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World Day of the river’s awareness

The river flows away from a mountain or lake to a river, then it flows farther into the river, it is called the river. The river itself is permanent and the assistant goes to another river, then it is called auxiliary. The world’s day of awareness of the river is celebrated on March 14. The purpose of celebrating this day is to highlight the public awareness of the rivers and water resources.

The brief introduction of some rivers of Pakistan is present .User Sindh is Pakistan’s largest and important river. The beginning of the river Sindh is near a lake in Manipur. After this, the river enters the province of India and Pakistan passing through Kashmir. It is also called Abasin in the province of NWFP, which means the river of river.

In the province of the river, the river falls into the fields from the mountains and then falls in Punjab and Sindh, near Karachi near the Arabian Sea. There is a river in Bahawalpur district of Pariandandongab. There is a confluence of five rivers of river river, River Jhelum, River Chenab, River Ravi, River Bisas and River Stalj on the river pan.

Jhelum and Ravi are included in the Chenab, Bisarj joins Satlaj and then create river water for Uttar Sharif at 10 miles north of Sattalj and Chenab district. The combined river flows in the southwest for about 45 miles. And then the coat joins the Indus Sindh at the place of mutton.

His other names are the River Clinic and the river of the river. It flows towards the north-west direction of the Qarqur mountain range in Shakesgam Valley. The river makes the border between China and Pakistan. The river Shiger is a river located in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. This is an adjoining river in the river Indus. This is included in the valley of Sukkur.

River Nileam is a supportive river in the river Jhelum in Kashmir. In India, it is called River Cushion Gang. It falls in the Jhelum near the Muzaffarabad city of Azad Kashmir. The whole towi, which is also called the river Gambela, enters Waziristan from Afghanistan, entering the banners passing through narrow valley while sowing the valley.

River Panjkora is a river in northern Pakistan. The river chain comes from the place of Hinduism in Hinduak. It is late and then flowing from the late bottom to the river Swat near Malakand.

Its name is from Persian. Five-five and Korah-river-river Pai, River Pai Jammu and Kashmir, India and Azad Kashmir, are a river of Pakistan.

It flows towards the northwest. Then it flows southward into Mangla lake flowing. It has two helpful and beautiful views. The River Dori, which is also called the river Lora, is a river of Afghanistan and Pakistan .640 km in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and then flows in Balochistan, Pakistan. It is called Laura in Pakistan, after entering Afghanistan, its name is adorned and it is called Dori in Spin Buldak.

River Lobe (Zoo) is located in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The name of the river is from the original Iranian language. In Pashto, the lobe means flowing water. The litter irrigates the land in northern Balochistan. The River Bisau comes from Himalayas and meets the river Stalj near Ferozpur, passing between Amritsar and Jalandhar districts of eastern Punjab “India”.

The river Jhelum Kohi, in the Himalayas, flows out of the Vishagiriya and takes water from the lake of Srinagar entering Pakistan and on the west side of the rivers it meets the river Chenab. The river was fought. River Hub is a small river near Karachi in Pakistan.

It starts from Kautherth in Lisbella district of Balochistan, falls in the Arabian Sea .This river forms border between Balochistan and Sindh province. In 1981, a river was built on the river called Hab Dam. This dam provides water for irrigation and irrigation for Lisbella. The river is an adjacent river in river Indus, which flows from the valley tower, from the beginning of the River Bara River Tira, Tehsil Baraha, Khyber Agency.

The river is a river that flows in Jammu. The river is considered sacred as usual in other rivers in India .Afghanistan city it is included in the river Chenab of Punjab in Pakistan .Any known as coat and scenario, Pakistan is known as Pakistan The northern area of ​​Malakand, Charsadda, is a river starting from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

River Ropal is a snowy river starting from Ropal Glasher in North Pakistan. It is found in the river receiver .Shree Shengo flows in the area of ​​Ladakh. The river shung enters India from the Indian state of Azad Kashmir.

Chen river is made of Chenab, Chen and Water, Chen means a moon and water water, it is an important river coming from Himachal Pradesh, India.

It passes through Punjab flowing through Jammu and Kashmir, and meets Jammu at the place of the stars, then joins the Ravi and at Satyajj at the place of Umm Sharif.

He creates a fountain .Hir Ranjha, the love stories of the Sohail Fellow, rotates Arrag of these rivers, Punjabi civilizations are among these rivers. The river Ravi was known as Lahore, but this river is now only the city’s most populated city.

The Punjab government has set up millions of rupees pumping stations to throw water into the river. None of our government did not think of the rivers – India’s has made a lot of dam on our rivers about the future of Pakistan, leaving India in the water whenever it wants, which has flooded hundreds of villages Let’s go, India is constantly violating the Sindh Indus.

But the government (whatever has been or not) is not important for them. They have a constant silence.
Although India has started aquarium for the last few decades. And besides India India is stealing the rivers of Pipe Pakistan. If the current situation is happening, the future war between Pakistan and Pakistan is expected to be on water. On our rivers India has made around 14 dams at this time.

After independence, India has made 102 dams, while we have only two Dum Mangla and Turbila, while the Third Blackbird Dam has become a politician. In fact, Pakistan’s future has no significance for Pakistan leaders and India The leaders realize how much water will be given in the future. Therefore, they have built dam on these rivers, whose water is Pakistan’s right.

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