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UK’s manufacturing industry emphasizes the extent of earthquake

The UK’s latest firing firms are being headed for the moment of a crisis that will determine if the future of the industry is in the future, according to observers and insiders.

UK’s manufacturing industry emphasizes the extent of earthquake

Last afternoon, due to their actions for the government, a two-way shell companies called a concerted lobby drive called the Earthquake to review the rules.

The founder of the Petroleum Chemical Company, Jim Ratcliffe, the richest person in the country, tolerated the “wasteful” and “unusual” laws, and has promoted the Government to consider the boundaries near the United States. Should be

Coderella said that because of its laws, it is only 5 percent of its fake near the black pool, and it was warned that commercial fencing was not applicable under the United Kingdom’s regulatory government. Last week, his second site was rejected.

No firm has yet to go to pull these plugs. But it is clear that this sector is unique and can not run without the revolt without the Finance Minister and Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) Industry Regulator.

Both the government and Oga have said that they have no plans to review “Traffic Light System”, which is likely to force companies to stop fracture if they intensify intensely more than 0.5 Do it

The Minister of Energy, Claire Perry has repeatedly said in the last few months that there was no plan to review. But he has already privately said that the industry can get “adjust-up” as an industry’s acquisition experience.

Ken Can Cranen, Chief Executive of Shell Industry Group Yug said, now it was time to ignore the rules, as this industry had evidence of the cesseryela’s disclosure.

“It’s right now and it’s appropriate to say that we have done a very important operation in Lancashire, we have 40,000 data points, which will be reviewed,” he said.

Kroneon said that the industry has invested 400 million pounds of $ 500 million on the shell yet, but the investor will be confident if the expectations of companies are not verified.

He added: “It is very difficult to verify [without modification] without any modification. I think it is unlikely that the current company is based on the current [administration] basis. Will work. ”

The Independent Commissioner for the Gas Gas, Natascha Gospel, said the industry has found that the gas is underground, but the rules of occupation are taking it back. He demanded an overview from OGA.

“Opponents say that not taking it, do not review it, which does not have any sense. It is made in a political decision rather than a technical decision and I think it’s a mistake.”

Operating Officer Tom Pickering, head of the Ineos shell unit, said the company was still working on its sites. The plan is approved in one of South Yorkshire and one of the Driesshire. South Yorkshire is looking forward to appealing a third-party plan for one year to decide.

The IIS energy, which is part of the Enos, failed to find a shell, it was targeted at a site in Targethamshire and was abandoned. But this week, this week said this drama was “well passed for the future” drilling in Spring Springs.

Another firm, the Third Energy, who wants to have a well-fake in North Yorkshire, has had a delayed delay, and the new government has been examined due to its concern over concerns. But this week it emerges that the company had introduced a new plan to the factory before OGA was out of the year.

“We are seeing an industry that is dangerous and it does not know that it is not viable. I think you are actually looking at a industry in the thumb of his death.” Jamie Petrus said.

UK’s manufacturing industry emphasizes the extent of earthquake

He added that the tight rules that were promised by the community industry and the government near potential fracking sites would protect them, so they felt cheated by a turnout.

“The government has to keep it firm and it is being thrown into the industry that it can say that they can not fake,” he said. “We have a [limit] [limit]. The government says there is no intention of reviewing it. It has to be in place. You do not start weaker in the first instance.”

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