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Why the record of work recorded in the United States hides a difficult fact

The January mark of the creation of jobs in the United States marks the 100th month – the break-breaking job record record has left the employers to Scooby to find workers and to return long-term unemployment in the market.

Even then, 20 million jobs are still in some parts of the American economy, which still reflects the positive picture indicating the progress of work and low unemployment rates.

“Since last February, we have reduced unemployment rate or less than 4%. It is clearly historically remarkable,” said Bank Harmrick, senior economic analyst of Bankrate.com. “But the worker or job structure obviously paints a much more complex story.”

Anxious analyst like Humor, and central banks in the Federal Reserve, is the fact that the US economy now dominates higher skill, higher wage jobs and less skill, less labor jobs. We have many middle-aged jobs, middle-income jobs and he said, “We are not only a political part of our country, but as a political divide”. For example, take manufacturers, where about 25 percent jobs have disappeared in the last two decades for the global organization and automation.

Even as jobs were included, those things that were mostly the same for those in the month of 100 months were the wages. In December, workers were 3.2% a year ago, after 2008, they had a big advantage, but nothing was lying about it. January growth increased by 3.1 percent. According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), think of a left, workers will have to increase between 3.5% to 4% to really affect the average workers.

Especially in the initial part of the recovery, the salary growth figure should have come with “a sad trumon sound effect”. He added that these will be one of the key things in low-welfare development.

If someone needs a reminder that many Americans live in full custody for execution, they will have to work in the last month. The 35-day official closure led to two poor people for approximately two lakh workers and many of them used to rely on food banks to eat, some of them separated the bills and paid to them He did not get rid of those who could not cover them. A recent survey by Bankrate.com shows that only 40% of American families get enough money to cover $ 1000 in emergency costs.

All these dark clouds seem to be contrary to figures coming out of the Labor Department every month. When Labor Market is Strong – Meaning that unemployment rate is low and at least people are looking for employees. The employers competing to fill empty jobs are offered better wages and benefits to attract the best candidates. The unemployment rate number also requires workers to expect a new, better paying job. And yet, during the US workers, the shadow of big-scale shaw still feels a huge increase.

He explained that a little bit, the arm had to face a lot of deals and strength in the arm, because because of which he really got the workers trying to get something and There is something left. “Employers think they should be able to earn what they want at low salary. And I think it will change around, but it is surprising that it has not yet been unemployed. Today we are. ”

Golf pointed out that unemployment rate only understands people who are working for work. They do not count people who participate, but want full-time jobs or long-term unemployment, who have taken care of, but are available to work. Calculates all that is called U-6 rate. In January, it was 8.1% – unemployment rate was twice as 4%.

Gold said, “You come back to the labor market every day.” And their return is often a success. “The minimum definition of a series is part of nine employee workers who said they were not active to find jobs in the past month. It is a historical high. You are out of ten jobs in this month, seven out of ten workers. There are more people who were not looking for jobs in the past month. ”

“It must be a good job market for someone else, because customers help establish and maintain a bookmark system.” Said President Kochi and Warkick, President and owner of the Washington Consultants president of Washington Consultants. For four years, Rack has struggled to fill two places in his business. During his business shortly executing, Warner spent days in the field working with his fields and evening and evening closing, which is again not going anywhere.

If I’m really interested in scheduleing them for the interview, they do not often show up. They do not say. I actually have someone employed that I’m completely hungry. Never shown for the first day of work. If I am very fortunate, I actually get someone to work with me, they do not stay for a long time because there is a company there, from which I I can get more. ”

Washington, which is located in Ohio, is not the only one who experiences it. Last year, he was the national chair of the national association board of national business owners. “I talk to members across the country and they are facing the same problem.”

The trend also caught the attention of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, which mentioned in December that many businesses have said that they are ‘angry’, a situation in which a worker does not work without notice. Is coming to and then is impossible to contact “.

The Workforce Forces Group has found that the toughest jobs are yet to be filled, plumbing and welding, such as tower truck drivers. To get legs on other nurses, some companies are trying to get creative crew to seduce workers.

“We have a client who offers the NFL Sunday ticket as a test,” said Becky Frankwich, president of the North America’s Main Power Group. “So this is not just about the wage, it’s also about you want to improve your culture.”

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