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Private security became a protector

Karachi security guard shot a bicycle riding baby in the street and shot a shotgun. The innocent kidney was just so much that he kept wearing a mask screwed on the face, in the dark street while driving the bicycle from the back when he came near the security guard, he fired fire. According to the security guard, it was believed that some of the ghosts which suddenly arose, he lost guns and did not know that he would go to life.

The suspect security guard said that before he did not do any job, or to shoot it, he used to make rats on the oven in the village and found it a bit of rigidity. With this statement given to the police, the ability, capacity, responsibility and security of the security guards to be kept for protection can be taken into consideration.

Seth Abid Kalyaz Sahibzada has also been killed by the security guard. The security guardian of the biggest gang robbery in Lahore’s history also has security. A Model Town Police, arrested by the main accused of the imports, guarded the security guard’s reputation and recovered two rupees from his possession. In 2015, four robberies fled from the private bank of Gulberg, leaving 9 million. The police investigation revealed that the bank’s security guard was involved in the huge imports of this bank robbery, which was arrested and stopped, and recovered two rupees worth Rs 2 crore from the bank.

The bandits and luternacilla, as employed as a security guard to protect the bank. In view of the worsening situation of the Landand order in Pakistan, every person is suffering from insecurity. High government and government officials continue to travel safely in security and protocols, while private private institutions and real estate classes, classrooms, classrooms, landowners, religious leaders also have security guards and guards’ army, Zafar Wave and they carry large vehicles and jeeps I travel and travel from homes and diars, in the form of security guards and guards, and sometimes they are confronted with their behavior due to their behavior, roads, and on-going citizens, and many unpleasant events also occur in streets, markets Keep happening.

In comparison to this, ordinary medium and relatively small institutions and individuals also hold security guards to protect themselves, while private security guards are kept without any research to protect street houses, communities, markets and markets. Whose responsibility is to be protected from robbery, liters and thieves. But these guards prove to be worse.

The situation is that the only retirement of military personnel can perform the duty of responsible security guard because the Pak Army’s super-military training, ethical, legal and social style is the responsibility of their training, a partial part of the army and targeting, targeting They get more access to picking up and cleaning weapons. That is why people and private institutions give priority to the ex-servicemen as a security guard.

But at the moment, increasing safety and relevance to the growing population and its related needs become the first problem, because terrorism is vulnerable to the risk of its family and family because of terrorism and unlawfulness. The majority of people quit the security forces of the border areas of Potthoreari, Khosaab and South Punjab, while many organizations are providing private security guards.

But the biggest problem is that most security guards are not impartial because they are causing their welfare, instead of protecting people’s lives in any unhappiness, anxiety or irritation, while twenty-five thousand salaries are received. Security guards’ biodiversity and details are also not gathered, but they are kept on a personal guarantee or recommendation to protect them from being misused, whether they are deceptive, terrorists or spies.

In view of this situation, the Chief Justice, Justice Justice Anwar Jamali, has also said that the security guards without interconnected and investigating agents may be an enemy agent. After the Chief Justice’s warning, the seriousness of the privacy security issue of the case has increased even more on the issue of divine care and attention. Private security guards are found involved in various crimes and imports, and they are also making a strong gang.

In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, security guards have been abusing the people for the public and it is a chemical justice that the government should pay taxes to the government and now protect the security guards themselves, then the government is called a ritual. Suryaan Danish, a engineer based in Saudi Arabia, said that in the hours of prayer, people leave shops open and one hundred rupees are stolen, in the same way people committed to academia chancellor should be immediately punished and executed by justice Are there.

We are being stolen, robbery, robbery and increasing security due to the crime being found in our case. Apart from this, illegally and legitimate weapons are becoming increasingly strong, while the number of people is being killed due to this weapon and the house is wandering, women widows and children are orphaned and are helping Asia. The situation can be very improved.

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