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What is the warrior or regret for the warrior to dominate the 5G?

One of the accusations of the blame allegations has raised troublesome questions about the telecom company’s property and has restored long-term concerns about China’s intelligence services. Britain needs to be friends as looms, looms struggling to interact with falling. To ignore the growing brotherhood threatening the closest allies, the United States, currently with China, is locked in a tremendous commercial war that has agreed with the HU. But the UK needs to keep Chinese technology moving from the 21st century.

Robert Hingen, former director of the British intelligence center, said, “Like most Western countries, Britain wants to see China as a threat or an opportunity.” “It’s a difficult balance. I think we want the benefits of Chinese technology and internal investment, and we should find ways to monitor the risks where necessary.

The last Monday failed to make a 13-counted allegation in the New York court, which charged Hawwa and his chief financial officer, Ming Wenzhou, with the company refused to react. The second charge was announced on the same day, the firm has alleged that the firm has tried to steal the technology from the mobile operator T-Mobile USA. Holvi insisted that the matter has settled.

This was just another bad week for the company, which has a habit of negative tunnels. Britain does not go weekend for the purpose of politicians. Defense Secretary Gueven Williamson expressed a “grave concern” about HIV in December. Last week Chris Brent, member of the Labor Parliament and the selected committee of foreign affairs, claimed: “On day of day we will see more evidence that Chinese companies like HAVC are breaking all the rules and weakening British security. ” A police officer was arrested in December. In Poland on spy allegations for China, there is a dramatic development that the company has emphasized that there is no connection with its operation, which is an overseas organization, who can meet China’s Communists Party (C) to meet the complaints. CC) did little to ignore.

How to play the role of Hovi as a fully owned entrepreneurial entity (“We Are John Lewis of China,” claimed a), no Chinese company abroad abroad without success Successful, Martin Thorley said on the international involvement in Nantingham University with China. “There are increasing numbers of interest in China that can compete abroad in many fields, but the CCP has chosen it, and it has chosen to maintain power in all fields. International wishes. ”

Tillley, who struggles to understand the strength of the CCC guardian for Westerners, has offered a competence. “Imagine that if a conservative party in Britain has governed the army, judiciary, all the newspapers, police forces, large companies, and all universities. It would be a very different country.

“Windy is a part of this network and is subject to their forces, so this is the question whether a company is facing the CCP eventually.” Some people respond to this. It is important but they need to understand that when the House is called, the party says. ”

However, in the UK, the forces have gone on a large scale so that they submit themselves to corporate accountability. He is the head of many FTSE 100 companies as Chief Information Officer of the Government, John Sophko, head of Cybercurity and his UK’s board. In the remarkable appointment former BB owner Lord Brown Brown of the Medingley, Sir Andrew Cohen, former government chief trade ambassador, and his death in 2017, former CBI ex-President Dam Helen Alexander.

Apart from the links he has linked to the academy, the company is donating the fourth house’s index and has funded two effective parliamentary technology committees. Former global sponsor of the former football club, Hollywood, will get an extraordinary PR coupon when he completes Mumtaz Simpany with the company’s smartphone technology, his first performance in London’s Cadagon Hall Will be displayed.

But its deployment of soft power can not be a bad propagation flow. Due to the increasing discomfort about HIV activities, Britain’s operator BT has announced that it will remove the technology of a haven from a network that it had achieved from a rival, the move The result is that some of the suggested security concerns are due. Last week, Woodfone confirmed that it was limiting its partnership with Britain in the UK. HAVE has prevented the supply of 5G equipment from next-generation technology – this technology will connect “Australia and New Zealand” to the “things internet”.

The insiders have been emphasized on the insiders that these developments have no relation with security issues, but theories do not look good and many UK institutions are scared because the charges are found. Two trusted organizations, Oxford University and Prince Trust, have received Johannesburg, have links with the company in the past few days. Some 19 UK universities have still enjoyed a hobby sponsorship, but the events have been given, now they can revise their positions.

There is a very bad news on both sides of the Atlantic. Observers have understood that in the coming months, a report presented to Parliament’s intelligence and security committee will be more concerned about the use of HVAV software in UK Telecommunications Networks, which is the company Will be caught by the traitors. China is a threat to re-emerging in Britain.

With a wide range of Chinese imports invading in the US, the Trip Administration wants to ban American companies by using Chinese goods in key companies of their companies. Some people believe that the ultimate goal of the administration is to push Hawwais from the US and USA, leaving the United States fixed the global standard for 5G.

As China has gone back, at least geographical lines have become a matter of life and death. After the arrest of Meng in the United States’s request, the Chinese authorities arrested two Congressmen, and sentenced a third person to death, Robert Schillenberg, who had initially sentenced to 15 years in jail. The decision blamed the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Toddoouu, who requested “death” to execute the death sentence.

In an unprecedented meeting with reporters last month, a sign company knows that the father of the company founder Ren Xingfei’s mango needs to stop the negative effects of negative parents, but emphasized that the decision was “in any way Was not related to “.

This is not a small seed. With over 180,000 employees worldwide (1,500 in Britain), Huawei made more than $ 100 billion revenue last year. In 2017, he invested $ 13 billion ($ 10 billion) in the research and development, which had half done the UK. Not a bad company for a small company, with more than 2,500 dollars for more than twelve years. In mentally, as the end of the HIV activity, co-partners of UK Intelligence Partnerships have called the “Five Eyes” spy coalition – America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada – Government of Thrasses May It’s strange about it. Position But after this, to take different differences against HIV, the risk of failing this year, the UK, is busy engaging in China.

The profit of this court is different. China and Britain’s Business Council, doubled $ 20.8 billion, according to a report prepared by a TMF group in China, between 2016 and 2017. It was amazing that, in the same year, since 2003, the record was reduced for the first time in Chinese outbound investment.

Come more. Between 2018 and 2022, Heavyweight has promised to spend £ 3bn in the UK alone. It is not unlikely that Chinese currency has been put in the UK, hundreds of Chinese investors have received gold visas to give them a residential accommodation. And anywhere, the China-China relations relationship is far more than London.

The 224 meter “Cheesegrater” and 38 stores Walkie Tockey are now owned by Hong Kong companies, while the construction of multi-billion pounds of Royal Albert Post in East London has come from Chinese producers. ABP.

These plans embrace in extraordinary than the development of £ 20bn of Honey Point C. Somerset has a new nuclear station, which will generate less carbon electricity for about 6 million homes, is the third property of China’s General Nuclear Power Group.

But some experts question where these relationships will end. “My fear is that, as a guarantee of financial influence on the government, which resulted in a financial crisis in 2008, similar interests made the UK government a golden policy with China. Pointed out, “Thorley said. David Cameron and George Osborne left Downtown Street because this policy has been restricted to some extent, but we can still feel the consequences of Britain’s energy strategy and beyond. ”

China’s UK’s unbelievable courts had appeared in 2010 when Cameron set up its National Security Council, which included eight committees, six of them. Clearly, though, two of the two, Cybercurity, had to monitor the Chancellor rather than the Prime Minister.

Intelligence experts at this time were quick to explain this shift. One told the observer that he believed the treasury wanted to do his “cyber” because he believed that opportunities for technology should not be found under national security concerns, a view that is currently There was something dangerous in the intelligence community.

And for good reason. According to Article 7 of China’s 2017 National Intelligence Law, companies such as HAVC are legally bound to help Chinese intelligence agencies apply on request. The fact is that only the superstition should be somewhere near the UK’s main infrastructure.

But Havawi is subject to a unique surveillance of UK intelligence services. In 2010, the UK government oversee the operation of the company in the UK, supervised by HCCC’s National Cybercredit Center, Hwy Cyber ​​Security Evaluation Center.

The center of 35 highly respected analysts, shocking the security issues in the government by the Center’s activities. In a report released by the Center’s Monitoring Board in July last year, serious concerns about the security of Hawwa’s security engineering took serious concerns. As a result, the board acknowledged that it could only provide “limited assurance” that the involvement of HIV in key UK networks was minimized by any threat to the UK’s national security.

Another board report will be published this spring, hopefully similar concerns will be provided to HUV critics more. However, when intelligence agencies may face concerns regarding the strengthening of HVV software, the center never found the meaning of “bodorver” which will allow China to enter the UK telecom networks. . “Hengen said,” Trouble, it has been concluded that Hvc had to face the shortage of cybercatches, but Chinese government agencies never fired the activities of the enemy. ”

Ren, a former Liberian Army officer, insists that the Eve will not betray his customers. “When it comes to securing cybercurity and privacy, we are committed to siding with our customers. We will never harm any country or any other person.”

Unusual levels in which Britain has allegedly spy the spying for the foreign state, has gone to adjust a company, where it is located in a more powerful world. In the era of “technical-nationalism”, the country’s geopolitical rule.

Last year broadband comparison website, Cable, has published an annual league table that the UK was the 35th fastest Broadband in the world, after 2017, a slip of four places, which it almost approached it to EU members. Put all behind the other countries and Madagascar. According to the UN, of the least developed countries in the world. Louvy knows it’s one of the few companies that can take the UK to the table. “Rio said” There is only a single air force company in the world that can integrate 5G base stations with the latest microwave technology. ”

“With its capacity, our 5G base stations do not require fiber connections. Instead, they can use super-microwave microphones to help ultra-wide bandwidth backbone. This is a great solution that holds very economical meaning.” For economics, affordable.

The White House Mandarine admits the alternative supplier, such as switching to Sweden as Ericsson, will be very expensive. Inevitable, prices will significantly be transferred to consumers at high prices.

The Saeed Minister of Cyber ​​Joe said that there was a concern related to the UK on some key tech companies. “Why do we spend public money massively on Amazon Digital Services like Yahoo companies; How do we suspend it?”

Perhaps the suppression will answer itself. According to reports, Poland has emphasized the coalition forces to adopt an “united position” on HIV, which can be difficult for the UK as it is ready to keep there, promised to the Rhine. That company was not allowed to sell. Its products in some markets. Such promise will never be made by acquiring West Company shares. But, as Ren acknowledged, the force is different. “We are not a pub License Company – We are not too worried about the beautiful numbers. “He was talking about windy, but he is also talking about China.

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