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New construction houses why some owners feel cold

The government told the week that more energy is more efficient than newly constructed homes. But thousands of buyers have come to know that the heavy and heat of these expensive new homes are expected to be heavy heating. The criminal? Targeting fingerprints are pointing out to the buildings quickly to meet the quality and poor inspection of targets with dry-lined goals installed in the heart of this purpose.

Dry lions became popular in the UK in the 1980s, replacing the traditional “wet” plaster with plastered board attached to walls and ceiling. This means plastering can be done in a few days instead of weeks.

Usually it is not wrong with dry lining, which is generally used in Scandinavia and North America, where winter temperatures are more than the UK below. It eliminates a smooth and can be decorated directly.

But thermal imaging surveys and other building experts are aware that poor installation of the plaster board results in misery due to poor installation.

Housebuilders aims to meet goals (their own and government), often corner corner, and as a result of airtightness. Plaster is attached to the masonry with board adhesive. But Paul Buckmann, a thermal imaging survey, says domestic consumers often use rather than solid dubers instead of reducing the use of “dot and debob” adhesive.

“We do not have any of these old houses,” he said. “In the 60s and 70s, which are built with concrete floors, they look great.” (However, they can drag to other places – via open chicken automotive or fireplane.)

Even after proceeding, case studies, conducted by the Energy Consultant Don Hubbard in 2011, found that in 1900 homes were more than expected, and rules of 2006 buildings. Improvement of the requirements of the requirements and “modern expansion” as the original building as “waterproof”.

To ensure new homes to pass air leakage test – it is mandatory in 2006 to England and Wales – some developers can seal the difference with a dry or decoration kit. But it will crash, and carpet-related items often remove the surrounding screen board.

Buckingham and Ian Jones, another thermal imaging survey, are often “solid” tests. It can provide meaningless energy efficiency rating. Between them, they have tested thousands of new homes in recent years, and almost or more or more are called leaks.

Under the project of the ATTMA (Air Cool Testing Testing and Management Association) at 144,024 houses analyzed the results in the analysis of 2017 by Dr. Jennifer Love and others. Tested, came with the same results.

“The result of the completion of the target by temporary sealing, which fails after short-term, is that the wind backward design will be higher than the cost of maximum accommodation,” paper said.

NHCB, basic standard configuration body and warranty provider for new homes, is not aware of the use of flexibility or other filter to meet the air leakage test.

ATTMA’s Berry Cap says construction rules are too late. Most allowed leaks are equal to 20p size holes in each square meter of the wall – “A huge air leakage” – which is the result of air test. The new homes generally aim to read below five, while the passive home is zero.

In addition, the rules allow sampling testing, which means that large number of new homes are not tested. Air Testing – Sufficient training and lack of ability – Another problem. Apart from £ 170 a test price from VAT.

Cape says: “Due to the prospect of close future rules of regulations, it is difficult to convince some housewives that a little bit of work is useful to spend a little while working while spending.”

Gordon Money participated in the Thermal Imaging Survey of the Home built by the house housewife, McWalkinson, by Paul Buckhamham, built in five bedroom David Wilson-Belgian Wide, Badfordshire. He demonstrated air infections in the backdrop of the walls of the bedroom and hall, including many areas. Many walls did not lack full insulation. There were also plenty of drafting.

“The outer walls with the top were sealed properly, but the corners behind the dry lining had to melt. It is said that it is a source of heat loss … flow inside the building structure. Due to air, “this is the report.

Vincinson says 770,000 homes, which were completed in December 2017, came with about 300 holes, many of which are still unresolved, and declare: “This is my first first construct in which I Bought and last. ”

Says Bartat, owner of David Wilson Homes: “When we sometimes make things wrong, we should be as soon as possible as possible.” We are in direct contact with Mr Wilson, and to solve these issues as well. As soon as possible. ”

In 2016, Taylor Vampire found the drafts flowed in the bathroom in the middle of all skirts and flats. Bookingham report by the Charterham Web, a Housing Association’s tenant says: “Heating costs are significantly estimately and property is continuous cold.” The web also complains a severe reduction in sound insulation.

“The property was met, and in fact, unusually, when it was completed, the formation of air parliament rules. Since then, we have no problem, which apparently It’s about to grow but we’re very happy to see it.

It says that it was arranged for a free audio exam but it was “stopped by the residents before time.” It’s happy to complete it and make an extra air testing happy.

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