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Things May to Give New Tips to the EU

Thirtya will present the EU with new legal suggestions to solve the issue of Irish’s back on Wednesday, in which Diving Street hopes to convince Eurovotesx to rely on its break-up agreement.

On Tuesday, Phil Hammond confirmed Chancellor that the government did not intend to pursue alternative arrangements for the background in this agreement, which includes Eurosofic Steve Baker and soft brands Nikki Morgan.

Instead, to meet Prime Minister Brokussels, to visit the European Commission President Jean Clark Junk, with a plan to secure legal assurances that the background does not binding the British permanently in a traditional union. Will be

It was forced to enter the conservative parliament, which met Tuesday on Tuesday that the background of Irish could not be changed by “Maltese corpus”. .

However, he emphasized that this solution will be examined in future to solve the problem of traditional management in the Irish border.

Hammond confirmed that the UK, held by the night’s association of EEF on Tuesday, was not able to compromise the multi-core compartment for dinner. He called the project a “valuable effort” which should be reversed during the transition period, but it was said that it can not be resolved now.

“It is clear that the EU will no longer consider the backup space with such alternative management, to resolve our immediate challenge,” he added, alternative management “EU legislation and Important changes will be needed in traditional ways “EU member states and others need to be communicated”.

10 No range was hoping to save the fixed agreement and put it in Parliament next week, but senior sources acknowledged that the time was going on. Hammond pointed out that the votes can still come next week, “Parliament members in the next few days have to think long and hard about the choice.”

The ownership contract was named after the House of Mines, Kit Maltaouus, who had drafted the draft as an attempt to find the Brakez agreement.

The most toughest Eurosphysics has repeatedly said that they will only support May’s agreement when the agreement is written to change the EU’s return-mechanical system that will keep the UK in a traditional union if There is no solution to the Irish border.

However, Jacob Ries-Mogg and Steve Baker asserted that the Malta’s agreement was “still alive and kick” and he said he is moving forward.

Some 10 seems to be bound to keep the UK bound in the Custom Union in the constitution of the constitution to maintain its expectations for controlling legal assurances.

Spokesman Secretary Stephen Barclock Monday discussed talks during the talks of the European Union’s Berkech talks.

He was warned to Bonnar that the result of this agreement would result in the absence of any additional matter or in the matter of parliamentary elections, there would be additional uncertainty and difficulties in the UK and EU negotiations.

If May and Jinnar agreed on a possible way on Wednesday night, the authorities will then start working on technical and legal operations. This goal is for Jeffrey Cox, the Attorney General, it might be able to change the government into its legal advice, which tells us that the background meant a permanent traditional union. Hopefully this week, Cox is expected to set up its speech.

In a press conference at Stuttgart on Tuesday, Junker expected his meeting with May. He said: “For me it is not enough movement that it is expected to interact with a concrete result.”

The European Commission’s Chief Spokesman explained the difference between the fact that the parliament’s talks about the expectations and reality before the May.

Barracke and Quixs asked about Rainier’s two-hour meeting, the spokeswoman said: “We can not accept a time limit to get back out of a backup or a mutual way and to discuss this week more What can be done for this? It can get the most possible cooperation in the UK parliament and respect the instructions agreed by the European Council. ”

EU sources expressed disappointment that they were “re-educated” Cox, who are new to negotiations, about the lack of realities in central demands by May. Sources said Barney and his deputy, “Soonnecks” were in the end to end the agreements of Malta on Saturday. Barney told Barclay that there was no solution to solve the problem of suspending the EU’s laws on the border. Later, Vandand privately said that the EU was formed for the first time in August 2017.

Authorities are translating the previous promises in the legal text by Junker, and work on technical solutions to European Union’s counterpart, Donald Task, temporary nature of the background, and to forward future backgrounds. Intend to do

But the authorities are doubtful that such action will be completed by the Republican Union or Tory Breakers, who would be re-opened on the withdrawal agreement to win their support.

Between the German Foreign and Financial Ministers, talks with Heiko Mais and Peter Altier, Hunt is expected to be “deeply harmful, economically and politically” in failure to approve the withdrawal agreement.

“Hunt ahead, in front of the main weeks and hopefully Brockist will not be enough to solve himself,” Hunt will say. “Stocks are still high: we need to make sure that the deal is reached to ensure that. At that moment, we all have a heavy responsibility. We do not want to do the future in the future. Follow our actions and ask yourself that Europe has failed to gain a modest change in its relationship with Britain – a country that is not just a partner, but in all sense, friend and allied friendship is possible. ”

At the time of departure, the cabinet was also updated about the option of the uninterrupted brake if the May Parliament could not approve approval. According to a cabinet, only Treasury Secretary Lisa Troy has talked about not having a contract as an option to interact.

“I can not understand how the number 2 can still sign it in the treasury,” said the Cabinet. But he added that there could not be any agreement in the room as a talk-making tactic.

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