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Russia’s Cold War on Russia

There is a fear that American President Barack Obama has been making an intervention on a nuclear deal with a nuclear weapons agreement, which is called Intermediate Range Nuclear Careers Treaty (INF) in 1987, Soviet Union chief Michelle Gorba Chauf was found in the midst of the Soviet Union.

The aim of the medium-to-navy nuclear weapons is to stop the race for the destruction of weapons at large levels. Global experts had called this agreement a milestone. Recently the US says that the cruise missile planted by Russia is a violation of this agreement. Russia rejects the US allegations.

Antarctus has announced a contract to launch missiles on the 1989 Intermediate Range Nuclear Relories, which is under surfing. The virus explains the reason behind the missiles of Russia, saying that Russia’s new Crisisic Test against the terms of the UNF This agreement was canceled as a violation.

Russia’s President Putin pledged that he would take Russia’s consulate from the Cold War-era nuclear weapons agreement against the Soviet war. He said that in recent years, China has no contractual agreement. There has been a special breakthrough in nuclear missiles, due to military threats, the importance of this agreement has decreased. It is clear that before that Russia was criticizing the new Criminal Test from Washington, but as a reversal move, it has been called imperialism that it has already violated the agreement by installing the Eastern European Member US Missile Defense System.

The Russian President has said that now the preparation of the missile missiles will start working on the change of modern system, however, unless the US does not decide, we will not be able to do it till now. By giving us an impartial stone, we also pledge this agreement as a US partnership. It is clear that the UNF contract was about landmark missile missiles between the four hundred and fifty-five hundred and fifty-five kilometers.

Analysts have warned that the missile attacks could endanger the EU countries by eliminating the missile defense system and the missile defense system. The co-chairman of the Foreign Affairs Council’s Concerned Council, in the event of an end of the ISS, 1500 km from the European Corridor Launcher China could face threats from Crosecial. Before China’s announcement of the withdrawal of the agreement, China tried to confront, in the United States, Congress has funded Pentagon for research and development of new missiles, but the US authorities have emphasized that the US I instantly Miani hdky missile installation is not in position.

It is clear that after several months of negotiations, due to the failure of finding a compromise, the US contract suspended the last days, and as a result, Russia also missed the missile agreement during the Cold War. Do not start the race race. Thaab Malik’s army is starting to launch groundwater launching system for the active missile program and will start a new preparation of HyperSong Ground Base Intermediate missile.

According to the information, the US will suspend the agreement first for six months, and if Russia fails to resolve this dispute, then the United States will be permanently surrendered. Vice Foreign Minister Sergei Ryab We have said that The deal with the United States is inevitable, and the US will take a serious shock to the global efforts of nuclear weapons.

According to the British newspaper Guardian, President Trumpp’s National Security Advisor John Bolton is trying to deal with the US, while the US Department of Defense is against this effort.

The Star-Strategic Arms Reaction Treaty, which is a global treaty of infiltration weapons, found in 1991 between Russia and America, will be implemented in 1994.

The purpose of this agreement was to reduce nuclear weapons and nuclear-fired missiles and a wide range of diffused weapons between the two world powers. Last week, Obama and Russia’s representatives made talks with the UNF in Beijing to respond. The US knows that if the missiles in Europe violate the agreement, the missiles will not be separated from the UNF immediately. Moscow rejects the US demand and said that its “9th Wattour 9M 729” decision-making is set according to the boundaries of this agreement.

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