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Marrow government and Richard Burnon hold the rival Venezuela concert

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced that this is a former leader of opposition leader Johannesburg, a former Richard Conan, who will hold his big concert contest.

Marrow government and Richard Burnon hold the rival Venezuela concert

Information Minister George Rodriguez said the government will throw a concert against a border in Colombia held on Saturday and Sunday by the founders of Venezuela’s Business Group.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Bamboo told Paris that he would throw the concert that he would survive from crisis by saving money for Venezuela, “the very important medical aid” by saving money, Due to lack of scale and mass deficiency. And medicine

He said he had lost the Venezuela’s people and wanted to raise $ 100m to open borders on Emergency Assistance. It is hoped that more than 300,000 people are expected to join Friday concert, including Spanish-French singers Mano Chao, Mexican bandman, Spanish singer-songwriter, Jagranrow Sansz and Dominican artist Juan Luis Guerrera.

Burnins said it is not a fund by any government and that all the artists are performing independently. This project is to increase donations from the viewer watching the Concert on the streets.

“Venezuela has not regret that the current administration of Venezuela or the current administration was expected, and in turn many people die due to lack of medical aid.” Brownon told AFP in a telephonic interview with Nick, his private island in the British Virgin Virgin Islands. “I think it will be focused on the global problem.”

Concert is being held in Cocoa, a city of 700,000 people who have been wanded hundreds of millions of Venezuela who have escaped difficulties in their homeland. Burnins said he is trying to get relief through power, but he clearly knows the guide in his stand with Maddo.

Maduro has not allowed to enter Venezuela, and he announced on Syria’s official television that his government would import 300 tonnes of aid from Russia.

Maduro is with the support of the military and on the strong allies such as Russia is increasingly in conflict with dimensions like cold war. Currently, Guides hold on the support of the international community, including the United States, and the powerful cultural allies like Burnins.

Guuddo, who is the head of Control Congress with Venezuela’s opposition, announced January 23, with the support of the United States and the most South American and European countries, which means Mayorov’s last May The choice was cheating. Guides have announced that with the help of human rights Venezuela will be entered after the concert of Bamboo within a week.

Burnins said that this step is a group of people involved in living and helping with the elders, a group of elders and political leaders who helped to avoid conflict and help human situations.

Marrow government and Richard Burnon hold the rival Venezuela concert

Guddu said on Monday that “they are discussing whether aid comes or not … they do not know what to do.” “They are now making a concert. What concert are they going on stage?”

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