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Mystery Become a part of 20% of foreign investor Evening Standard

Anonymous foreign investor has taken 20% share in the George Osborne’s evening standard company, refusing to show his new financial identities with the newspaper.

Newspaper owner of the newspaper, Ayub Lebenev, sold a fifth of Lebanon’s Holdings, which is part of the majority in the event of a Kenyan Islands registered company’s eunuch standard in December. Accordingly, the investor has put £ 14 million. Malicious links in the newspaper.

The final owner of the foreign company is not unknown, and Lebanese refused to comment on the Final Times’s suggestion, which has told the first news that it could be a Saudi investor who bought shares, which would set two Right director

He has questioned whether an individual or company is linked to the Middle East state that now the central newspaper may have an important financial interest, which divides 850,000 copies one day on the streets of the capital and its There is a former Chancellor.

A company spokeswoman said: “Lebanese Holding Limited is a private holding company, and thus we do not publicly comment on our personal shareholders. We have no comments in this matter.”

In the past two years, relations between Lebanese media and Saudi Arabia have increased substantially, despite the concerns of the sovereign state’s view of journalists, especially after killing Jamal Khogyi.

In 2017, Lebanese has liberated the Saudi Islands company as a Saudi-based Saudi Arabia Sultan Sultan Abul Qadri. He said in public figures that he was investing in his own personal capacity, but he also works for the NCB capital, eventually a division of the Control Bank by the Saudi government.

According to FTT, recently invested investments were made by the Main Island Company in Lebanon’s Holdings, which was established by Agent who used freely in Saudi investment.

The recent week, the Saudi publishing company, in close proximity to the royal family, started a series of spin offs of foreign oral websites.

Although despite the concerns of some staff, the English language website could have been neutral, whose editor, Christian Bruce, had already passed away from Riaz to discuss the agreement. However, Azad said that he has appointed the people to monitor. New site editorial production.

Last year, the war of Yemen erected unprecedented and long delivery from the war in Yemen, in which the newspaper got access to Saudi support officers.

During the trip, a piece of failure to mention Lebanon was involved in the incident, with many journalists searching for the newspaper owner, when he published pictures with soldiers on his institute. .

Libyanov and his moral father, Alexander Lebev, bought free and evening quality for each pound every decade ago. The national newspaper is just online. Only London’s newspaper expanded shortly under its free model, but in recent years, the financial crisis caused the print advertising market to increase the cost of newspapers and the decline, which recorded £ 10 million loss in 2017. Done as an editor according to Osborne’s shock appointment.

The counter-terrorism institute, the Global Witness, emphasized Libnev that it is clear that the Council of Coffee is behind foreign investment.

“It’s upset that people can buy our newspapers confidentially and increase the impact of the shadow. A terrorist organization in the organization, AIA said,” Anonymous companies, which now have a standard standard Ownership of 20% owns, should be of the past. ”

“Last year, the government decided to end this privacy in the UK’s foreign territories, including the Cayman Islands, where the company is registered. But these arelands are pulling their feet. If the government ‘take back control’ It is serious, we must know who is behind the veil. ”

Foreign investment papers on Lebanese Holdings December 27 were filed only after the resignation of the Lebanese employee Justin Bami Shaw from the scope of the scope company.

Libyan, 38, is a luxury lifestyle, flies regularly to her Italian villa and attend London Theater events. She also changes journalism to her hand, where she likes to save elephants.

Last year, Levyev had set the creative director of Theater Awards Photo Gallery of the Evening Standard magazine, and the actors were also decided to keep themselves in pictures along with Claire Fu and Idris Elba and Wave Editor, Anna Ventore.

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