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Parties who closed the issue divided the name of a large technical police

The new head of a Congress titanist panel has emphasized on large technology companies that “threatening our democracy” is the latest sign of the consensus of Washington’s consolidation of a growing cross-party that Silicon Valley has become very powerful.

The Democratic Congress, David Cisco, is ready to carry out efforts to check the effects of Amazon, Facebook, Google and other “big tech” companies, including Donald Trap, Centers Lindsey Graham and Units figures of Elaborate Warren and due to various reasons related to the hunger of Scotland Islandia-Cortez, hunger.

“We need a serious talk about controlling these platforms,” ​​said a statement in Guardian in a statement, “High Court, head of the Committee of House Judiciary Committee, head of the Committee for Commercial and Administrative Law. Will work as “It is not a question that these new gates are encouraging and capable of harming the competition competition, weaken the innovation, and threaten our Republic.”

After some sort of privacy and data shortage in the last few years, the Utopian vision of Silicon Valley companies in California has been destroyed and their “fast and brilliant things” mantra has much to pay for it. Lost Star players have faced the demands of more accountability and transparency. The US is playing with the EU, whose contest commissioner, Margaret Vistri, has ordered Apple and Amazon to pay taxes, to get the fast facebook on Google Voice on the acquisition of Google Voice Office and Google But worth billions of dollars worth a penalty.

In the US, Facebook, Email and Twitter executives now bear witness all the previous years before the Congress. Tim Kick of Apple’s Chief Executive called the Congress to transfer comprehensive privacy laws to protect users. Meanwhile, the Federal Trade Commissioner (FTC) is allegedly close to ending a confidentiality investigation in Facebook, which can be a major fix.

How many questions were encountered about large tech during hearing of Senate’s verdict, how Trump’s nominated students two years ago when the former Attorney General Jeff Sessions Had a fight against. The problem was not created.

Barra told the Judiciary Committee: “I do not think it is badly bad, but I think many people are surprised that such heavy obstacles in the Silicon Valley now have the nose of anti-trainee enforcement. Formatted in shape. ”

Apparently, the questions of Barra were presented by Republican Intelligence Centers: Marshall Biberberg Tennessee, Chuck Gasley of Iowa, Missouri’s Joshi Hockey and Yutte Lee’s Utt Lee. And last year, when the Facebook head executive Mark Zuckerburg presented before the Senate, some fast-crossed cross-examination came from Landy Graham, a Republican South South Carolina.

On the Democratic Party, Senator Richmond Bloom Hall, Keile Bakkar and Warren have expressed the desire to clip the print of companies after the 2016 presidential election, especially the Cambridge Analysis Scandal.

“I hate to accept it, but the Election Commission is a very good approach to Oscio-Cartois,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson said. “It is difficult to talk with internal logic. The richest man in the world is just 2 bun dollars in the tax-subsidy. How does it work?”

An example of Carlson and Warren in bed was described in the last month that the new National Republic published the title “One problem, left and right”, and Matt Stewart’s Sweet Stocker Institute Institute Written by the director. .

In an interview, Stoller suggested that with anti-conservative opposition with big tech – with regard to the development of big business and non-equality of wealth, brought with monopoly. “You are seeing a real ideological change and I do not think it’s different. It’s the facts and the main and the left. People understand that we are ignoring the power in our society and the information flow Are powered by controlling tech platforms. ”

Facebook, which is social networking, and Google, enjoys so far the online advertising through the largest search engine, while Amazon is the dominant online retailer and the streets out of business Is accused of finding. Stooler said: “I think these three companies think that people are left and right on the left and right people are few years ago, they were seen as a cuddy, cool and progressive. Now it is’ Wait, You have a lot of power, you control the flow of information and you are doing it to serve yourself. ‘ ‘

He has touched himself in the trump (“We are looking very seriously,” he told Axios on eBay last year), though many believe that their point of view of Amazon The look is moving Washington Post owner, by founder Jeff Beware.

Indeed, the unrest of political movements – such as conservative complains that online platforms show a left-handed preference – it can exploit tech tech companies due to lack of explanation.

Coordinator Scott Klein, former former deputy director of the communications and information policy in the George HW Bush administration, said: “Although they are opposing too much, it is not paid much attention. They are in a castle and no one catapults Has not been organized or targeted by the target.

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