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Distinguish between needy and professional beggars

While I was eating bread at a hotel, a ten-year-old kid approached me and sat down in front of me. He was coming to me in such a way that I would not scold him. He was mentally prepared to scold me that I should go away and sit down. I kept asking him questions. I told him to eat bread with me but he refused.

The only reason was that he didn’t think himself capable of eating bread with an unlucky man like me. Because he considered himself inferior and inferior! At that time he was a beggar. After some time a waiter put some bread and bread in front of him. And thus he ate the bread according to his status. His name was Bashir and he belonged to the Kombar area of ​​the Lower Dir plain.

She said that she is a fourth grade student and also teaches in seminary. I asked her many questions just to find out if she was a professional beggar or needy. But he answered every question perfectly. He was saying that his father is dead and he is self sufficient for the whole house. He has not had dough in our house since that day. What did you guys eat yesterday? Yesterday was brought from neighbors’ homes.
But the day can not be brought from their home. How long have I been begging for this? For a year. Come daily? No, I come when the deal is over. People give money? When they say that their father is dead, they give up. People will be scolding too? Yes, some people scold that the kids at home don’t ask. How much money did they raise today? Three hundred How much time In three hours.

What do you do with three hundred? Buy flour and tea. How Much Dough Will I Buy? Five kilos
Along with the trauma, I wondered why this kid would come to Timragha, a distance of several kilometers from Kumbh. Then the thought would be to do so for the sake of his name and honor so that the people of the area would not know. But he said all the villagers, including his neighbors, know that he is begging his mother and several siblings to fill his stomach.

Their entire month will cost five thousand rupees. He said he spends a month on 50 kilos of flour. On this account, the cost of their home is less than 5,000. I wanted to help this kid get a sack of flour from here. For this purpose, I went to several young people in the same hotel and talked about the compulsion of the child. He said staring at the child and said, “Son go home, children do not ask.”

I left the child there and asked the gentlemen, Do you know them, is it not a professional beggar? He replied that he did not know them but should not give money to such children. Because they will get used to it and then beg for their whole life. It is okay for these gentlemen to get used to it, but it is also a question of what to do if the child does not beg. Did his mother leave home to work? Make a difference to the needy and the beggars for God.

There is a widow who is absolutely helpless. She called me and told me that she has six children who are responsible for all of them. But to this day neither he nor any of his children have begged. The only reason is that he is very self-sufficient. Muscles wear old, rookie eat dry but can not stretch his arms in front of him. And this is the case with those who are aware of it.

Bhumir’s mother will be so self-sufficient, but the one who sends her baby in front of the people will be her biggest compulsion. Therefore, we should not beg for such children, but they should help them so that they will stop begging.

So immediately it came to mind that Almighty Allah has created hundreds and thousands of people like Abdul Abdul Sattar Edhi to help the poor and needy. Hundreds of organizations are working to help people, and thousands of young people are doing their part.

If five kilos of flour is finished in a week, the baby will then come back to beg and buy flour. I salute all welfare organizations and ask them to do a thorough research on children like Bashir and help them if they deserve help so that the poverty alleviation in the name of poverty will be fully realized. Finish.

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