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The economic benefits of local buses are the real HS2 target church

Here are some things you might already know. There is a productivity problem in the UK. Since financial crisis, production of per capita per capita has increased hardly and the difference between other industrial countries is large. London is much higher than other major cities.

The economic benefits of local buses are the real HS2 target church

Cities or villages are far more desirable than cities and villages: From the concept that people bring together, they walk on new and better ways to do things. The big city is a big influence.

This rule is true in other countries. The second largest French city, Loney, is the third largest city from Marseille, which is more than the fourth largest, Lily in turn. This is the case in Germany, Germany and the Netherlands.

However, it is a different story in Britain. Here, big cities like Birmingham have small produce such as Oxford and Cambridge. And that is why people are taking places from their homes to where jobs are wasting the real size of Britain’s cities. Research by the Open Data Institute in Leeds shows that the effective size of Birmingham is almost half of the population, because of problems due to inadequate public transport.

Leeds researchers had done to record 40 meters bus tours from the entire city, to find out how long a trip was traveling in peaks and peaks. He assumes that to become part of the Birmingham Agency, someone will have to work for less than 30 minutes or less. In half an hour no bus was waiting for bus stop or any other end, which would take time to reach the door door for 50 minutes.

Research shows that packaging time is a complicated process, along with around this time around Birmingham. The 3.5 miles from the stereo on the south side of the city takes about 20 minutes between 7 o’clock and 8 o’clock, but about 40 minutes between about 8 minutes and 9m.

Be sure to travel to the trim. The Westlands has a tram line, with which Vermoramton is associated with Birmingham. Anyone from Birmingham on West Bromwich travels from Birmingham, will take 30 minutes, whether or not it is in a hurry hour.

Now consider the public transport infrastructure in the UK and France. Paris – The second, third and fourth largest city outside of Lyon, Marcel and Lille – has eight meters between them (in four lanes and two in Marseille and Lille). There is no one equal to Britain.

Manchester has a tramway system, to meet Leo, with about 100 stations in each city. But Marcel (three lines) and Lily (two lines) are better than Birmingham, there is no line and leads (none).

Tom Furtth, head of the data from the Open Data Institute, said in a recent piece – “It’s an online magazine that specializes in urban matters – Birmingham and Leone are relatively city-but with 33% Leon in Birmingham. Lack of deficiency But two cities are just about the idea that Birmingham can use a total of around 2 million people. If the actual size of Birmingham – for agglomeration purposes – is 900,000, the productivity difference decreases by only 9 percent.

“Our appreciation is that buses are being emphasized that the peak is caught up for public transport, Birmingham has sacrificed significant sizes and therefore, like cities such as Leone, wheat is beneficial to Tom and On the metro. ”

As a quick note, the transmission of the West Midlands – a public organization that manages to transport in the region – knows that there is a problem and is taking steps to reduce the time of travel. There are investments in bus lines, seven sprint buses are in the pipeline, two tram expansion are underground and railway stations are being reopened.

The bus system will get the main production that will improve. If, for instance, during the hours of peak hours, they became reliable since they affect the office, the effective size of Birmingham will increase from 900,000 to 1.3 million. Britain’s cities will recognize the advantages of similar incentives in France, which is accountable for the increase in production of 7 percent.

However, in order to trace its full weight, investment in Birmingham, Transport and metro-transport infrastructure will require investment. Similarly, outside of London applies to other Metropolitan cities.

All these messages are clear. First of all, the infrastructure infrastructure has a significant difference in the effectiveness of local economies and the lack of investment in different places, such as Birmingham.

The UK was published as a report on rebuilding the regional economies in the past week, at the time, the treasury has been able to provide more weight in the UK’s less prosperous parts for transport projects. Ignored the evaluation criteria. Product payment Terms of service will be sufficient.

The economic benefits of local buses are the real HS2 target church

Secondly, if the matter is a matter of money, the government should think of removing HS2 and re-using one million billions of dollars to think that it is being used for small scale local projects. It will not be more local, but also for pounds for sexy powder, to improve the benefits of cross-cross cross-border crossing, to improve bus-buses in Beijing or with pounds.

Lastly, stories of Birmingham buses make great sense of power and money. Those who know how much time it takes from the stereotype to the New Street Station can be done to do something about it.

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