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Modi and Hindu extremist combatants can curb India

In the occupied Kashmir, a suicide bomber attack on India once again gave India the right to blame India, and this led to the cold war between the two leaders, which led to the stubborn policy of India at any time. Thanksgiving could have turned into a hot war. The storm attack is sad, but it should be seen that on the move of extremism, who forced the youth of the occupied Kashmir quickly?

Modi and Hindu extremist combatants can curb India

If the Pak Indo-Pak war starts, there can be great disaster in this region not only in this regard but also At the grassroots level, this war will completely destroy the world, especially the Middle East’s situation and the big powers involved in it, this can cause warfare to open more fronts at a time when it is at a time when The US wants to rid Pakistan from Afghanistan and also maintain its nasal nose in its Afghan soil, which means that the US government has sent Modi Sarak’s secret message to the Modi head car that would be something like this. “Leh ji, as far as Pakistan, does not play our soil in Afghanistan as well as our soil.”

The US is currently in need of Pakistan’s urgency in relation to Afghanistan, so it is not that it does not want to take hands on the role of peace in Afghanistan during the tension with India. Rakki but Saeed Wali bin Muhammad bin Salman, also going to complete his visit to India, has conveyed the message to Modi Sarkar that “Saudi Arabia could harm the region in other parts of the region to try to solve matters. “Of course it was an important message for India, which Saudi Arabia gave to New Delhi as well as the Saudi style of Indian investment.

There is going to be any kind of military tension that could lead to a major major loss, China is standing on the other hand, which has already taken the most important step in its name in the name of CP in Pakistan, would like to be in any way that Indian Nita enters the entire region’s security duties to save her election, in all this matter, Prime Minister Imran Khan was the most important message in this matter, which clearly stated that this time Pakistan will not listen, but it will take action, explaining all this matter. Pakistan ISPR’s head head Major General Asif Ghafoor has kept a press conference in front of the world.

With all these things they have made it clear that if India is aggressive, it will have to face an astonishing answer, on the other hand, artificial planets of America, China, Britain, Russia and France, Pictures of Indian transport on Sialkot sector have also been sent, which estimates that Indian Navy can take any unusual step to cover the occupied Kashmir subcontinent, that is why Pakistan already has high Alert position

India’s extremist Modi government and its constituents have tried to spread a civil war in India. In different parts of the state, education-related jobs and Kashmir-based Kashmiris are not being forgiven, they will be present in police and security forces. On the other hand, the other cities of India have been trying to kidnap Kashmir girls, who are being educated in various cities of India, where the situation will go, its estimation is not going to lead Indian extremists, If we are fully informed about this situation, then we will know that Indian extremists believe The cause of mourning is not only a suicide attack in Palma, but in the guilt of this attack, India has taken part in the war and has threatened the war in it, the huge international investment in Pakistan and Afghanistan The United States has a great deal of efforts to get it out.

It is possible that our readers remember that during the Conference of Muslim countries at Lahore’s place in Lahore, in 1974, the United States, especially in the Soviet Union and India, was very fascinated because after the fall of Khilafat Islami in 1924, this first The opportunity was when all Muslim Ummah heads were gathered under a roof, the Soviet Union and India seemed to be seen that some Islamic blocks have come into existence and if Pakistan succeeded in doing so, the resources The issue will depend on the United States and the West, because the United States indicates only 4 of this conference After months India had its first nuclear explosion which was not just a major explosion, but it was conveyed to all the Muslim states including Pakistan that the kind of dependency on Pakistan is going to be a nuclear attack in Pakistan.

There is also a difference between the power that Pakistan has created its nuclear power as its own antagonist and ultimately acquired it, the situation was created after the establishment of CPI and after the establishment of CP. She is in a hurry to wrap her bourgeois bed from Afghanistan, even if she’s “four hundred years advised against the Afghan Taliban.” Hooker Taking Load “also used UFO whose clips of evidence can be seen on YouTube at this time.

But despite this, he had to face failure in front of the Afghan rabbits, the situation has deteriorated Indian motives that on one hand, India invested several billion dollars in Afghanistan by leaving the ground.

On the other hand, if CP and Gwadar are fully active, Pakistan will again turn away from all sides, after which the current economic situation in Pakistan will become Qala Parena, the people of occupied Kashmir are not against India either. It has never been a position that all these facts have become a scary dream for the Indians.

Nandind Modi is a bit thin, India is listening to the coming period of “Brahman Establishment,” which is a true ruler on India. America and Israel have been making self-sacrificing self-sacrifice to India, and they can sell their military crude India. The impression that the region has its backs towards Pakistan and China in the region, but now itself itself, America is surrounded by the concept of pure India war in the present situation. It is now the situation that Pakistan’s OIC Group is going to hold a meeting on Kashmir issue on demand, where India as a delegate Will be able to attend.

OIC history has never been resolved, but regarding the Arab League and OIC it should be said that these two organizations have been established to cool the Muslim people, it would be unwise because in the spread of decades Until today, the problem of a Muslim country has never been resolved on both these platforms .If this happens, the current situation in Libya, Iraq, Syria, occupied Palestine, occupied Kashmir, and Yemen did not come out.

UN or ICC will know that in June 3, 1947, when the formula of division of India was approved, 562 states of the subcontinent were released free from their geographical and economic facts as per their geographical and economic realities. Accordingly, affiliate with India or Pakistan.

In the state of Jammu and Kashmir, 80 percent of the population belonged to Muslims, 600 miles of borders were combined with Pakistan borders. The sole railway line of the river passes through Sialkot and the postal and wire system was connected with the outside world.

Both the strong roads of the state passed through Rawalpindi and Sialkot, and Kashmir was essentially a natural and logical decision with the state Jammu and Kashmir, despite all these facts, but Delhi Azeri’s decision was taken by Maharaja Hary Singh and Congress leaders. Contrary to the fact that in order to designate the Jamali, he combined with plot mounted with Lord Mount Batten, whose fascinating and oppressed state-run state-of-the-art rioters are still badly arrested, when the 14th division of India split If announced, Eid Cliff clearly acted fairly and apologized to injustice Many decisions made, in this regard, it was important for the Valley that the Muslim majority of the Gauraspur area was included with India so that India could give a landing way to reach the state.

Maharaja had already done this with congressional Congress leaders but when he was aware of the Kashmiri people, he decided that he would fight with Hardo Geha and would compromise the state from Pakistan, but before that Durga army In the Jammu province, Jammu planned to eliminate the Muslim majority and for this it was adopted as a method of massacre and state revenge of Muslims, thus, thousands of Muslims were martyred and abducted in Jammu and many women, who were in Pakistan I was shifted to the trucks and were handed over to the rounds of the RMS And later they killed them, as millions of Muslims were killed in Jammu.

After Jammu, Maharaja was worried about loneliness. 95 percent of Muslims were in poverty. There were many retaliators, even when the massacres of the Muslims were reported, they were ready to fight immediately, Sirdar Abdul Qayyum What is the guerrilla war.

The people of the valley started migrating women and the Rachchas to Pakistan and began to fight themselves with drowning forces, as they drowned the army from Rawalpot, Valley Jhelum and many areas.

The relatives of the Kashmiri people were from the Mehsud and other tribes of the Afghans and the Pashtuns. When the children and children reached there, they heard the stories of cruelty and opened their blood, so that they would turn away from these areas to Kashmir. I gathered a large army force in the hit Ravi river between Muzaffarabad and Abbottabad.

Khurshid Anwar took over the command of this army and he started fighting with the Doha army, though Muzaffarabad, Kotli, Rawalpindi and the current Azad Kashmir were not only drowned but also liberated from the Indian army, and Maharaja fled India. Had gone, he asked for help from India.

Maharaja, as a supporter full of support, had also begun to reach Indian territories in Srinagar and other parts of the Valley, as part of the Mujahideen released, he called for Azad Kashmir and India on the rest of Kashmir, occupied its occupation. He was aware of the actions, so he began to declare in front of the world that Kashmir is just temporary and timely to affiliate with India.

The final decision of the affiliate will be done by the people of Jammu and Kashmir on an independent, fair and unprofessional opinion. It is announced by Jawahar Lal Nehru.

So, the United Nations has approved a cease-fire appeal filed by India I and India have proclaimed in the United Nations that the decision of Kashmiris will be done with consensus and they will be given self-determination.

On August 15, 1948, the United Nations’s right to self-determination was adopted in the United Nations, but India is still unable to follow it and continues to break the mountain of tyranny on the oppressed Muslims.
Even after the division of India, Kashmir continued its struggle for independence, and it continued to rise towards the conspiracy of the situation.
In 1966, Muhammad Bhatat laid the foundation of the National Liberation Front, that movement also aimed at bringing Kashmiris freedom.
After the breakdown of Soviet independence, a new respite was given to freedom of Azad Kashmir. There is also the beginning of the guerrillas war, and many organizations of armed freedom come into existence. In 1990, movement of freedom was very fast in Kashmir.
Due to which the valley conditions worsened. The Bharat Sarkar and the army took every kind of protest to press the movement and Shakeen Khan Khan left behind somewhere.
In 1999, when Kashmir was a war on the location of Kar Gul, the problem was also close to settlement of Kashmir but India once again got the ceasefire in the United Nations which Pakistan accepted and that could not solve the problem.
After 9/11, when the war against a so-called terrorist was launched, America came to Afghanistan, taking advantage of its presence in the region, took many measures.
Due to which movement of freedom of Kashmir was weakened, but they could not be completely overwhelmed. This demonstration would have been seen to see us at times .Just when the United States has completed its mission from this region and still today the Kashmiris’ spirit Are high They are still similar to the weakness of freedom and freedom of India, its obvious examples are the attacks on Indian forces in Kashmir.
Kashmiris once again gave this message to the whole world that we will continue to get freedom from India everywhere and the affiliate of Kashmir is the destination of Pakistan.

Modi and Hindu extremist combatants can curb India

In this context, take large forces to nails, because this time India’s war against India will be completely different from the past, it will not be limited to the region but also the great forces are worth the silence on this issue. It can not be stuck.

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