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Anesthesists say that patients are vulnerable after defective oxygen instructions

However, the new analysis revealed exposure to data figures in authentic 38 scientific papers by statistics, taking account of the reputation of the data and prompting the investigations of the investigations immediately. Are there

Paul Melace, director of the Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital, said that he has been encouraged to investigate because a long approach to guidance of WHO has been encountered in high lungs of lungs. It can be poisonous and cause lungs to be the least. Airways to fall. A review published in the lenset in 2017 also showed the risk of death when acne patients received high levels of oxygen.

Males and colleagues did not access the original data, instead of investigating the figures recorded in the 42 articles published by Shyromuma, which had seven cases, which used high dos oxygen after operation. Supported. Out of them, the authors highlighted major issues in 38 papers. Scientific outcomes are generally estimated to be the importance of data, but in the Geometric papers, these figures (known as P-values) were wrong at 98%, in the case where they were again It was possible to do it.

Paper published in Journal Anestasia has also identified unusual equality in basic lines – such as weight and test participants in different trials. It was said that there was no general evidence available about it that the moral approval was obtained to test.

In the latest investigation, separately, the papers of five journalists of Sherromoma, none of which are “scientific”, have been reverted. Carellel said that the latest results are that the complete investigation was needed in the group’s work.

Schietroma said that his papers have been reviewed by a permanent statistist before publishing a published post, as well as subject to peer review on several respected magazines. He said that the compatibility between the database was not surprising because patients were intentionally selected. He further added that almost three people have lost the patient’s notice records when their hospital and research institute hit Leo alone from the earthquake in 2009 when the hospital had suffered serious damage.

In December, WHO reduced its recommendation to a strong and legitimate use of high custody, meaning that after leaving two papers of Schityroma, there is less confidence in this advice, and new After adding data, which has kept the proof of profit weak.

This advice is adopted globally. A recent investigation from British hospitals shows that the antigen usually administers 50 percent oxygen, but some doctors have consulted on the board.

“The results are deeper about a researcher and consultant at the deep-caring medicine at Queen Mary University of London,” said Rupert Paris. “If we do not answer but we are recommending a treatment, then we have to accept that the recommendations are likely to be harmed.”

Paris, which is a new case facing the weight of oxygen-high dangers and benefits, said: “Still in the Anastasia world, we have seen group group public research that can be confirmed by any means Can not go. “

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