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Hawking teaches you how to work meaningfully

In 2010, Diane Sawyer, the world news columnist for ABC Television, asked him what advice he would give his children when interviewing Hawking. Hawking said: “Work will give you a sense of life and a sense of accomplishment. If you don’t work, your life is empty.”

Does this work concept apply to everyone? If we do not work to support our families and achieve self-worth, will our life be empty and boring?

“If you love your profession, then general minor problems will not bother you, and you will be reluctant. This is good for both individuals and organizations,” said Sally, Professor of Organizational Behavior and Leadership Mechanics at Oxford University. Sally Maitlis said. “But if work becomes the core of your understanding of yourself, and your contribution to the world is limited to your own work, losing your job can have serious consequences.”

Last year, Mctris and Kira Schabram, a professor of management at the University of Washington, conducted a survey of 50 animal rescue stations in North America: most people work here because they liked it as a child. Animals, or they believe that they have enough ability to change the fate of the animals here.

As a result, animal rescuers do not hesitate to work overtime, volunteer to work hard and share their opinions. However, many people end up running out of enthusiasm or start to feel disappointed. They regularly see animals being euthanized and accepting the reality of the poor resources and chaotic management that plague many rescue stations. In the end, some people resigned.

Mctris and other experts still recognize that engaging in a job that gives you a sense of accomplishment can positively contribute to your life. This view is also supported by many studies.

Last month, the American Psychological Association published an article summarizing the topic that began as early as 1993. Harvard University professor Teresa Amabile found that “regardless of the size of the target, whether it is to cure cancer or help colleagues, to clarify the meaning of work, and to make progress, you will be happy at work.”

According to AnatLechner, a professor of management at New York University, it is important to know what you like to do first. When you feel very relaxed and happy when you do a job, you can say that you have closely integrated your hobbies and work. “Elon Musk is inseparable from the business he is doing,” she said.

Although many people know their interests – they can attract them to sleep and forget to do things like magnets – but many times they can’t take it as a profession.

“They would rather choose to go to JP Morgan Chase and regard it as a safe career,” said Lacey. “They choose jobs that make a lot of money.”

Amy Wrzesniewski, a professor of organizational behavior at Yale University, says that this contradiction can be solved by a method called “customized work”: extract the interesting part of your current career and then take it Incorporate into a higher-paying profession.

This applies to the type of professionals that Shabram and Metris have studied: these people have a dream career, but they are disappointed after actually working in this profession.

“Is it possible to engage in music-related work, or any other similar work, so that you really feel the meaning of work?” asked Wozan Nivissky. “And not simply repeat?”

Some of the subjects in Shabram and Metris did this: they left the animal rescue station but continued to work on animals, such as pet grooming and training.

Vozan Nevsky also pointed out that there is a world view that discourages people from finding things they love.

Some people think that “you have to know, just like understanding other objective facts in the world, knowing yourself can also be done with a lot of effort,” said Vozan Nivischi. “This will give people a lot of anxiety.” In fact, this is actually the process of trial and error.

Knowing what you really love is the foundation for a perfect combination of career and hobbies. It will make you feel the true meaning of your work, rather than simply pursuing promotion opportunities and higher pay.

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