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UK of computer programs to follow crime

A report has warned that fraudulent hotpets and people who have the potential to re-reuse the rapid increase in the use of computer programs eliminate discrimination in the criminal justice system.

At increasing financial pressure, at least a dozen police officers are using predictions or considerations. Police officers have said that they want to ensure that they use any data “moral in their heart”.

But a report from Human Rights Group Liberty concerns concerns that programs promote ethnic profiling and discrimination, and threatening privacy and freedom.

Hubau Sauchenman, a Liberty-based policy and adventure officer, said that “the decision was taken pre-discrimination and prejudice by the police in the past” when it was decided according to the data of the algorithm. Was moved “.

He added: “One of the major risks with this is that it is a technical venture on talented police methods. People think that computer programs are neutral but they just enter into existing presentations The police has always shown. ”

Using the freedom of information data, the report states that at least 14 forces in the UK are using algorithm programs for police, already doing the same or conduct research and cases.

Campaign group Steve Witch said “the concerns of these programs are the concerns of the graves around the fair, fair and accountable”. Its chief executive, Katra Ffrech said: “We can not believe that these programs have been freed from prejudice and they will not impose unauthorized impact on some community or demographics. Need full transparency. ”

“This means that people do not have to keep the programs in account, or they can properly challenge our predictions about us or our community. It is the fact that the police are about their use I am very open and not transparent, “End of Liberty Report.

The program used by police work in two main ways. Firstly, prediction maps see the police figures about the previous crime and identify “hot pits” or areas that have more crime on the map. Then police have directed to patrol those parts of the country.

The report states that Durham is involved in the forces using such programs and is a system called a Hermes Diagnostics Risk Tool (HART). Hart has decided to learn the machine how it is possible that a person should commit torture or non-violent crime in the next two years. It gives an individual a risk of low, medium or height to a person, and is designed to estimate more than that risk. This program keeps the foundation of its progress on 34 drive figures, out of which, 29 belong to a person’s previous criminal history.

The West Midlands Police Home Home Office has led a fund pound of 48 million in the name of National Data Analysis Solution (NDDA). The long-term objective of this project is to analyze the data, social services, NHS and mass scales of schools, which can be used in most efficiently manner to calculate. Combined data on initial trial, crime, custody, gang and criminal records for 200 criminals to identify “who were getting others in life on the wrong aspects of the law”.

Spinen Dennelley, who is the NDAS project manager, said: “[Plans] already tries to use advanced analysis, to generate new insight into existing data occupation. ”

He said that there was a history of criminal recordings, incident costs, concentration records, crime intelligence and history of punishment due to the police national computer (PNC) system used. “We are not using data from non-police agencies,” he said.

Tom McNil, Strategic Advisor of the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “We are convinced that the work of any data by the West Midlands police keeps morale in its heart … to enrich the projects People should be about to support the community with the public. The health perspective. “He said he has adopted a” transparent approach “working with human rights charities.

By the last march, Kent Police posted a maping program in the US using paddle. The force’s similar predicted police program seems to be available for less investment, or it can develop itself. Kent said that 100,000 pounds a year’s system was part of focusing on “finding innovative ways of working resources” and it was under continuing analysis.

Evans and Somerset Police used a wide range of mapping programs and various risk assessment programs. They use the end, in other things, the likelihood of reimbursement of a person, the offense and the missing information.

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