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Is the legacy of terrorism Muslims?

One of the phrases in 2005 on International Media began to be repeated: “Every Muslim is not a terrorist but every terrorist is Muslim.” Then this phrase was very bounced after the 2006 series of train blasts in Mumbai. If any terrorist attack took place in a few hundreds of years, if we are investigated, then the offer which will come to us will be like this. First, try to know the definition of terrorism.

Terrorism means very complicated and different. Because this means every place in place, by location, and by date. That is why it is impossible to describe it. If we review the French Revolution unanimously, we see that the word used to be the first terrorist was a British whose name was Edwin Borg, when the terrorist era from 1790 to 93.

When many questions arose on the French Revolution, the French government called them terrorists to describe their action, which seized more than five million people and cut over 40,000 of them, more than two million people were displaced And more than a dozen was hungry. In 1886 a large labor march took place in a Chicago Valley where police was killed.

After which a clash started between police and laborers and seven policemen were killed and twelve others were killed and eight others were responsible for the government’s political party and opposition representatives.

On June 28, 1914, Austrian princes and his wife are killed, after which World War No. 1 starts, behind which was a group called Young Boesins and they consisted of non-Muslims only .The EU It was divided into two parts and the main reasons for World War II were those who were in the first war of war, killing about six to eight million people.

More than one million and more innocent civilians were killed in the first war, Germany, Turkey, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, and on the other side of the United States, United Kingdom, England, Russia, France, Portugal and Japan. At that time Khilafah was the center of Ottoman, due to Germany’s coalition, it had to pay a huge price of this war. The British occupied Turkey and tried to break Turkey but Kamal Portugal kept the British some from it.

On April 19, 1999, the main buildings of the United States are bombardments in which 166 people are killed, the biggest assault on the date of which all the rubbish was placed on the Arabs and Muslims in the media. After research, it was learned that two American people who were responsible for her were naughty and tragic, who were disappeared after two days of arrest. After the death of Nineveh, the United States started a war of war against Kalein research against Muslim countries. After George Bush was called the biggest terrorist and Nine-Eone’s actions were carried out by American agencies.

In 1945, when ruling on the British Air Force, there were many Jewish slogans who used to say that it was a terrorist group. A group attacked Hotel King David on July 22, 1946, which was the head of the British government’s central office of Army Staff. The Jewish group called “Argan” attacked Arab King Hotel wearing a dress like Arabs, including 41 Muslim martyrs and other Jews, British Killed etc.

There were several leaders of this organ group in which some are named “Rebin, Manekim Bagin, Ariel Sharon”. The British government called them terrorists, but later, when Israel becomes a state of illegitimate state, many of them are becoming prime minister and prime minister. The Palestinian Muslims immediately fight for this freedom, so that Ariel Sharon, Manekim Bachin, calls them terrorists.

History tells that Hitler was going to place Jews in a place where Jews were disturbed from Germany. At that time the Palestinians had welcomed, and then the Jews were killed by these Palestinians and called terrorists. In the same way, the examples of many countries including America, South Africa, will be given in history, where those countries taking freedom from any military or government, were called terrorists, and when the empires were released, they would be called terrorist heroes.

What kind of behavior is it? Can anyone explain the word of terrorism? Tell us the United Nations how the Muslims are inherited by the terrorists? Is there any morality requirements in the United Nations and Muslim countries? The FAF meeting continued in Pakistan in which there was only one demand to ban Hafiz Saeed and the welfare humanity etc. etc.

It was also tried to prove that Money Laundering helped Hafiz Saeed and the Welfare Humanity Foundation, which he terrorism in the name of Jihad in Kashmir, India and other countries.

The former government had ignored Hafiz Saeed by following these things but the Supreme Court of Pakistan did not remove evidence from the sanctioning Saeed and welfare humanity.

First of all, I would like to tell Prime Minister Pakistan and law enforcement agencies to understand the meaning of jihad! After this I am very sorry that I have read the current written article on which the definition of Hafiz Saeed and welfare humanity failed to face the world. Tell them that the people of Pakistan love the Fellow Humanity Foundation and Hafiz Saeed, Jihad, Movement Freedom Jammu & Kashmir, Kashmiri brothers, call Kashmir their own Shah Rig and It is ready for sacrifice, blood, sacrifice.

Secondly, if it is terrorism that Kashmir Muslim people are so disturbed today, recently after the plauda attack, the recent Indian soldiers raped all the mothers’ daughters of a village in the same night. And to help them differently, America, Israel, India are the biggest terrorist governments.

While Hafiz Saeed and Well-Known Humanity Foundation is only serving serving humanity, which is providing humanity everywhere where there is a lot of humanity, providing religious religions, food and water, and other necessities. First, the Government of Pakistan should question the United Nations that the word defines terrorism, is it terrorism to serve and humanize? Our religion calls it worship and none can stop us from worshiping. Let us think about the next move with the United Nations.

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