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National History History and Future

MQQ emerged as a linguistic group named in 1984 in the name of Muhajir National Movement. At this time, Pakistan’s power was under the control of General Zia ul Haq and had passed a ban on student organizations. Earlier, this party was registered with the name of the All Pakistan Refugee Association since 1978, but due to being a student organization, its scope was limited to Karachi university only.

When the student organization adopted the form of a political party, the party’s manifestation was to protect the rights of Urdu-speaking refugees of Sindh province, who migrated from India in 1947. On 18 March 1978, the organization regularly formulated a political party.

This party got popularity in Sindh very quickly, but say that it has gross growth over the next day. Seeing, the posters and banners of Altaf Hussein and MQM’s election marks ‘Kite’ started appearing on Karachi’s streets, roads, castles and chronicles. Now, in Karachi Karachi, incidents of murder and murder were also coming to light, and Altaf Hussain too inexperienced and confidently spoke in his speeches’ T-Vacco, T-Tee and Mu’ajir to collect arms for their rights. Start ‘, such as provocative words were not avoiding speaking.

Many cases were also registered against MQM-MQM and eventually Altaf Hussain was burnt on January 1, 1992. In 1992, Pakistan has a great deal of importance in Pakistan’s history, in the same year, Allah has blessed Pakistan with the blessings of the World Cup, but on the other side floods flooded with heavy rain in northern areas. Nawaz Sharif was in power during this period and Karachi situation was going to be serious, Nawaz Sharif launched operation on June 19 after Altaf Hussain’s exile with the help of the army, whose name ‘Operation Clean-up Karachi ‘Was

Many members of the MQM-M-M were arrested in this operation, while many were killed by death. After the torture was harsh, July 26, the contact committee of MQM has declared the Muhajir National Movement to change the name of the United Nations Movement.

The great role of Altaf Hussain with Altaf Hussein in the MQM-based basis was played by Great Ahmed Tariq, and on the way 23st August 2016, Farooq Sattar has said Altaf Hussein to belong to MQM, but in the same way great Ahmed Tariq Also did in 1992, which was killed only a few days later.

Now there is a similar situation in 2016, Farooq Sattar, including other MQM-MQM leaders, has announced the involvement of Altaf Hussein, and Farooq Sattar has also sought the police from Rangers as well. The most interesting thing is that Kanwar Naveed Jamil, who was arrested by Rangers in his custody after Altaf’s extravagant speech on 22 August 2016, has also expressed his disappearance with Altaf Hussein.

Nearly me, this situation is more tense than 1992 in which the people do not understand anything further. Waseem Akhtar Sahib, who took Mayor’s oath on August 30, raised the slogan of ‘Jai united’ instead of raising the slogan of ‘Jai Altaf’.

For the first time in the history of the United Nations, a leader has raised the slogan of the United Nations. But along with him he has also decided to support Altaf Hussein and strengthen Altaf Hussain’s hand.

Looking at the current situation, I am looking forward to a new book, going to know God’s future. But one thing that is fooling the masses, there are two different parties in the United Kingdom and United Pakistan, its difference now ends so that the people can get a result. There is no secret in the way MQM-affiliated people involved in terrorist activities, hopefully this operation will no longer be as Adha 1992, Karachi’s future should be bright now, no one should be public and army sacrifices. So the result should come.

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