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Ladha Kashmir reveals some trivial facts

The human being is astonishing, our ideas and religions can be different, but the reality is our human being. If God ignores human tradition altogether, then what is the difference between us and evil things? By studying some religions, I have concluded that to send anointing, prophets, and divine books as a floor from the Throne. For the success of both worlds, there are the goals of man to bring Adam to humanity.

Palestinians, Chechnya, Kashmir, for claimants of secularism, do not think of human rights suppression, but their religions in Eastern Timur and South Sudan hear human being.

For the promotion of humanity, Islam has found a revolution in the world, the traditions of believing women, and making slaves slavery, have ended Islam, in India, humanity like Satya is a tremendous role in Islam in eliminating sesame rites.

By following our ideology, we can promote human values, such as Indian loyalty, human rights activists and other stakeholders, can also overwhelm the Indian economy by being loyal to India. Sadly, cowardly cowardly in India but no human value. Some Indian media channels are promoting all human values, promoting cruelty against their government and radical extremists.

Indian media prefer their own interests, but the sadness is that it is a passion in the hearts of Kashmiri people, who could not endeavor to embarrass India from all oppression, this great movement. If India or Pakistan are conspiracies, then India’s cruel and deceptive Kashmir policy is awaited.

The rulers of Pakistan, when Kashmir, or inferior to the Kashmir dispute, have many questions on their intentions, Kashmir is the solution of Kashmir. The solution to Kashmir is the solution of human rights to the region. Kashmir is a struggle. Kashmir is a movement of Kashmiris, and Kashmir is not a border issue between India and Pakistan, but the question of the future of Kashmir is, India blames each other for removing global attention on Kashmir.

The Hurriyat leadership confessed that Kashmiris are condemning every kind of murder, but by expressing anxieties and concerns about the world, when Kashmiris should massacre alien occupation forces on their soil. Destroy, dispose of property, name gum, kill and arrest under black rules, forced to exterminate from your land.

The Hurayat Conference called for abandoned Kashmiris of the Palamam-e-Azam attack in press club Lahore and the government thanked the refugees for human rights-based Kashmiri-based Kashmiris against increasing the state-owned terrorism in India. Emergency press conference was held, in addition to Ahrar Hurriyat Debt Engineer Mushtaq Mahmood, a number of political, social and human rights activists participated in the press conference.

The leaders appealed to the world to make their responsibilities in resolving Kashmir issue for the peace and stability of the region. The leaders said that India is trying to penetrate the policy of 1948 to penetrate this fundamental right of the Kashmiris, only to blame the plaudas of humanity, and despite the international guarantee from India, Indian cruelty to press freedom. On the contrary, every peace and freedom of the world is concerned about the criminal silence of the world.

The leaders said that India is trying everywhere to oppose the Kashmir-based standpoint, but the protesters are targeting bullets, using banned chemical weapons at international level. There are going, blind gunmen are being blinded, Hirri leaders are closed in prisons under black rules.

In response to a question, Engineer Mushtaq Mahmood, engineer, Mushtaq Mehmood, said that terrorists being labeled terrorism under the All-OUT operations are being killed, the world is silent, based on the indiscriminate policy based peace on the basis of peace In the process of oppression of freedom, many highly educated youths are also forced to take up arms.

Conflict is a human rights advocate based on the rescue of many non-Muslims, including Indian soldiers, against a recent anti-terror attack on the one hand, attackers of the Kashmiris and a blasphemy in front of those who accuse Pakistan. I am trying to raise the Indian army and Mujahideen in the occupied Kashmir, and the Indian army is practically executed on the killing of Mujahideen, even chemical weapons are being used, Indian army has repeatedly refused the Kashmiris. Mujahid is killing and thinking how it is possible that the Mujahideen Indian army Discard any chance against.

Hurriyat leaders and Kashmiri people are against all kinds of killings, because of the oppression of victims, 6 lakh victims of Kashmir are considered to be the pain of killing, Kashmiris based on humanity, based on humanity and Indian soldiers, The loss of life was due to Barker Singhi’s history, on the press conference, the refugees of Indian humanity, especially Sikhs, were given shelter in the Kashmir-based Kashmiris.

In India, on one side Kashmiris are being attacked on the property and property of Kashmir On the other hand, peace-loving Indians opened their hearts and homes for the Kashmiris, tribute to all the intellectuals of the press conference in the press conference. Those involved in violence against Kashmiri Kashmiri people belong to hardcore Hindu organizations, Whose manifestation is to cleanse the lower caste Hindus, secular liberal people and minorities in India, the extremists deprived of human values ​​have influence in the neighboring countries, Pakistan continues to fight extremists. In the monopoly of religious extremists, there is a rule of terror and violence and Hinduism in this Raj No such action is possible against name killings, and other human rights activists.

Recent UN reports also expressed concern over the name of religion in the name of religion and state lobbyists, in spite of plaudia attacks, Kashmiris are targeting extremist Hindu violence in India, their property is being destroyed, Students who are studying in India, businessmen, workers, employees are under the control. Due to recent violence in India against the Kashmiris proved to be a wave of violence that India itself recognizes that Kashmir is not their Indian but also occupied Kashmir.

On the Kashmiri scenes of Kashmir in Kashmir, the press conference concluded in the press conference that it was said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to emulate all the embassies of Kashmir, to eliminate the criminal silence of the UN scholar, the UN Homework Rights Commission After the expulsion of students from Indian educational institutions, we hope that in the form of qualified hearts in Pakistan, the doors for affected students are affected in government and non-governmental educational institutions. Open it

In the press conference, Indian authorities were appealed to the ruling rulers not to fight the environment, but like the North Wisdom Korea’s interim mail, call their differences and focus on the goodness of their people, and not the issue of their ego in both countries. Make it The recent offer of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan was encouraged. The Kashmir issue is fixed at the level of Kashmir and its resolution should be according to UN resolutions.

The poor people of Jeddah based on the right of Kashmiris were pressed in press conference. After a planned plan under Plaudah invasion, making a justification propaganda against the Pakistan, creating an atmosphere of war, restricting the route of road to Kashmir, the genocide of Kashmiris is the main issue of Indian ruler, focusing on Kashmir, to hide their political goals and their crimes. On the other hand, Pakistan is accepting the position of Kashmiris, that is why Kashmiris are preferring to be buried in Pak Jheldah.

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