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Eurovision will not be allowed to use as propaganda tool

Those of us prepare art and culture to live on open and open communication. So what do we do when we become part of a cultural agenda? Ukraine european retreat Michael Rice says “music united”. What happens when a powerful state uses art as propaganda to engage with its moral and illegal behavior? Every year involved in the Eurovision song competition, it should be understood that this is happening.

Eurovision will not be allowed to use as propaganda tool

European Broadcasters, including the BBC, are moving forward in May May with plans to hold a TV series in Tawi Avo, it is not a problem to target a much more expensive entertainment spectacle than the state like an actively annoying soldier. Eurovision, European Broadcasting Union says, is “unusual” incident. It is impossible that EBU is telling the truth. Israel is a state that sees as a political tool as a cultural tool: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Netanyahu of the 2018 Eurovian winner of Israel, such as “the work of extraordinary foreign relations” What is it.

Again, Israel’s war against Palestinians and their culture. Last year, March and April last year, Israeli sniper hit journalists and killed journalists who had received movies of peace demonstration in Gaza. In August, his F16 Jet destroyed the Sayed Elishal center in Gaza, destroying music, theater and dance space. The artists, actors and musicians of Palestine have agreed to travel by Israelis tribal tribal authorities, or, like Dr Durran Tutaur, has imprisoned “terrorism”.

Meanwhile, the cultural minister of Israel has accused Israeli cultural organizations during such opposition, and they do not have the risk to reduce financial assistance unless they change their programs according to the government’s taste. For example, in 2017, the Eater Theater festival faced the revenge of the Finance Minister instead of Israel’s Palestinian prisoners; since then the galleries and the festivals of the film depend on the same way.

These threats to cultural production are part of a broader pattern that defects the claim that the participation of 2017 Eurovision, values ​​and friendship costs will increase. The EBB’s ethics promotes ethics as a safe place, where “human rights, freedom of expression, democracy, cultural diversity, tolerance and solidarity can”. If it really intends, the host of Israel is missing: the shortest inquiry will be shown to the broadcasters that this principle has left there.

Without the borders the reporter notes that Israeli journalists are subject to “military censorship” – follow the orders. And as “Join” – Israel’s signature restrictions on the Palestinian movement will ensure that almost all of the Eurovation will be removed from the festivals.

Last year, Aryan Arman, the acting director of Israel’s prominent theater, was moved to demand for international support for growing books, empowerment and sanctions, which has said the Palestinian Civil Society; and thousands of people across Europe The fans and musicians have indicated that they will campaign to destroy their countries from television events.

Eurovision will not be allowed to use as propaganda tool

I understand that silver joy is being selected as the UK’s Eurovian representative. But when they make sure that “this is not my place,” Israeli behavior of Palestine means that Eurovision can be transferred, I think it’s at least its power. He can help ensure that in 2017, the position of Eurovision’s leading protests should be remembered, not another cultural affiliation.

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