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Catholic Church faces abusive sexual abuse

According to the Catholic historian, more than 100 senior Roman Catholic backgrounds from around the world will be stored this week in Rome. Pope Francis has talked about sexually abusive abuse.

Catholic Church faces abusive sexual abuse

Vatican has tried to reduce the expectations around the four-day meeting, which starts on Thursday. But living and advocate groups say this issue will have to provide clear results to restore church recovery and to avoid being seen as a negotiation shop.

Removing from the clergy of former archives and pastor Thorver Macarr, in the end of the week, one of the most famous churches of the Vatican has been sent with a strong indication that sexual abuse will not be lost under the carpet. On Sunday, Frances prayed for a prayer for the meeting, “said the” quick challenge of our time “to corruption.

Although Frances, who will be full of meeting and closing the meeting, it is already warned that his expectations will be “fail”, the moderate Vatican data last week concluded that the church Loyalty was “look firm”.

There was something “complicated” because of complication, he added: “If we do not commit ourselves to fight against these crimes, in society and in the church, we are not fulfilling our duty. . ”

Masusova Fogguni, Professor of the Church of the Church and Issues, said: “In my opinion, this is the most serious crisis in the Catholic Church since Protestant Reforms.” “This matter is primarily being used for democracy,” he added.

115 brush conferences worldwide have been invited to invite the President, two dozen Eastern Orthodox Churches and 10 representatives of women’s religious orders.

Bishops met him to avoid sexual abuse in their countries before the conference. During the meeting, the surviver will testify on the daily prayer service, and the goals organized by lawyers are expected to be organized and march out of March.

At the summit of the Church, the safety of the nurse comes after a year, covering the numerous scandals of the church and from the senior members of the Church in North and South America, Europe and Australia.

Pope was accused of failing to understand the problem and scale of this problem, and was accused of exposing rumors in the massacre of sexual abuse in Mexico. Frances’s conservative enemy occupied the issue.

But in December, Pope promised that the church would never face sexual abuse, and would not try to bring such “insulted” perpetrators to justice. He warned Jesus “to hand over human justice, and prepare for the judgment of God”.

In this month, he acknowledged the abusive sexual abuse of the leaders for the first time by priests and bishops, saying that some “sexual slavery” has decreased. In a case, an Indian relationship has been repeatedly accused of reporting repeatedly in a two-year period.

In the past 20 years, emerging scandal scandals are concentrated in Western countries. Very little is known about the mass of small in South, where the Catholic Church has passed through huge growth.

“There is not a lot of anger at the global south, that sexually abused nurses is a problem in their countries. They see it as the first global issue,” wrote a Jastist priest and commentator Thomas Ridge on the church last month.

“It is partly because many global South Africans have no idea how bad it is. In their traditional cultures, victims of misery are very inexperienced to report the corruption of the church or civil authorities.

“As a result, in many anger around the world … refuse the problem; they treated it as a sin, is not a crime. They do not hear the victims, they believe in the pastor when they say They will never do it again. They keep it in the ministry. They cover. ”

Despite the efforts to reduce the expectations of the conference, some survivors and church figures hope that Frances will clearly exclude the law – although they enjoy major autonomy in their dinosaurs.

A Cardinal Blaze Kochch of Chicago, a member of the meeting of the meeting of the Committee, said that he would assure that “We will follow the meetings both Rome and Duke’s meetings around the world.”

Summit “To” Protect the Protocol Framework “to respond to the allegations of sexual abuse of priests, in which” enforcement of children’s protection methods and to bring victims, responsible, and transparent, to justice.

Frances acknowledged “his mistakes, an important process himself, and a model for all bribery” and applied for apology and he made it clear that “once” legally legally office Can be removed. Kamkach said, others would get hurt “.

Catholic Church faces abusive sexual abuse

Although Cambod came after criticizing the problem of sexual abuse, criticism of “Pope Francis,” he said, does not think he has any questions but what he thinks for the church.

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