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Britain needs a day counting the exchange will provide it

Something is still true about the first days of Brickest. There is still no exhibition on the deal, and there is no agreement. There is no parliament that has to understand about slide management in anonymous, instead of voting after the vote after the vote, and instead of suggesting a little bit of bitterness.

The scene outside the Parliament is a combination of fractures and nuts, each with fish and flags and signs and regals. On the other hand, strangers are happening: Defender guests have begun to strieve, we are discussing Winston Churchch and Boer-based concentration camps and taking children in the streets: “Thirty-thirty months later Go. ” It feels like the last days. A pandemic mix that once throws but now and finally passed through the killer.

The end of a boat that runs out of a common meaning is inevitable. Not only this, it should be welcomed. It’s time It is time that the country wants to come to terms with the fact that it can be very long for some of its basic reasons to deny it. And if a dirty unwanted breakout is the way to do this then be it.

It is a few weeks of weeks that Brickest, perhaps a difficult break, is now more likely. Nevertheless, counterintuitively, it also seems that it is necessary. The country has spread beyond the last date of the next month and it is polarized in forecasting, liar and prediction fever that will actually break itself after cutting. But the brakes have already overwhelmed the UK’s important dialogue that we might never be.

If it seems that we are all working in the past two years, they are talking about a backup or in connection with the conversation, then think again. The Brex has shown an unhealthy zenophobia and immigration system that he called – on the right and left. You hear a soft touch for the waist and immigrants born in the UK, now it has come through the Home Office Brussels because it sends unsettled posts to the EU citizens who live in the country for decades. This is a teaching.

He has exposed our political class, which is surrounded by useless and useless under the microscope of Brooklyn. To spread Jeff Twice, Breakstick dropped on the login and we saw what happened. The presence of David Davis’s street failure, Boris Johnson, unaware of Michael Gouve, Jacob’s presence and representation of meaningful and unfortunate commitment. We have seen that the future ministers of the country have to learn about employment and then escape from the scene – usually shows west Westmasters, and especially for Tourism, Pune Scheme, A trust trick. Now we believe that business politics of serious politics in this country gives them their reward, which is the only way to skill skills.

The referendum has then expressed an exception. It is not a coincidence that the legacy of the Church has become a matter of public debate. It is an argument that reflects the internal disorder of the UK whether it is different from the rest of the world or can not be its own attempt. It is a quest for a soul, the UK’s history has a long term question of the traditional account. Is the country specially attributed to the historical writing and determination that has helped its enemies to destroy the wars of the two world and run the kingdom; or is it the country that ran through the emperor’s empire? , And just won these wars as the pursuit of unity? Can we go to her alone? Have we ever done that we are very memorable to see Michelle and Web Look Quote, Bad?

On this, academic Paul Gully pointed out to me that it is based on the UK’s global profile that has reduced the ability to focus on building the internal nation. He said “The British state is a machine to run and find in the world.” “It does not work great when it comes to the modern nation’s business.”

Finally, there is a difference between the winners and the necklace, between the center and the population, both exposed economically and culturally. There is a double discipline about the break. There are many people who feel as if someone can not lose an extraordinary scene, and also promote the possibility of moving forward. This happens when a country’s food crisis is fed as a glamorous movie rail. You can not fight this appetite for technical evidence about processing times in indoor: These defective concepts can only be lost from a real crisis.

And that’s why breakout should be calculated. One weapon must move. From the beginning, the break generated its speed. Once the question was asked – inside or outside? – Not all the problem, legitimate or legitimate, can be presented on it, as a “in-house”, it is widely seen as a vote. Within this frame, nothing is economical predictions, warnings of drug exit, and the risks of food storage needs. The rest of the campaign could not be different: this question was asked to lose that moment.

And in this way, perhaps, finally, we will finally assume that immigration economy and NHS are essential, that the equality between the Southeast and the rest of the UK is unstable, to be more than our political class. Will be And manage We also believe that other crises, like seasonal changes, are also real.

Perhaps, finally, outside of Europe, instead of blaming them, the country will find its way by facing its problems and will forget its way. But the only way to find. What a shameful breakout is this – but nobody is better at all.

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