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Thousands of workers hit massively with tax-saving bills

It turns into one of the ugliest, the most emotional and annoying battles always fought between tax officials and those who were allegedly exhausted. Guardian’s money pages have seen such anger, heart attacks on a very small scale that describes people about their own families whose lives are being destroyed, they say that hm earnings and customs Due to big and unfair demands.

The fight has been nominated individually on the debt of 2017. HMRCC says that this style has been prepared for people to return the non-compensation tax, which was used April April to April suspended compensation plans. With the demand for withdrawal from April.

For some, the bills are completely changing the life. We talked to a family whose bill is more than 400,000 – a 56-year-old man had pledged to work in IT for years and says that only one of his own only bankruptcy Is.

Another IT worker said his expected bill was $ 300,000. “I am 54, the assets of £ 100,000 and earn less than £ 50,000 a year. I have already lost my partner because of her stress and there are suicide thoughts.” I followed the advice what I did and what was the time at that time. It happened 10 to 20 years ago, and at that time one of the clients was HRRC. ”

Not all high-income IT workers were. We were contacted by a precise professional who had a position in the NHS for two years. He said: “I instructed my agency to sign up with the umbrella company [and] advised that they are fully compatible with the HRRC, worry about these years’s papers. There was no mention of ‘debt’ at any time and I do not refuse to sign any paperwork that I agree to receive my income.

So what were they doing such a big deal? The heart of this problem is how the contractors have been paid using salaries instead of salaries, thus keeping in mind the general income tax and national insurance arrangements.

The projects were very complicated, but it would be a simple example. Come, IT Worker is employed for £ 3,000. They are advised to use the employee’s profits through their accountants (EBT), which is usually established by a specialist company. £ 3,000 is not paid for IT workers but also for EBT, after which they are paid in debt form, after some deduction for their fees. No tax can be paid on £ 3,000, and the idea is that there is a mutual agreement that the loan will never be paid. That is why the HRRC calls it “hidden amount”. It is also that many dear workers will now have to face sympathy for the people who bill, they are temporarily deprived of income tax.

HMRC has already contacted 40,000 people who have lending charges, and overall it is expected to put an extra £ 3.2 billion in the tax. In his official guidance for charging the loan, he says: “This loan is paid to those people who have to pay them again. In other words, the person who receives money from a loan plan All these have to be maintained. They do not pay any tax on this money, though it is a clear income. It is unusual to get your salary in salary and clearly avoid paying tax Is a way. ”

They are surprised on the retype nature of charges, often dating for more than a decade, after closing their tax returns officially for long periods as well as less than HRRC settlements. Has refused to accept, and failed to charge what they say.

Richard Horsley is a co-founder of the Loan Action Action Group. He says that in the late 1990s many IT contractors themselves fell in debt projects, which were known as IR35, some contractors used to close the tax ceiling.

“At that time, the taxi’s professional and Qayyazim came with the solution where we were paid for a portion of our income, while one part was debt, which was not taxable. We asked that it was legal and yes It was said. If we knew that it was illegal then we never allowed him to do it. ”

It says that in this case, it means that the effective estimation of its income was 25% tax deducted, interest on loans and scheme of schemes. But now they are subject to debt charges, which effectively means that they will pay about 80% tax on their income for this period.

Another advent, who wanted to be anonymous, says: “We are just a few people. I was completely bound by the scheme of the scheme, and I feel that doing more work for HRRC. I should advise soon to advise that these projects were not legal. Generally incredible fine contractors are being treated as those who are extremely aggressively tax-resistant. “He said,” Why, why, why? C projects are not going after promoters, many of which are millions, but later have their companies dissolved?

Even the low income tax reformer group prevents the corner for minimum acting and welfare, in the guidance of this charge, “Some agency workers can choose a lot to participate in such schemes, if they If you want to work. ”

Many parliamentarians are now supporting debt charged workers. This week’s Parliamentary Larger Charging Group, which was headed by Sir Ave Dave Member, was launched. He says: “There is a lot of concern about the debt charge by the parliamentarians and colleagues. With thousands of people who face lifestyle-changing bills, it is necessary that before 5 April before this loan Charge should be inspected properly. ”

Inside the government, they look very different in charge of levy. Authorities talk about affected campaigns affected by those tax-affected people, talk to darkness how their social media accounts are bombarded with messages, how dare to charge someone , And how HRR workers are targeted individually.

It says: “We have always made it clear that these plans do not warn against the use of tax-avoided projects in the media and in publications, such as our Spotlight Series on gov.uk at the beginning of 2009. HMRC has dragged out more than thousands of projects that started before 1999, consumers and their representatives know that their tax return was under investigation. ”

“There is no retirement charge on parallel compensation (DR) loan. There is a new charge born in future history, on remaining balance on the date. This tax for any previous compliance test results Does not change its position in budget 2016. The announcement in budget 2016 provided a three-year term for the scheme of consumers to agree with the HRRC before paying their own debts, or charging them. ”

It denies that the project promoters are not being followed. “Since the establishment of the HRRC cheat investigation service on April 1, 2016, more than 15 people have been punished for the punishment related to the promotion of tax-saving projects and marketing. And has been punished for more than 95 years. ”

It has been burnt by the suggestions that it is pursuing low income local nurses and social workers, the HRRC has sent people charge notice to the chargeers. “We estimate that 50,000 people are affected, 3% nurse and less than 2 percent social workers.”

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