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Workers get the chance to return from Queens

The development group was in the group and he changed his fire on a clear target: the world’s richest man made a plan to seduce $ 3bn in a subsidy and a company running tax breaks.

A set of victories for the formation of Democrats on the basis of the establishment of left-handed rebels for a new headquarter in Long Island, or HQ 2 Amazon’s plan was a victory, which supported the agreement.

Grossroot workers have joined forces with workers’ associations and the United States’s Democratic Society, such as left-handed groups on the Amazon Brick and Horse Store, to run a sign-in door to sign the opposition’s signature.

Local politicians are well aware of the past activities, which helped to illegally fail last year and included the leader of the electronicso Osasio-Quietes leader in the last year’s resistance. City Counciler Jimmy Van Bremer and State Senator Michael Genneris became the leaders in the fight to stop the project.

He was messing for a long fight, but it was unnecessary. Amazon was dragged before the city’s council before the council’s questions and the opposition had gone out of the agreement of New York and working with the workers of working on their workers and technology to face identification of face recognition and customs Used to work for

“We are a tough city,” Dee Bluesev told the journalist, “but he should know that” coming “when the Amazon executive told him that the company was pulled out, before it was not made public He expected this company to negotiate with his counterparts.

“If they have good intentions, they will remain and think about it,” said Sinana Executive Director Martza Celwa Frera. “I do not think they’re ever, because they are.”

Amazon is promising jobs: 25,000 pay a yearly $ 150,000 per year. But unlike some of New York, some headquarters, Amazon has enjoyed many years of economic development on the condition of changing hunger economies, including the rapidly growing technology sector. After the collapse of this agreement, in a bill, the SP Global Ratings called it “unusual” for the local economy.

The residents were more concerned about the housing costs, which would drive the growing residents out of their homes in the cranes. When his New York workers tried to unions, he emphasized to be neutral when the Amazon staff denied it.

While the opponents celebrated, some residents and business owners emphasized the death of the agreement and expressed anger which they saw as cheating by the authorities that emphasized the highest voices.

Josh Bolan said that near the site, the owner of John Brown Smokehouse now dominates warehouses and old industrial buildings where Amazon planned to build their campus. “Have you seen this neighbor? Here’s a dump.”

He said he wanted to “AOCOC”, “he told local experts politicians that there was a series of statements of Asasio-Quietz.” I thought one of these things that the new Waves will do that many generations are leaders. He tolerated many diseases, what was it? He made a lot of robots. ”

Polls show that New York’s solid qualifications support a Canvas’s Amazon campus. Rent leaders in public housing development talked about the project and the union-built and construction service workers supported the project. But the supporters have never dynamically opposed the opponents.

In a statement, April Simpson and other tenant leaders, President of the Cenjjjjaj House Rental Association, declared the failure of this agreement as “sunshine” and alleged that “outstanding politicians” who “wrong to catch the opponents’ small band Spread information. “

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