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Freshly refreshing can be rich safety in a non-negative breakout

It’s Valentine’s Day in Cambridge and at the Bazaar Stal near King College, Nike Leisure sells bouquet, young donkey bouquets in the Roses, Donkeys and Surgaines. But, behind her smile, she is worried.

Freshly refreshing can be rich safety in a non-negative breakout

They fear that, like many other UK enterprises, which are full of import from Europe, the family-run plants, who have worked in the market in the last 60 years, have no value Will not cost To cope with the break-up and can survive to survive.

“We try source flowers locally, but we sell, most of which are imported. After the brick, we may have a huge, big difference in the prices of this item.” If the cost of imports increases , Then the price will affect its cost. “I want to think we’ll still be here, but I do not think we’ll have the volume of our flowers today, and our customers will not like it much.”

About 80 percent of the flowers sold in the UK are imported from the Netherlands, which spread in the community with flowers and auctions to flowers worldwide. Its chairman, Brian Wools Pope, predicts that, in the worst case scenario, after a break on a contract, the UK’s 7,000 florists will have less than 50% fresh fresh flowers.

But she is hoping that Dutch will fill their flowers, it does not matter – even if it takes longer. “Dutch does not want us to export 800 million pounds of 900 million flowers. They will find a way out.”

However, it will delay that to plan delivery for Fallorist and it can be very difficult to make foolish decisions. “I could not say that Flourster would definitely get out of business, but if there was less remittances, the staff could be reduced.”

In the flower house, an independent Florist supplies many Cambridge colleges, Patena Campbell has arranged a last minute Valentine’s day delivery on the phone. Chococino roses, green chrysanthemums, hyacinths, flower flowers, clematis and anemones shelves, fill with line fragrance, and waiting for delivery by the dozen dozen bouquet doors of red rose. A student enters blue hair and buy £ 6 cactus.
Campbell says he is also worried about the Cliff edge break. “Prices will rise, and it will compete hardly with supermarkets. They can buy flowers at large and keep prices low. High street fluorescents can not compete.”

They buy auction online in the Netherlands and as worries about the delay in the Wales Pope border. “Our suppliers really move flowers in a good time. They travel around the night and are here next day. We allow us to react when we want someone to send flowers to a short notice.”

Campbell fears that he can no longer offer his service after the bracket, but thinks that his wealthy customers will not have much difference. “I want the government to meet with him only. Over time, if we can not get flowers next day, people will adopt – if they are lucky enough to spend the appropriate amount on flowers. “But they think that small fluorescence still can not be so low still. Income customers.

They predict, then the split between supermarkets and plants will increase. “What will we do will be more important.” For a while, people will be able to handle a lot of arrangements. ”

Online Flourist is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the UK, Bloom and Wild. Customers in the UK, Ireland, France, and Germany are number of millions of flowers and thousands of couriers every week.

Chief executive, Around Jailbar, says that 90% of the bloom and wild flowers grow abroad, and the uncertainty of the breaker is already affecting the business. “We do not know if there is no matter whether or not.” As a small business, we can not really run two parallels. Do not know if there will be no contract or not, close to March 29 There is a real challenge. ”

He is worried that border delays and flowers in the UK can be delivered on time. “Many of our flowers are gifts for the occasion of a birthday. If our delivery is placed on customs, we will say between the UK and Ireland, we will let the customers go down. We shortly send it one day. You can try, but people really do not give flowers to the day before a special occasion. ”

The source of the UK farmer will not be ideal despite being forced to flurry. “We try but, for many flowers, there is no different stock, or it is more expensive.” In addition to the impact on the British winter heating greenhouse environment, naturally hot weather has a growing impact on flowers. Far worse than that and it affects more. “In London, Sharon Crane, a Florist in the Gridge Garden, has put back the boring market about what could happen in March.

Freshly refreshing can be rich safety in a non-negative breakout

He says “British plants have a time.” “We can change the stall to the UK, perhaps at the beginning of April or at the beginning of May, start the bed season. If you know English, all the bed should be English, you should not buy Dutch bed. Therefore, We roll only with bed and will provide our right through October on October. ”

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