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Northeast England will pay a lot of price for Nissan

Giant Japanese car manufacturer Nissan is a well-developed product of UK’s participation in the EU spread across the Netherlands. The company’s decision to make the new X-trail model you suggested outside this plant is to eliminate the failure of the British public to explain it.

Virtual absence of public clarification about the benefits of EU membership was exploited by the Redefinite 2016, and its supporters were able to enable its capabilities, and then, SchemeMoreering As well as to notify the warnings. Even on Sunday, when Nissan told himself that the decision to build a new SUV in Japan was an element of uncertainty of Brickst, so far the guests refused to deny it. Of course, with them, a Buckbench conservative parliament, Jacob Rug Mogg, with the mastermind of Expert Car Industry, whose Somerset’s electoral constituency could not have been far beyond the north-east.

Laboratory in Ireland has suffered alarm before and before the referendum, whose ingredients work on a plant that employs around 8,000 people and 30,000 more in the supply chain. Sharon Hudson of Wisdom Washington and the West Bank, Nissan has noticed the hope of hope after reaching 80 kilometers, in which the hope of closing mines and hope to bring hope on an area of ​​restoration of ships. She is still trying to notify her voters’ constituencies because the brakes have chucked a sniper in the work.

For neighbor Filterson, Neighborhood Houston and Cinderella South, it has argued that it is the end of the obligation for labor to get Libert which will lead to economic loss. After the serious news from Nissan on Saturday, he called for the vote of people again with the option to stay in the European Union.

Philipson has sent segments to public information about the benefits of EU membership, in rest and liver. But it’s a blind spot with a long history. In fact, an important example of failure to notify the public, and instead, the error with Propaganda was a speech made by Margaret Thatcher when he opened the Nissan Plant in 1986.

Thatcher avoided the Japanese government and industry since the 70s in the UK. Attracting their investment became an important part of Britain’s future vision, as it closed the old heavy industries. The UK ECE membership was Japanese on its pitch. The UK was presented as a convenient and acceptable basis for companies’ European processes. Nissan saw a business case for him, as 1,000 other Japanese companies and other workers now use the UK’s own European base.

Nissan specifically selected the northeast for its ports, to get easy access to European Mainland. So Thatcher was fully aware that the ECE membership was important for the decision to find in the UK. In 1980, Keith Joseph, then a commercial minister wrote: “The agreement [is an evidence proof of the benefits of the United Kingdom membership UK]; Nissan chose Britain [Britain] because he [Europe] The market is accessible. If we were outside the community, it is unlikely that the UK would have considered serious grounds for this important investment. ”

You will then find the incredible words for the same word in the Chief Minister’s speech that tells the truth. The UK recognized its European neighbors, he hid the facts with a familiar rest blanket, which is still stable by the break-up debate over three decades. He said that Nissan’s decision was “certification” that within Europe for mass investment, the UK was the most attractive country of political and economically.

We can only explain about the most common knowledge of the benefits of EU today today if it and other prominent politicians have instead explained it instead; if primarily read in schools Has been reportedly honored in the media. If the European flag was thrown out of the Washington factory, its viewpoint could be very different – and other sites in their creation that rejected Britain’s presence and success, and in many years EU funds and loans have increased substantially. Instead, the masses are largely unusual about the economic benefits of the EU and its “rubbish” single market, for which Thatchcher emphasized himself so hard.

After becoming the second conservative female Prime Minister, Theresa May has engaged in similar unusual public statements. In a speech before the referendum, which he has left, May said, “Economic arguments are clear”, and: “Many people will invest here in the UK because it is the UK in Europe.”

But since autumn candidates have an economic opportunity to make candidates claim to be the prime minister, claiming the break-up. He did not prepare every post This will break the evaluation of the government’s economic loss, which shows that the North-East is the most dangerous area, which will reduce 16 percent in GDP if any agreement due to the impact on Nissan. Even after the post here, he mentioned these diagnosis, and treated 2016 as sacred instead of.

To discuss that the British people did not understand the membership of the United Nations when the winner was told that he could not fool people in a referendum. Education and honest information have to be acknowledged for a decade of long failures, since then, major companies like Nissan, after the United Kingdom, ignored his warnings about ignoring Badgate, when he came to the UK Take it.

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