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Former Paterson Valerie Auditor says that not a fraud to hold fraud

Grant Thornton has investigated in this regard, under investigation, in which the administration has declined in this month after the discovery of $ 40 million bill holes in its accounts already this month. Peterson Berry’s former finance director has been cheated in fraud.

David Deccley, chief executive of Green Thornton, who was transformed by the RSS as China’s auditor, told the Parliamentarians of the Commercial, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee that “the expected difference “Which” needs to be proved “.

“We are not cheating, we are not looking forward in the future, we are not giving the statements that the accounts are correct,” he added, adding that his firm is investigating 7,000 companies. “We are saying accounts are appropriate, we are looking past and we are not ready to cheat.”

In a warm exchange with Labor Records, Dunkley said: “If people are colluding and have a modern fraud that can not be caught by a minor audit procedure.”

He said in an ideal world it will be seen. Lewis replied: “But in a shop that sells tea and cakes, you think it can be seen. This is not a multi-complex complex.”

Reeve also said that according to ISA (International Standards on Auditing), the Financial Reporting Council should raise material errors, where they are due to fraud or error.

More than 30 Patricia Valerie shares have shown interest in joining legal action against China.

Legal firm teacher, who has contacted the acquisition of a group, said that suspension of company shares in October was likely to focus on any city’s misleading statements. .

Patersonie Walri has been in crisis since she exposed the £ 40m black hole in her funds, which she accused “possibly fraudulent” accounting for illegal situations.

Approximately 200 outlets and discount about 900 groups have been closed by about 900 jobs. More than 2,800 jobs are in danger.

Former Little Chef owner RCapital and Birmingham-based businesses are offering lifts to offer prohibited builder Friday, including David Scott.

But earlier this week the documents sent to prospective buyers show that store sales information is returned by January 2013 and the data back to the back returned by September 2014 can not be valid.

Analysts of the KPMG, who are handling the sales process, is indicated that the company is on the track to lose £ 2.6 million this year, while stores at the stores fall for more than a year. Is.

Professor Mohansa PCCC account is trying to get a copy of a report in potential fraudulent activity in Pacari Valley, including supply of fake invoices.

Philip Robin, a legal law firm, said it was “clearly important” in which if there were errors in the documents sent to the investors when the junior stock market was registered in May 2014.

He said that the problem is, under the objective, the company shares personal responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in the documentation of the stock market.

A top five shareholder told Guardian that it was not ready to be involved in any action, while others thought there was no point in doing so, until Pasissary Wallie neglected this insurance. No payment made.

“If this is just one case against individuals, even Luke Johnson is extremely rich, you are not likely to exceed more than £ 30 million.”, A shareholder said that if any insurance failed to pay enough money If not then [a class process] is lonely in the air.

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