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What is the charm of British private school education?

I asked them why they would like to send such a small child to the UK. They said that there are many reasons. After careful consideration, they believe that private housing schools in the UK will make children more independent, not only in language, but also in private schools in Britain. The educational environment of orientation is an important factor in motivating them to make decisions.

British media have also reported extensively that private schools in the UK are attracting wealthy people around the world to send their children to the UK for education. The Daily Telegraph reported that “the number of overseas students in elite private schools in the UK has reached a record, and the number of students from mainland China has increased the most.”

According to a report in the Independent, “The rich people around the world send their children to British private schools, mainland Chinese students are the biggest source; “The Guardian” reported that “one-third of British private schools are from overseas, the number of students in China and Hong Kong is the highest, and the number of Russian students is also rising rapidly.”

British private school education has a history of hundreds of years, celebrities come forth in large numbers, and it is a well-known fact in the history of world education. But what is the charm of private education in the UK? Not long ago, I interviewed David Hanson, CEO of the British Private Primary Schools Association, which represents more than 600 private schools. I first asked him, what are the unique advantages of private school education in the UK?

Hansen said, “British private schools have a long history and are well known. I believe that private school education in the UK attracts a lot of people: not only maintains traditional values, but also keeps pace with the times and grows up for the children to enter the 21st century. The big stage is fully prepared.”

“Our schools not only perform well in traditional teaching subjects such as mathematics, science, and English, which are emphasized in schools around the world, but private schools in the UK still have advantages in cultivating students’ creativity, art subjects, and modern technology.”

“What I particularly want to mention is that we focus on developing the personal social skills of our students. This kind of soft skills, which are called soft skills, will help students to confidently deal with people in their own business areas in their future lives. Collaborate and play a leading role.”

Hansen said that he learned from dealing with business and industry people around the world that these employers not only value the professional skills of potential employees in the recruitment process, but also pay special attention to whether future employees can get along with their superiors and colleagues. , the ability to solve problems and whether there is a firm belief. He believes that British private schools excel in these areas.

He said, “The first thing I want to say is that we welcome students from other countries in the world to come to the UK to study, especially those from China. They bring different cultures. I especially appreciate those hardworking and dedication to children. Education makes sacrifices for parents.”

“Many foreign students study hard and have a strong desire for knowledge. It is really a joy for the school and the teachers. I think that these overseas students can not only be immersed in the English cultural environment and atmosphere in British schools. And the education and traditions of the UK – I believe this is the hope of many students and parents, and they can also develop the soft techniques that I have mentioned before to develop personal abilities, which is a typical British education.”

Hansen also said, “Our accommodation school spends a lot of energy to ensure that these young overseas students can feel at home in a British school. The student residence is full of family atmosphere and the students are well cared for. Comfortable and comfortable, with a trained and dedicated person, parents can rest assured.”

I know some Chinese children who have lived in the UK since childhood. Many of them have become so-called “bananas” – they look like yellow-skinned Chinese, and their hearts are already British. I asked Hansen, how does he see such a situation?

Hansen said, “In the private primary schools in the UK, not only China, but also children from all over the world. We cherish the cultural traditions of all countries and encourage students to learn their English culture while maintaining their own cultural traditions. They will also return to their home country to reunite with their families during the holidays. What they get is the English learning environment and experience that many adults are willing to get when they are young.”

Hansen also mentioned that the British private elementary school association, which already has more than 600 private schools, more than 50 of which are overseas, will continue to develop. Their goal is to establish quality private primary schools in major cities around the world in the next 10 years. He admits that this goal is ambitious, but he said that it will not pursue quantity, and the most important thing is to ensure that every school meets high standards. In their schools, the quality of teaching is guaranteed first, and the growth rate is slower.

He takes China as an example. He said that they are very aware that China is a highly promising teaching market, and the requirements for English learning are very attractive to the experience of British education. However, the British Private Primary School Association did not rush into this big market and only established a school in Beijing.

“The reason for this is that we hope to get on the right track from the beginning and find the most suitable partners from the beginning. Until recently we have found a suitable collaborator.”

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