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Pakistan’s incredible agenda without Kashmir

In recent years, the latest wave of Indian aggression in the occupied Kashmir, the second week of July, shook the whole world. In other countries of the world, including Pakistan, taking strict notice of Indian agitation, cursing New Delhi, however, as India described its aspirations in Kashmir as an internal matter, a stringent warning to Pakistan and a regular case in India against Pakistan.

Tarakh is a witness that independence of Kashmiris is not just a piece of land but a war of ideology and nation that has been a long-term solution to the UN and the Security Council for more than 65 years. The Prime Minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru convinced the global organization to solve the Kashmir issue of Kashmiri Kashmir and according to it.

Then issued Article 370, the occupied valley was officially given special autonomy, but despite this, India is surrounded by occupy Kashmir. The autonomy of the bases is being erased by the deceased as well. The Islamic community and the United Nations Kashmiri people are giving the opportunity to strengthen India in Kashmir and now India is giving the right to them. The day is giving the opportunity to strengthen the body of Kashmir, and now India has also been wondering that the UN has become effective in the UN.

Pakistan always emphasized the problem of Kashmir according to UN resolutions and in the end, the Muslim country is supporting its own brothers. India does not digest this support in any way, because it has fought 3 failed fights in Pakistan since 1947, 1965 and 1971. Even today, the situation is that 22 lakh 22 thousand 236 km of this valley has become an ammunition for Pakistan and India’s 1.5 billion people.

In order to achieve the same region, India started nuclear race and Pakistan had to join this era for the sake of national security. This problem is a constant pain in the region for sustainable peace. If the global community and especially the United Nations did not take sincere efforts to solve the problem of Kashmir, it was the responsibility of loss of damage to a half billion population in this region.

The recent wave of violence and terrorism began purely by the martyrdom of Kashmiri Mujahideen, and writing a crime, around 50 innocent civilians are martyred and hundreds of people. Against this cruelty and blasphemy, Pakistan has tried to wipe the global community by celebrating the officially blacklisted blacklist on 20 July 2016. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also called for a solid stand for the first time, suggesting India to render Kashmir in occupied Kashmir, has reiterated Pakistan’s determination for its full support to Kashmiris, while Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif also said that Kashmir Pakistan without complete completion is an incomplete agenda.

Political parties have also fully supported the position of political and military leadership, and the Pakistani people always turn their hearts to their brothers and sisters, and Pakistan continues their peace struggle. Now it is the responsibility of the international community and the United Nations that they should play their best role in resolving the Kashmir dispute as per the Kashmir dispute.

Today, it is clear that the situation is clear in the past that Kashmir is not merely a slogan of affiliate with Pakistan, but in the past few years, every small flood in the Valley, the flagship flag of Pakistan and the green flag of Pakistan, Are aware of their decision. In such a situation, the United Nations and the World community should be evaluated by the feelings of the public instead of a written document. Even now the voice of Kashmiris was not heard and the troubled people did not focus on the justice and problem of the Palestinians around the world, so the dream of reaching the masses against the terror of the world will remain dreamed.

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