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Modi Warns Pakistan Is Ready Again

The killing of a soldier of any country is not unusual. On one day, a soldier wearing a uniform is mentally prepared that his second attire will be shroud. So if this happened to be a defense country, The importance of perfection and honor, is for great purpose. The stress of Pakistan is not suddenly due to any incident, but it has been at least two years ago that the planning plan that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s conspiracy and intelligent mind Mukherjee’s production is that Modi’s close colleagues have shown that Modi had made it a mistake earlier that the war in Madhya Pradesh to win the upcoming elections. I will be the last election that did not meet any of them were large claims
Take away your work in front of VT Truce, hating all the minority minorities including Muslims and war crimes against Pakistan have been resorted to winning the election, but this plan has been developed with a lot of money That case is in front of the world.

Modi Warns Pakistan Is Ready Again

The destruction, including the death of a pilot pilot in the madness in the interest of Sir Jack Strawike against Pakistan, was the result of the destruction of another pilot capture and due to the destruction of the ship. Modi is not going to digest such activities. Modi, who is capable of understanding, is making these movements dangerous for India.

It is not a matter that America is capable of equipped with modern weapons and capable of being able to go India against China and Pakistan at the same time, with a small military force somewhere in comparison to China. America is losing the wrong “horse”, but it is better for both Pakistan and China.
Now a big problem for Modi was born that elections are coming to the head and there is no other strategy, so the Muslims and hatred of madness will be sold only.

The destruction and pilot of two ships, including the pilot, had just made a ceasefire attack on Israel to restore honor after Nandon’s arrest. The Pakistani ISI has noticed it before time but not only Modi’s The projection has expelled the air from the balloon project, but the iron of its ability from the whole world has once again denied.

After this message, both of them did not have courage to look at Pakistan with bad intent, because it has recently opened its mind on Prime Minister, that Prime Minister in Pakistan is also doing what he says – Modi’s threats In response, Imran Khan had warned that if any action took place by India, we would not think of action but would answer and when the two Indian warriors violated the boundaries of Pakistan, then the Air Force The Shahnis responded that the date has become.

Modi is again ready to push the region’s tension by increasing the fire of stress. The Prime Minister Imran Khan has informed in very open words. “Modi Jan will be given an answer if no one believes that the election is won If you do Pakistanis for blood, do not remain in such misunderstandings because anything will be done here. Addressing the health card distribution ceremony at the place of Chhero, Imran Khan said that in the whole region Peace is guaranteed.

As mentioned earlier, Indian Prime Minister Modi has spent more problems with the people of India by spending on billions of dollars of warcraft equipment. Although there has been an agreement with Russia’s nuclear submarines, the cost of which three The billions of dollars are worth the three million dollars, how many Indians’ problems could have been resolved, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan expresses the desire for peace in the entire region by resolving all disputes including Kashmir through peaceful sources What is it .

Of course it is the basic requirement for achieving the goal of Pakistan’s development and prosperity, but is it not so useful for India too, if India is full peace in the region, to strengthen its economy and if its prosperity is prosperous Will not get the opportunity to give and does not give positive response to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, it is not unrealistic that the Modi head car instead of the interests of the Indian people is preferable to preferential power or rule, Consequently, the public’s life should be wasted as India is moving in.

But a warrant of war crimes is buying 1 billion tonnes of kilograms of submarines from Russia, there has been a $ 3 billion contract. The officers working in military offices are also being sent to Kashmir, India’s Defense Minister Malala Satasan has said this regard I have approved that Army Head will be sent to the occupied Kashmir by 229 officers from Ater while there is also a plan to send more troops.

Its goal is to strengthen India’s four million army, not to fight Kashmiris and it requires more workforce. There are more efforts made in the Rajorai area of ​​Kashmir, which are showing war conflicts.

It is a joke to use the F 16 aircraft from the job of India. This is why it is not just because of the defense importance of these planes for Pakistan, in the event of India’s dispute in the future while delivering these planes.

It was acknowledged, but it was also said that between the two neighbors, who will be able to stop heavy fighting, according to the media report, sent these two points to the State Department on April 24, 2008, Writer Sun of the US Embassy in Islamabad. Pietersen had written in the special message that the F 16 program is important to Pakistan that the world is believed to be a war between Pakistan and India, if it used to use traditional weapons instead of every weapon of Pakistan. Will have the opportunity to do it.

This message consisting of 20 paragraphs came through Djoki ​​Lexus, which was mentioned in this that 500 such IM 120C was a modern medium-missile missile program which was used against Indian Air Force last week in Kashmir dispute. F.F. 16 will not be useful to cancel the agreement. “Peterson also reminded policy makers in Washington that in 2008, India has already achieved the lead in the modern majority of aircraft aircraft in India where Delhi has 736 planets, There are 370 aircraft.

India intends to get more 26 multi-planed aircraft (F18 or equivalent), which will not only provide major technology, but will increase its edge over Pakistan. Indian airline already trained on deplorable techniques If we block the request of Pakistan’s weapon, the balance of power in the region will worsen.
It was clear when providing F 16 aircraft clear it became clear that it would be used for the defense of India against India.

Meanwhile, there is concern over the possibility of war between Pakistan and India globally. American media is showing that India is a threat to India’s war because of Kashmir dispute, it can bring terrible results to the conflict. Times of the Times have said that the global community changed Modi’s cruel attitude to Kashmiris.

While the Kashmir dispute was resolved, Kashmir would be a threat to nuclear war. Analysts of the Washington Post have also fired the balloon balloon from India’s balloon and said that the cause of stress between Pakistan and India is Kashmir, which India has occupied However, after being on the prime ministerial agenda of the aggressive Modi, not only Kashmir’s intensity has been intensified in Kashmir, but stress on line-control also has increased.

Global concerns are not unconnected globally, India’s Prime Minister Modi’s steps and statements are based on the basis of this, though peace-loving people in India are calling to avoid the devastation of war, but those who are attacked. Let’s know when they are shameless. Yet, two Indians who violate the air boundaries of Pakistan have been killed.

Modi Warns Pakistan Is Ready Again

ISI has planned to attack Israel with time before the ISI failed. The Indian submarines who violate the marriages forced the Pak Navy to run back. The plane was crashing recently. Destroyed .My and his radical extremist organization, Rushter or Sukek Singh are not ready to take care of the consciousness .

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