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There is a trauma in the case of a Northern Ireland untrue case

A court in Belfast has encountered a woman who has to harass a woman after getting a diagnostic of death eradication.

In 2013, this practice was rejected in Northern Ireland, Sarah, the 28-year-old, said that due to close blanket restrictions in the area, demonstrators were protesting against abusives and going to the clinic in London Later felt “part of the converter belt”. To eliminate her pregnancy, the High Court heard in Belfast.

Ewart said he was denied the advice how to finish, and his medical record was not sent to the clinic. He described this feeling as “emotional and humble.”

Last year, the Supreme Court has said that the rules of the Northern Ireland attacks apply to human rights laws. But the ruling also said that the Human Rights Commission of Northern Ireland (NIHRC), who brought this case, had no power to advance because it was not illegal.

The Emirate has hoped to secure the individual case high court in a formal statement that North Ireland violated the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Stator has explained that women had “great evidence of serious effects” that were fatal wasters pregnant to the full term pregnancy. He has given presidential decree by director Dr Dr Durranan, director of medicine in Royalty’s royal maternity service, that there was a risk of “mother’s risk for a woman’s mental health”. Continuing pregnancy it is known that a person can die at any moment.

Stretch referred to a warranty experience. He said that respondents in this case – The Health and Health Department of Health and the Department of Health and the Executive Committee, failed to amend the Judge Justice Act (Northern Ireland) 1945, in which a corruption was taken into an illegal action. Is.

Tony McGill, who works for two states, argues that he can do everything when he comes to new weapon law enforcement.

He indicated that there was a working group on the FFA to review the matter after a discussion in Northern Ireland Assembly in 2016.

The group set up a report, which was published individually in October 2016, which recommended change in law.

McGalen said that the next general ministers would produce general paper for the first general and deputy, but after the end of the agreement with the power of 2017, it was not due to the absence of the government.

Airtar described the experience of going to the court as “really nervous”, but he added: “I really hope that the Supreme Court has done that the Supreme Court has already said – Here, women [Northern Ireland] in the situations I found myself and the treatment we need in our hospitals with our medical teams.

She is going to be one of the five interruptions in this matter, by Amnesty International. Other NHRCCs, Human rights UK, the request are the right to right and precious life.

Barney Simei, from the valuable life of the Institute group, said: “We are saying that it is a lie, it’s wrong and it should not be introduced here in Northern Ireland.”

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