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According to reports on fake news Facebook labeled digital groups

Facebook has intentionally broken the privacy and competition law and the company and its executives should be subject to legal regulation, as per “a” devastating parliamentary report as “digital groups”.

Final report of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Select Committee has been accused of investigating 18 months on non-negative and fake news. Facebook allegedly failed to cope with the inquiry and Russia’s efforts to take elections.

Committee chairman, Damen Collin warned that “Domesticization is a threat to citizens of the unfortunately and uninterrupted target citizens who come through unusual sources’ through ‘dark concerns’.

Instead of sending junior employees to answer the committee’s questions instead of rejecting three separate demands for evidence, accountants and chief executive accounts of the Parliament, accountants and Chief Executive in favor of Parliament.

Britain’s electoral law is indispensable and dangerous for the purpose of interference of enemy foreign actors, including the Russian government’s agents trying to defame democracy.

In independent autonomous referendum in Scotland in 2014, an independent investigation in “European influence of foreign influence, welfare, finance, ballot break and data sharing” in the European Union’s 2016 election and the general elections of 2017. UK government to establish.

Cultural secretary, Jeremy Wright, who has been scheduled to meet Sicobarberts this week, has been pressured to increase the committee’s concerns with the Chief of the Facebook Chief Executive to discuss the social media resulting losses. Will be

Concerned in 2017, the impact of anonymous information about the impact and unexpected spread of social media increased, with Cambridge Analysis Database scandal, was investigated in March next year.

The observer revealed that the company had achieved the data received from millions of Facebook users profiles and allowed political candidates to convert potential voters more effectively to sell its insight. The management has decreased after the company.

The Committee says, Facebook was stabilized by the terms of a contract that struck with US regulators in 2011, which did not scandal to restrict access to developers from user data. “The Cambridge Analysis Scandal was facilitated by Facebook policies,” it’s ending.

“Regarding accusing the company to leak the leaks over the user’s data, the risk of prioritizing your data to earn money from user data, by selecting profits on data data security. Are taking. ” “It is clear to us that Facebook only works when serious violations become public.”

Collins added in a statement “Mark Zuckerberg has failed to show the level of leadership and personal responsibilities that are sitting at the top of one of the largest companies in the world, expecting someone to expect I want

Watson agreed. “Some people have shown hatred for our parliamentary democracy in the way of Mark Zuckerberg.” “If one thing is united to all the politicians of all colors during our difficult times for our country, we have our commitment to bring it and its company.”

The committee also issued new internal facebook documents from the company’s legal rights for the company, which said “Facebook with contacts develops contacts between friends ‘data and financial values ​​of developers’ relationships.

In response to a balanced measurement, Facebook said “it is a major role in investigating the committee”. “We are open for uninterrupted regulation and support the recommendation of the Election Law of the Electoral Law,” said the company’s UK’s public policy manager Karim Kurt.

“We have already made significant changes so that every political ad can be administered on Facebook, which is paying for the state, and then it is stored in search archives for seven years.

Plan said that Facebook privacy law has been supported, and that “we still want to do more, we are not the same company we were a year ago”. He said that Facebook has increased 30,000 people working on abusive material and has been investing in learning machinery and artificial intelligence to solve this problem.

The DCMS report can be brought under sites such as phones, regulatory controls, that “social media companies did not hide behind the claim of” plateau “and maintained that their content was regulated in regulation There is no responsibility.

It proposes comprehensive rules, an integral code of ethics and an independent regulator that emphasizes bringing legal action against social media companies and handling them to the user’s data.

It illustrates the example of Germany, which passed the technical company in January 2018, in which tech companies demanded to remove the speech speech or fix $ 20m (£ 17.5m) within 24 hours. As a result, it claims that, Germany is one of the sixth of the organizational work in Germany.

It also warns that the electoral law is beyond the historical law and it is weaker to the enemies of the enemy, it is urgent to update. Collins said we need reform so that apply the same principle of transparency of political communication, as they do in the real world.

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