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Judge Toddoouu’s high adviser declared political intervention scandal widely

Prime Minister Justin Toddoouu resigned by the resignation while refusing to avoid the investigation of a Canadian engineering company to pressure the former Attorney General of Canada.

Judge Toddoouu’s high adviser declared political intervention scandal widely

After the principal secretary, Gerald Bits University, was close to Trudeau’s close advisor and best friend, and the resignation of the scandal was a major blow to the prime minister, who is facing an election campaign this year.

Bits issued a statement which was denied that the attorney general office emphasized any attorney general Judy Wilson Reebound.

“I refuse to explicitly deny that another person in his or her office emphasized MS Wilson Reebound,” Bits said.

“But the fact is that this blame exists. It is important for Prime Minister and his office to be held by all the important tasks that should not be taken away from a moment.”

The Globe and Mail newspaper reported this month that Toddo or his staff emphasized on Wilson-based SNC-Lavalin’s criminal prosecution on allegations of corruption involved in government agreements in Libya.

“The resignation is big and its story feeds that Bits emphasized Wilson Reebao,” said Professor Nelson Weesman, a political science professor of Toronto University.

Vesamen said “As the Prime Minister of the Prime Minister, Bits were just the eyes, ears, nose, and most importantly, the mouth of Justin Bondoulo.” “Trudeau is full of more than any of the bits. He returns to be the undergraduate at McGill (University) at the same time.”

Wilson Reeboll resigned from the cabinet as former defense ministers but did not give any reason. It was removed from the judiciary last month and was angry, after that 2000 statement was released.

The Globe and Mail report reported that the Toyota’s office has directed the Director General of Public Justice to interact with a SNC-Lavalin agreement with the law.

This agreement will allow the company to pay the amendment, but avoid bribery and bribery charges on counter terrorism charges.

If the criminal is authorized, the company will be prohibited from getting a federal government business for a decade. SNC-Lavalin is an important employer in Quebec, about 3400 employees in the province, 9,000 jobs in Canada and more than 50,000 worldwide.

“Where I think the government is short that as soon as Wilson Raybul resigned, he has presented a very cheap economic and business logic to use the SNC-Lavalin Reforms.”

Wilson Releb has already advised him to justify the matter before the Supreme Court’s judgment. Opposition leaders told Trouvo that they should discontinue the lawyer’s client’s discretion to allow lawyer Raymond to tell about his story.

Toyota released a brief statement about bits, which deserves to help with triumph of trials from Canada’s third largest party during the elections in 2015.

“Gerald Bit served his government – and with our country’s integrity, Baba advice and faith. I want to thank him for serving him and continue to be friendly.” Trudeau tweeted.

Andrew Schirber, leader of the opposition opposition party, said that the latest resignation has to face chaos in the government as “chaos.”

Judge Toddoouu’s high adviser declared political intervention scandal widely

“Canada is really concerned about the alleged political interference in a criminal prosecution. Tioudio needs to stop hiding from other people and is clean.”

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