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In this world of sinners

A custom promotion has already been done before, but before people used to make conscience for personal interest, they were considered guilty of themselves and their views, but now the era of moral development with scientific development Due to the start of the journey, there is a family at any level or society or country, do not give up with truth and everlasting, ever-interest, and just as a fashionable fashion on the powerful person or every bad country of the country. Creating or supporting them, is required today’s modern times.

When I was in the bank, instead of going to the head and head of the head, I decided to go on the wedding of Poor Tea Boy, which was happening on one day, because I thought this barbaric manager Will the whole bank come on the wedding, who will go to this poor wedding? Apart from this, I knew that the manager was a curse and an evil man when the T-Boy was tied to a sincere relationship with us.

At this point, I was called Barmaram and I understood it as a mental illness, and all the ages were in a condition that there is a mantle disorder, to stand up with any poor and unhappy person. And that true joke does not speak due to dignity or affection or fashion, speaking such truth is also a mental illness.
I’m told that this is not the way you are going on.

I did it because if I was normal, then there would be one half of my body like me. It was silent because his original buried and practiced silence, affection, and endurance. But God does not allow distress to create his creature, even if a human being likes me, he shoulder shoulder, and my real me Repatriated When he saw fighting for weakening, it was not certain that I was gentle but it was necessary to have one more than one.

Sometimes a person has ever heard a single word, a phrase, a story, an event or a movie. It happened to you just a few days ago, a movie made a real human being sitting inside me. And I saw my silence with discretion in view of the hatred and remembered the person who had refused to proceed without ignoring the wrong thing instead of criticizing me as a voice of weak and sound.

This episode was born on the basis of the Shakespeare Tragedy “Hamilton” in the spirit, looking at the film “Haider” in 2014 of Giant Director of Giant Pawjaaj. Some writers like Ritter Basharat are more handsome in this film because the way They showed the protest in occupied Kashmir, it can not be written in a beautiful India-based city, can be written in these streets, enduring daily humiliation on the hands of Indian army there, The relatives who died and saw their own eyes and their eyes were not shocked.

Basharat is the American writer born in Kashmir and is also a work of an actor to act in his written poem in Kashmir, and will also be the work of artists who work in it to prove their helplessness. What would you have to do with Jatts? But instead of being silent, freedom of expression and freedom of expression and democracy of democracy have shown a double nation slaughtering humanity on the face of humanity.

One thing is that how serious the news is about the fastest times of the Internet, it is a few moments later. They were and the time when people saw the Indian army pushing a new Kashmiri, many people used to celebrate this disgrace of humanity for many days. Now four children died here eight eyes, ten disabled, two villages burnt, and they had human beings, most of them bombed and sixty were dead.

The tradition of celebrating mourning has ended by reading unexpected deaths. The fly of innocence has swallowed humanity. But when there is no case of news, but in the form of a story or film, such heart-hearted thoughts are read and seen in the scenes of human harmony and cruelty, they have the ability to influence heart and mind.

This is happening in occupied Kashmir. Are the Indian rulers who call Kashmir as their state in the Kashmiris behaving like their own states? Those who are forced to ride on their heads and those who call themselves unknowingly, realize that this is an internationally controversial region. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru promised when the UNO had voted for the opinion of the Kashmiri people. Trying to talk is not to say “Do not scatter the dead bodies of the past”.

Were not terrorists when they were crossed by Indians crossing the cross border boundaries? Those who rise against the time of oppression and injustice of the state, whether they are Bengali or Kashmiri, pure, or Baloch are either all terrorists or they are all Mujahid of freedom to fight their rights.

The government supporting them across the border Both of them are guilty or the power of both oppressed .. Your dog can not be Tommy and my dog ​​dog. My dog ​​will be called Tommy with them. But whose sticks are powerful, which is powerful, the order of the world which needs the economy and support is given to ignore the cruelty and abuse. And who is a small country in Pakistan, is given it guilty for everything.

Pakistan is a fate of violence which has been established on its stand for so many years, and the state which India has occupied due to its misery and where Kashmiris are not allowed to use the right to self-determination. Nobody has any courage to say anything about this open-ended hit. Those who are sitting in their own country, when they take light against loud oppression, their lives are lazy or go away.

This is Secular and the world’s largest democracy. During the time of Indian rule, Hindus were in the Hindu majority in the state of Rajasthan and Raja was a Muslim, but it was the desire of the majority of people to be included in India. Contrary to this, Raja in Kashmir It was Hindu and the people were in majority of the Muslims, but it was not included in Pakistan, but Pandit Sahi appeared in such a matter of blasphemy and mischief that has become a permanent face of India’s politics and culture till now. And as much as the bullying in the world, the more it will succeed in its purpose. Silence against cruelty and abuse at any level is to strengthen the oppressor. It seems unlawful to live without illusions in this world of sinners.

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