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If we study the history of race human, then the fact that it becomes like a bright light, whenever power draws an extraordinary person on the basis of immortal qualities, then it becomes manifest to his character The thoughts blow up the lines of ignorance based on the principles and conditions, the same time, on the head of India, came from the beginning of your Wednesday, which was rich in spiritual abilities, which was also immune to meat. “Mahatma’s role in the role of Buddha “The magic of personality and education, after speaking, later, the teachings of Mahatma Buddha in government rule of Ashoka are governed by government authority. So Buddhist teachings spread like a wild fire in India. “Century centuries passed through one of the Hindu passes, and after four centuries, Aurir Brahman took a dramatic role in his history with a fascinating role. After making a heart-colored color, it turned out to be Adam again.

In front of these legendary roles, Buddha’s architecture was shattered even though Buddha was shrinking in India in a few places. ‘Such heroes rooted in the fact that there was no connection with the reality’. After that, he had a good pepper sprouted after his death, Alexander came to the Prime Minister, and came to the idol with him; ‘They said,’ You have made the idol of Buddhism and then the temple was made for these idols’. Buddhist idols and temples The eyes of Aryer Brahman were opened after seeing the people in the public, and they called the names of the ‘underworld’ under the ideological necessity. The names of the devotees were enclosed when the names of the fascinating gods came to them, now the idols of these gods were started to make them idols by decorating them in temples, rather than Mahatma Buddha.

The raging stories of Ramine and Mahabharata were truncated, ‘Rogupati Rajaram Chandra and Krishna Maharaja and Shiva Deva, the famous’ Mahadev Barmma Devta’s folk stories have been told.’ The forgotten grandmother, the mother of the mother, became the devil gods first. Hundreds of thousands, and thousands of thousands moved into idols and idols of these gods and the gods who had nothing to do with the truth, only the Brahmans became sexually engaged and slaves committed to rob To keep these gods and stories tremendous, idolism has increased so much to animals The singing of ‘Nag Nag’ was given to the gods of idol worship, the genes became embedded in the bones. ‘Vim Tammam worship increased to the extent that Hindu worshiped everything that was worshiped by every powerful thing. The Hindu fears of doing evil and the devastating role of weakness in the form of weaknesses have gone, ‘but weakness of obedience in the presence of others became the head of the flesh.’ The flesh also weakened, weakened the flesh, and then it also started away. The heart of the world’s temptation, after taking the army, turn towards India.

The human being will be cut off like carrots and turns back to wealth. ‘From Alexander to Mughal Babur to the longest narrative of Hindus, then Prithvi Raj comes from the only leg of his history, whose Shujat Bahadur today Even then singing songs, Cheshm Flak also saw the scene when the emperor Ajmer Khawaja Muenuddin Chishti was praying for the blessings of the Prophet. Shabbuddin Ghori is poisoning on the head of the king. The Rajputs’ demolish the dust and imprison Thy Pray. Is made slave ‘centuries ago, passed by Ibrahim Lohi or Babar Bahadur Shah Ho, Ahmed Shah Abadali or Amir Timur And then Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi, whose heart was taken, he raised the brick of brick and killed and killed and killed. Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi made seventy successful attacks on India. The idea of ​​Hindus’ intention was that one Ba’am Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi came with a few soldiers, succeeded with victory, when Raja Daarar became the guardian of the power, a 17-year-old Mujahid Muhammad bin Qasim came like a lion and became a winner by giving King Gahdar death to the king.

When you take thousands of years of Hindu history, whenever this fierce rival Bogalite raises the power and power to the nation, a Muslim Mujahideen became a heavenly anger and forced him to drain, then who could live Akbar Azam Aurangzeb And the rest of the Mughal kings, whenever a Hindu ruler was shifted to his head, his head was crushed and his head was shifted. The caravan went on walking every day and the Hindu nation went everywhere. When the sword gun took the gun, the Bullal Hindus started to get started again because you would take the date sheet as long as the sword was full of faith. Whenever the sword of the Salman Mujahid came.

The Hindu nation saw the inconvenience of defeat. You read the thousands of years of India’s history, and it was always enslaved in the rule of Hindus because the courage needed for the victory is in India’s mathematical and not a nation or By conquering the country, it was neither far from being able to protect its soil.

On the other hand, the Muslim nation, whenever the Hindus came to victory, defeated in the rule of Muslims and defeated the Hindus’ Hindu nation instead of taking lessons from the past has become misunderstanding. Narendra Modi, the ruler of the present Indian, is the example of his example, instead of taking lessons from the past, he is dreaming to defeat Pakistan to teach lessons. Murder Makar Moe should learn from history that whenever Hindu Modi has got a fever of power today, he has studied the history of India or heard someone else, and then also the history of Muslims.
The long list of Mujahidin in the history of Muslims is Khalid Bin Valeed from the present wing commander Hasan Siddiqui and Nauman Ali Khan, more than one innocent person who has always ordered himself to be forever in the custody of history.

It was the winner who was not a winner in the history of Hindus as a fan of flying feet. ‘Hindus who could not protect themselves in all history, did Muslim winners come out of the Arabian Arabs and spread here. As far as half the world keeps the flag flowing over the earth, ‘Madhya Modi, who has been engaged in power, is not aware of the history, but awareness has come to pass with awareness, it is a wealthy man who has got wealth on the railway station. How can tea maker become aware of the light of knowledge, ‘Modi should know that the winners are the only ones who keep their lives on the slaughter.

This passion has only been given to Muslims only because there is a spark of evidence of twenty-five Muslims martyrdom in Pakistan, which can be burnt by fire as a result of fire, can burn the Hindu civilization. Hindu nation can not turn away from the war without alcohol, while Muslim is the nation that defeated the former Soviet Union and the United States in Afghanistan when losing the power of second power defeat, you are a landmark because Muslims It is winning and the philosophy of heaven is in Muslims that you should ask for protection from the enemy, but if the new champion If you come and fight against you, then go straight to the gym and know that the heaven is under the shadow of the sword.

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