

There was no concept of suicide attacks in Pakistan before becoming the US ally. These suicide attacks started after becoming coalition and one time it came to an end that the attacks took place throughout the country. In the same black era, guest Sri Lankan cricketers were assassinated on a horrific attack. Due to this, Pakistan’s playground has been ruined. Those who have not yet been restored.

Despite the United States’s full support in the battlefield, the United States has never been pleased with Pakistan. He has always been in the form of Doo Moore. Our governments have been trying to please the United States. Not happy nor was it slow down. The Nawab Sharif government has spoiled the military leadership full control over the country.

Which both India and the United States are concerned about.The completion of the plans for the destruction of the Bharatiya Pakistan in Pakistan could not be accomplished. Now the policy of changing the heads of head of every US order is changing. Many projects are being implemented in Malik. The situation in the country is improving and the situation is improving. Patriotic people have forced to think that at the time when Kashmir movement’s independence has reached a decisive stage.

Why our political leaders are making an atmosphere of chaos in the country. Our media had to be programmed in support of Kashmiris brothers at this time. He is engaged in the coverage of all the media protest rallies. Why are we going to hurt Kashmir’s ignorance of Kashmir, while Kashmir brothers are looking at us for help and We have got the battle of our ancestors at home. Resolution should be knocked at the door of the national institutions for demanding issues. The country can not benefit from regional politics.

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